Check Out My New Writing Blog: Madison Grace!

Happy New Year! It's Madison here with some exciting news I can't wait to share. *rubs hands together evilly* >:) Yes, you should be very worried. With me, anything can happen and probably will. Check out my new writing blog: Madison Grace! I'm super excited for this. I decided to [...]

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Heh Heh, Whoops.

Heh heh, whoops. My post about restoring my first TLC doll just posted... only I completely forgot that I had scheduled it for today! I'm actually posting something else today so I quickly deleted the post... along with seven of your amazing comments. :'( I'm SO sorry for the trouble and for [...]

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Be Sure to Validate Your Bonus Entries + Top 100 Doll Blogs Award

Sorry not sorry, pal. Saying "I shared this on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat and on my blog and on WordPress and with a friend toooo" ain't gonna cut it. If you can't provide the links to exactly where you shared, NO MERCY. No, Madison. I'm not letting you tell them that you'll let it count in case they didn't know. No, you don't get to tell them that. This is my intrusion. Continue reading Del's... interesting intrusion.

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Grab DWOD’s New Button!

For the first four or so years of blogging, I had no idea what a button was. And then, toward the end of 2016 when I took a professional route and was visiting more blogs, I realized that everybody had a button! WAAA! Why didn't I have one too? After procrastinating and [...]

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