A New Dawn

Hey, hey, hey! It's your favorite ol' Olly Molly here! It's been a while since my last photoshoot, so in early August Madison took me out during late sunrise and gave me one! This fence is super fun to climb! Have you ever climbed one before? Madison, my mom, is really bad at [...]

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HOTH Season 3, Part 1

I'll keep this short so we can get to the actual part, but I am SO. EXCITED. Thousands upon thousands of words were written, hundreds upon hundreds of photos were taken, months upon months were spent, and even one all-nighter was pulled to bring about season 3 of Hang on to Hope! What [...]

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HOTH Season 3 Prologue

Season 3 of Hang on to Hope has officially started! Squeeee! This is very important to read for part one to make sense! Some of you may have seen this sneak-peek when you completed the DWOD Level Up survey back in January. But be sure to read this—it's a mini-part [...]

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Grab DWOD’s New Button!

For the first four or so years of blogging, I had no idea what a button was. And then, toward the end of 2016 when I took a professional route and was visiting more blogs, I realized that everybody had a button! WAAA! Why didn't I have one too? After procrastinating and [...]

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Whew! | HOTH Sneak Peek #5

I've been a very bad Madi and haven't even taken a glance at DWOD or MG since my last post—I hope none of you thought I was in a mid-life crisis with hurricane house restorations or anything—but you didn't expect any different, right? Welcome to blog scheduling with Madi, where anything can happen and probably will. I'm busy working on my ... Continue reading!

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I Was Supposed to Stay Home… but I Didn’t

We had a lot of trouble with the most recent HOTH sneak peek in which the guest star was revealed. We don't think it sent to everyone's inboxes or readers when it posted. Would you mind checking it out to see if it was an evilly naughty post and skipped you over? ... When Madison told all the dolls to stay put and then placed us up high so we would be safe from possible Hurricane Irma floods, I laughed in her face. Check it out!

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