Aren’t dolls the most interesting little things? Here are the fun things they do!

The Long-Awaited Prank Post

(Back in October) "Hey!" Shouted Molly. "I can't find my hat! How am I supposed to play a boy without my hat?!" "Relax, Molls," Jazzy sighed. "You probably just left it somewhere." "Somewhere? I looked everywhere!" "Has anyone seen my pants for the this next part?!" Called an embarrassed Cécile from behind [...]

Isabel’s Secret

Isabel's eyes darted around the room. Nobody's here, she concluded to herself. She fixed her eyes on the prize and locked them there, knowing she'd have to make this quick before anyone else returned. There. That's where she wanted to go - Madison's personal little library. Of course, the much [...]

By | September 2nd, 2016|All, Fun Things My Dolls Do, Girls of Many Lands|22 Comments
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