img_0190Hello there! 🙂 It’s Madison here. I’ve got a super easy craft for y’all today! 😀 I made this one while trying to find a shirt for Issa to wear in part 6 of HOTH.

img_0231I love sewing, but I had to find something real quick that matched with Issa’s pants and wasn’t something another doll had already worn in the series.

img_0222And if you want to know how to make it, I’ve made an easy tutorial for you! 😀

You will need:

•A piece of clothing that has a long seam, like a legging pants leg, a dress or a skirt (stretchy fabric works best)
•Your doll

You will also need a parent’s permission to cut up clothing. 😉

Let’s get started!

img_0202First, lay out your fabric flat and folded directly at the seams. Lay your doll on top and cut two slits where you would like the sleeves to end.

img_0203Make a large square from where you cut the slits. Be sure it is the length you want the shirt to be.

img_0204When you open it up, it should look something like this, if you’ve done it right. You’re going to keep it closed for the most part while making this craft, though.

img_0205Lay the folded square on your doll and cut two slits where you would like the hole for her head to be.

img_0206Then cut a nice crescent shape.

img_0207Slip the shirt over your doll with her head through the hole.

img_0208Now cut a long, thing strip of fabric. It can be from the same fabric you cut the shirt out of, or a different color or pattern for a pop of color. 😀 Again, stretchy fabric works best. 🙂

img_0209If it’s stretchy, pull on it so it curls up into a little… thing like this. 😛

img_0210Pull both edges of the shirt together so they overlap. Then tie the string around the doll like a sash.

img_0211You can tie it in a bow or a knot, like I did. 😀

img_0213If you need to, trim the bottoms so that they’re even or make some final adjustments to the hole for her head.

img_0214And that’s it! It’s literally as easy as that!

img_0217Here is after I trimmed the bottom a little. 😛

img_0219Don’t Josefina and Cécile look great in their new shirts?

img_0221You can make them in all different colors to match whatever pants or skirts need a top!

img_0222And again, you can make the little sashes different colors for a pop of color.

img_0228Aren’t Josie and Cécile SO pretty?

img_0228This has to be one of my favorite outfits that I’ve put Cécile in!

img_0233That just about wraps up this post.

img_0231If you make a shirt from this craft, let me know! 😀 Do you like the shirts?


Madison, Josefina, and Cécile ♥