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Maybe Earrings Aren’t So Bad

HELLO. Delaney here. Welcome to DELightful World of Dolls. ? (thanks EmeraldPhoenix for that lovely realization.) Mom wanted me to model the stuff she bought while I was busy wrecking the AG store in Dallas, Texas. Yes, I know it doesn't really go together as an outfit. I'M MAKING A FASHION STATEMENT OKAY. [...]

Spunky and Sweet

Our friend Kathleen from has created an Etsy shop we think is really cool! Go to her Etsy shop, and come and tell us what your favorite item is. They're still adding more! Spunky and Sweet My personal favorite or the Elsa dress. Look how pretty it is! Be sure [...]

By | November 19th, 2014|All, Shout-Outs|16 Comments

Shout-Out to Allie from Just For Girls!

Hi girls! Madison here! Allie, my BFF in real life from her blog, Just for Girls made some doll dangles from our Creative Craft Corner tutorial on that and gave them to me! She also made a doll necklace! As you can probably guess, Jasmine the freckled fashionista volunteered to model them for [...]

By | April 27th, 2014|All, Crafts, Shout-Outs|23 Comments
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