We have a bunch of easy crafts for you to make cool stuff for your dolls! Find easy-peasy tutorials here!

Clay Doll Food

Using "Scupley® Bake Shop" oven-bake clay that I got for Christmas from my Aunt Allie, Uncle Rick, and Cousin T.J. and Joshua, I made some awesome little doll food items and knick-knacks. Like this awesome little apple! I baked it with the chenille stem / pipe cleaner / fuzzy stick [...]

By | January 19th, 2014|All, Crafts, Doll Food|10 Comments

Doll Play Ideas

Hi! Madison here! I've been working this post for a LOOOONG time. Well, maybe not THAT long, but I've been planning it since Thursday of last week!! All the pictures got mixed up so it took me like, thirty minutes to sort them out and put them in their right [...]

By | January 14th, 2014|All, Crafts|14 Comments

Being Crafty!

Oh man, I am in SUCH the crafting mood this week and weekend! I made a better doll shower than an earlier version I made last year, and then a "Mini Doll Hotel" room for Celina! With Celina supervising! ;) I'm almost finished. Can you tell she likes polka-dots? LOLOL! [...]

By | December 28th, 2013|All, Celina's Craziness, Crafts, Mini Doll Crafts|31 Comments
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