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Happy Easter, Everybody!

Hello, dollies and their mommies! ;) HAPPY EASTER! Celebrating Jesus has risen, going on Easter egg hunts and eating (yum!) candy...what could be better?! ;)Jesus is ALIVE! And that's what Easter is ALL ABOUT! Easter egg hunts are fun, yes, but the true meaning of Easter is that this is the day [...]

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Happy Valentines Day!

Hello dollies and their mommies! ;) HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! We AG dolls had the best party EVER! We were SUPPOSED to go to mommy's two BFF's house today for a special Valentines Day party, but one of her BFF's got strep throat, and they had to cancel. :'( But that's [...]

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Merry Christmas!

Bonjour, Nee-how, Hola, HELLO! Merry day-after-Christmas! This post is all the things my mommy got. God has blessed our family with so much! I am so thankful!From my Aunt Annette: HAND SEWN BY NONE OTHER THAN HER!!! Dollie stuff!!! Sleeping bag, with matching PJ's! (the slippers turned out to small for my [...]

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Thanksgiving Craft

Hey dollies and their mommies! ;) Sorry I haven't been posting lately! Thanksgiving sure 'stuffs' you! Haha! OK, So today we have this really fun, cute, and simple craft! PHOTO'S!!! That's your cue! Where the taco are you?!Oh! Here we are! *ach-hem* excuse me. I was cooking Thanksgiving rolls at [...]

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HEY! Molly here! Yes, the thanksgiving craft I will show you on; well duh, Thanksgiving! :)SO, guess what we got at Target for 8 dollars? A DOLL-SIZED CHRISTMAS TREE!!!!!!I know, It's plain, but guess what we also got for like 3 dollars?DECORATIONS!!!!! Tinsel, christmas bulbs, and a star for the tree-top!! I [...]

By | November 21st, 2012|All, Crafts, Fun Things My Dolls Do, Holidays|9 Comments
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