To Those Who Participated in the Christmas Card Exchange 2017:

THANK YOU! Left to right, I got cards from: TOP ROW: Merrilise, Katie, and Emma 2ND ROW: Laura, Anna Maria, Kaitlyn, and Mia 3RD ROW: Olive (ASDLKJFHSAD THAT NINJA CARD), Amie, Hope, and Kaylyn 4TH ROW: Livy, Mikayla, Jennifer, Madison (not me, I promise XD) 5TH ROW: Lydia, Sassafras, Maddie, and Light4theLord! BOTTOM [...]

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Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas, dolls and their moms (or owners)! ;) I made Taryn hold fire so I could get some candlelight and Christmas light bokeh shots. XD My brother and I were scared I was going to set Taryn on fire, so we had water nearby and he stayed outside with me [...]

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DIY Doll Santa Hat

(Pssst—it's 6:26 A.M. on Wednesday as I type this. I've had caffeine equivalent to three entire cups of coffee. I just pulled an all-nighter. I'M DYING. If you see me say anything weird in this post, don't worry, just know IT'S LACK OF SLEEP WAAA.) T.G.I.F. Do you know what that [...]

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