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Are You Missing Out on These Absolutely Superior Doll Items?

There are two types of doll-lovers; memory-making doll-players and classy doll-collectors. And when you're as multi-personalitied as I am, you create a third; proudly both. If you love dolls and I love dolls, I'll never argue with sitting down and playing with our dolls together. Most of the doll games I play inspire [...]

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AG Doll Face Mold Artist Marks

American Girl has been making their beautiful doll face molds for decades, made of vinyl that is spun cast, leaving no seams or marks externally.[1] Certain American Girl dolls, however, have an "artist mark" on the back of their necks, and it's a pretty neat thing to look for! First of all... what [...]

By | April 24th, 2017|AG Discussions, Doll Stuff|108 Comments

The Finished Doll Room!

Last Tuesday I ordered two big pieces of doll furniture... Last Thursday I used a gift card to buy another piece of doll furniture... That day the two other pieces arrived... So guess what I've been doing with my free time on Thursday and Friday? ? IT'S SO MUCH FUN! ? If you read part 2 of [...]

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I Need To Do Some Organizing…

Hey, girls! Madi here! Yesterday my friends came over. They have AG dolls too. Correction: WE'RE SO CRAZY ABOUT AMERICAN GIRL! LOL! So, it was pretty crazy. We played school with our dolls and made a movie about it, but we haven't finished it yet. Heh, heh, yeah, this is [...]

By | March 19th, 2016|All, Doll Stuff|14 Comments
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