Wow! Can you girls believe this writing challenge is almost done? There’s only two challenges left. They went by so fast!

I haven’t been online lately because… I’m on summer vacation! But I had some free time and I wrote this up for FFWC.

AA, I could not listen to Hello from the Dark Side, but I used all three prompts from this challenge and one from a previous challenge. It’s all the way in challenge 3, though – is that okay or are we allowed to only use one from the most recent previous challenge?

 I’m on mobile, so posting these photos will be interesting, but here we go!



He’s Alive

“Henry?” I chuckled to the servant I was conversing with. “Yes, I definitely miss him, alright. My brother was always the adventurer. Being a knight just suits him, I guess. He’s got our British accent and always carries an old leather satchel. He likes to travel and never stays in one place for too long.

“Yes, being a knight definitely suits Henry. He is brave and intelligent, quick witted and courageous. Like that one time he saved the duchess Evangeline – that indeed was a sight to behold. When he brought her back to the castle safely there were crowds cheering and chanting his name. The duchess was none too happy about that, however, and thought him indeed daft for trying to bring her back when all she wanted to do was run away from the castle. Evangeline knows very well that having royal blood is a dangerous thing and was infuriated at Henry for finding and bringing her back.

“But of course, every knight has his weakness, and Henry had his. His mercy on the poor village child that Rudolph the Cruel had captured resulted in Henry’s own capture. And surely it ensures…”

My usually strong and sure voice broke at this part and I didn’t believe I could utter another word. Henry, my dearest brother, was everything to me. Talking about him just brought back the pain of losing him.

But how else would I remember Henry unless I relived my last moments with him?

I somehow managed to swallow the lump in my throat and continue, “And surely it ensures his death. I never should have let him go and fight that day. I didn’t know it was the last time I would ever see him. If I had, I would have held him tight and never let him go.”

At this a tear splattered on the sill below the window I was looking through. The kingdom outside was just like it had been –  so cheery and full of life. Why? How could the earth keep spinning without my brother? How could the sun continue to shine its cheery radiance and warmth down below? And yet it did.

Embarrassed at having a servant see me, a respectable and noble landlord, in this state of emotion I coughed heartily and asked for some coffee. The servant quickly obeyed, and I breathed a huge sigh of relief at having gotten what I needed to say off my chest.

Another cough, this time from someone else, near my door startled me. I turned my head, not bothering to stand up out of my writing chair by the window, and saw a page standing there. He bowed low and wITHER a nod I permitted him in. He handed me a message, and I took it out of his hands.

I broke the seal and my eyes widened as I unrolled the scroll.

I had just received a letter which had only two words. There, in hurried scrawl:

“He’s alive.”


Woah, was that hard to write on mobile! Like, it took FOREVER. LOL. My iPad kept spellchecking EVERYTHING and I constantly had to stop my stopwatch and rewrite sentences so I wouldn’t forget what I was trying to write there. It kept autocorrecting “sill” to “sI’ll” and “window” to” windie.” Where on earth does my iPad get this stuff?! LOL! Anyways, I hope you liked it, AA. I was dying to write in the POV of the girl in the picture of the knight bringing her back safely, but I wanted to be a little more creative so I twisted a new character into the story. (The landlord)

Oh, and was it okay that I used a prompt from two challenges ago? I didn’t know if we were only supposed to use one from the most recent previous challenge or what.