Here are all the photostories I’ve done. I hope you enjoy them!

HOTH Season 3, Part 1

I'll keep this short so we can get to the actual part, but I am SO. EXCITED. Thousands upon thousands of words were written, hundreds upon hundreds of photos were taken, months upon months were spent, and even one all-nighter was pulled to bring about season 3 of Hang on to Hope! What [...]

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HOTH Season 3 Prologue

Season 3 of Hang on to Hope has officially started! Squeeee! This is very important to read for part one to make sense! Some of you may have seen this sneak-peek when you completed the DWOD Level Up survey back in January. But be sure to read this—it's a mini-part [...]

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Heads Up – Part 6 + Notice

____ Dude. I had all the pictures ready to be put into this post when I realized I had accidentally saved all of them at a low JPEG quality. They looked terrible. I had to completely re-edit, resize, name, and watermark them. Which is a lot of work. -_- [...]

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Maybe Earrings Aren’t So Bad

HELLO. Delaney here. Welcome to DELightful World of Dolls. ? (thanks EmeraldPhoenix for that lovely realization.) Mom wanted me to model the stuff she bought while I was busy wrecking the AG store in Dallas, Texas. Yes, I know it doesn't really go together as an outfit. I'M MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT OKAY. [...]

Wrecking the American Girl Store — Del Style — Orlando, Florida

HEHE HI FRENS. Del here. Again. Did you read the previous post where I totally wrecked the AG store in Dallas, Texas? You better have. If not, you better read it. Now. Not an option. Not long after wrecking the AG store with Madi's BFFs' dolls and with Chloe from [...]

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