IMG_4240Hello everyone! Jasmine the jazzy and jubilant the freckled fashionista here! I LOVE Valentines Day, don’t you? Candy, chocolate, roses, hugs and kisses, and most of all valentines! I just love them so much. I’m making mine now, can you believe Valentines Day is TOMORROW?!

IMG_4241Here is my one to Josefina.

IMG_4242“Hola, New Mexican pal! Hope you know you’re loved!” Now, I’m not one for showing sincere love for people, but it’s totally natural on Valentines Day!

IMG_4243And then here are my ones for Emilie, Molly, and CΓ©cile! You can’t really read them in this picture, but that’s OK! You’ll get to in the pictures for our Valentines Day party tomorrow!

IMG_4244I LOVE Valentines Day! Get it? Valentines Day? It’s all about love? And I love it? Get it? Nope? Not workin’ for ya? I thought it was pretty good…I need to work on my sense of humor.

Anyways, I need to go ahead and wrap this up! Bye everyone!

What’s your favorite thing to about Valentines Day? Do you celebrate it?Β