WE MOVED!!! More later!!!


Wow! I LOVE my new home. I can’t imagine me thinking it would be so boring and lonely. Now, it feels like I’ve known it like the back of my hand! It’s so bright and cheery, and we even stayed up later than we should’ve and had a PARTY! ;) Pictures are coming up now!

If you haven’t figured out already, I’M PRETTY EXCITED. 

Look at our fabulous new ROOM! 

Here you see the Our Generation Salon Chair, a brush, spitzer, AG Sparkly Hair pick, and our homemade closet with out shoes on top of it in a box.

Here are our beds! And our little side table (featuring the Our Generation doll-sized brush, a doll-sized cup containing spare hair elastics, and a doll-sized tissue box!) Above us are nails, and hanging on them our some bags! 

Our other closet,

And Molly-Anne’s LUXURY home! The reason she’s not in it is because we’re having a “New Home” party and we’re playing with our dolls, listening to music and dancing our hearts out.

Here’s where Coconut stays! Mom’s BFF’s made this for her out of a Happy Meal box. Who would’ve thought that you could make an AG pet house out of a McDonalds Happy Meal box? WOW! 

Having the party of our lives! 

(here’s a picture we took earlier in the day, that’s why it’s brighter and I’m not in my PJ’s.) This is underneath mom’s desk NOW! It’s all empty, except with one chair in the side in case one of us wants to visit mom while she’s crafting at her desk. 
I LOVE our new home!! I couldn’t imagine a better place for Josefina to spend her birthday. I love our new home, although I’ve said that probably hundreds of times– HURRAY! 
Where do your doll(s) live?
~Molly and Madison, with Josefina and Cecile! :)