HOTH Season 2, Part 8

“It’s so CUTE!” Lexi squealed right beside me as we sped our way toward the adorable puppy that just walked in through the door.

img_0183I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was the surprise Connor had gone with Jackson and Amy to pick up?

img_0184“Connor picked her out,” Amy noted, watching the puppy looking quite uncomfortable in Lexi’s embrace. “But she’s everyone’s responsibility. That means you all have to decide which jobs you want to do: feed her, bathe her, walk her, play with her…”

img_0185Connor picking a puppy out? That was a soft side I would’ve never guessed he had.

“What’s her name?” I inquired, dying to pet her.

“Coconut!” Lexi exclaimed as she looked at the adorable puppy’s dog tag. “Oh, it’s perfect for her! I think she loves me – hey, where are you going, Coco?”

All of the sudden, Coconut locked eyes with me. Gaze fixed on mine, she bounded over to my outstretched hand as I crouched down and sat on the floor.

“Nope,” I laughed as I was immediately showered with puppy kisses. “She loves me. And I absolutely love her!”

Oh, if I knew what that love would cost me.


“Do you really think we’ll make more money than Connor and his lemonade stand will?” Emma asked that next Saturday.

“Of course we will,” I assured confidently, studying our lemonade stand with its plastic red cups and small lemonade pitcher. My confidence may or may not have fizzled as I looked at the small stand. This doesn’t look very impressive, I realized.

But Connor didn’t have any such friend to help him, no matter what he told Jackson and Amy. There’s wasn’t anybody to team up with against all three of us – we were bound to make more money than him.

But I had bigger plans than just raising more money for the FCA than Connor. That was nothing compared to my plans of revenge.

I glanced at Connor, who was trudging off to who knows where with his bag of lemonade stand supplies.

Is making more money all Connor has in mind to continue the war with? I wondered as a car whizzed by. Surely not – surely this was absolutely petty compared to what had planned. This is just the beginning, I concluded. Connor has something horrible planned for sure. But since it’s three against one, I’m sure we’ll overcome. And my plans of revenge will trump anything Connor has in mind.

Unfortunately, that was the biggest understatement I had ever made in my entire life.

I looked down at our little puppy, who was undaunted by the world around her and very intelligent. She looked up at me adorably, and I smiled, the dark musings about Connor fading away.

“Welcome to The FCA Lemonade Stand! Oh – hi, Parris! Don’t you live right around the corner?” Lexi’s cheerful voice caused me to look up from Coconut and at our first customer, who was actually one of our nearby neighbors.

“Yup! Mom saw your lemonade stand as she drove by and let me walk over and get some for her and I while she makes dinner. Daddy is on a business trip, so it’s girl time for a little while. Anyways,” the sweet, talkative little girl, Parris, smiled. “May I please have two cups of lemonade?”

“Of course!” Lexi responded, reaching for the pitcher.

“Cute dog!” Parris exclaimed.

“Want to pet it?” I offered.

“Nah, my mom’s highly allergic,” Parris shrugged. “I better not come home with hands that have petted dog. Thanks anyway!”

“Here you go!” Lexi handed Parris her two cups. “That will be one dollar. Would you like to make an additional donation to the Foster Care Act?”

Parris handed over one dollar and then cocked her head. “My mommy only gave me enough money to buy the lemonade, so I don’t think so. Sorry.”

“That’s fine!” Lexi smiled quickly. “All profits we make go to them anyway, even if you don’t donate.”

“Cool!” Parris grinned as she turned away. “Bye, guys! Good luck!”

“Bye!” I called after her, waving.

“Can I take the next customer?” I turned to Lexi and asked. “I can totally get them to donate to the FCA.”

Lexi raised an eyebrow. “Sure, I guess. Just don’t be too pushy. We want the word spread about our lemonade stand to be positive.”

“Pushy?” I scoffed. “Who, me?”

“Hello!” I waved excitedly when a woman with her little child came walking by. “Would you like to buy some lemonade and support the Foster Care Act?’

“No thanks,” the woman rudely politely refused as she kept walking past.

“But-“ I began to call after her, then Lexi stopped me.

“It’s alright, Issa. We’re not going to get everyone who passes by.”

“Alright,” I sighed. “But I hope we get more customers who will actually donate to the FCA.”

“Me, too,” Lexi agreed, and quiet Emma nodded.

“I hope others think it’s still hot enough for lemonade, even if fall is coming soon,” I sighed, hoping someone else would show up already. I looked up to the sky and noticed the dark clouds and cool breeze. If it rained, our lemonade stand plans would be ruined!

“Look, here’s another customer,” Emma whispered as a teenaged girl, on the way to a fancy gathering by the looks of her pretty dress, came walking up to us.

“The FCA?” The teenager smiled. “One of my friends volunteered over the summer to that organization! I’ll take a cup of lemonade, please. And I’d like to donate fifteen dollars.”

I was blown away! I hadn’t said a word and we already had a fifteen dollar donation. From a teenager!

“Thank you so much!” I beamed, handing her the lemonade and accepting the teenager’s money.

“Good luck!” She called, waving as she walked off and the sun reappeared behind the clouds.

“Thanks!” all three of us responded in unison, waving as well.

“It’s a small start, for sure,” I sighed to my friends. “But we’ll get more, I’m sure of it.”

Emma gave me a sweet smile. “Of course we will.”

Customers came and went, and when the time came for our lemonade stand to close, I counted up the money.

“Good news, guys!” I exclaimed excitedly. “Today we’ve made a total of – Coconut!

All of the sudden I heard a loud bark (which was quite ferocious, coming from such a little pup) from Coconut, and in a flash I saw her speed off toward a squirrel darting across the street.

“Coconut!” I screeched, dashing after her once I had made sure there were no cars coming. “Get back here!”

Before she caught the squirrel, I caught her.

Snatching Coconut up in my arms, I scolded, “You naughty pup!”

It was hard to stay mad at her for long, though, as she showered me with those adorable puppy kisses again.

“Phew! You got her!” Emma smiled as she and Lexi caught up to me. Coconut grinned happily at the sight of Emma – she loved Emma, too. I had to admit, she did have a way with animals.

“Okay, don’t chase any more squirrels, Coco,” I told the pup, still holding her as we walked back to the lemonade stand.

“Alright, the total is…” I began to announce after setting Coconut down and picking up the money bag again.

But the money was gone!

“The money is gone!” I gasped. “There used to be sixty-five dollars right here, but now it’s nowhere!”

(That white line on Issa’s forehead isn’t something weird. Those are actual raindrops!)

“Did Connor take it?” Lexi wondered as it began to sprinkle.

img_0224I whirled around, my frizzy curls being tossed over my shoulder as I scoured the surrounding area for any sign of Connor, and my friends followed my example.

img_0227But he was nowhere to be found.

“Alright,” I demanded, furrowing my eyebrows and looking at my friends. I didn’t want to believe it, but anyone and everyone was a suspect.

“Which one of you took it?”

Both girls looked at the other. It could have been any random passerby, but since they weren’t willing to confess, I had to make the next statement as raindrops splattered on my arm.

“If a passerby didn’t take it…

“…There is a traitor in our midst.”

I’m sorry. I just had to add more action. 😄 Oh, don’t worry! The drama only builds as the next parts play out. 😄 😉

I hope you don’t get confused – we’ve got the war between Connor and Issa and raising money for the FCA, but a puppy and a mysterious spy obviously on Connor’s side come in only recently. How does it all tie in to the finale?

Well, you’ll have to wait and see! 😉

Who spotted the spy in the other photos beside the last one? 



Advertise Your Blog on American Girl!

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advertiseag2Let’s get started!

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-32-05-amStep 1.
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screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-37-01-amIsn’t this cool? I love things like this! 😄 You choose an AG Mega Bloks character and find the picture you want to use. Then…

screen-shot-2016-10-19-at-10-40-17-amStep 3. Write a short story.

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Well, you have to wait for it to be approved. 😉

It really works – it was approved and posted this morning! For proof, check out my story Never Stop Believing right here!

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this tutorial on how to advertiseag2
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Will you advertise your blog on American Girl?



We’ve Got Some Serious Issues Here…

img_0153Hello, awesome person! It’s me, Chloe. As the titles states, we’ve got serious issues.

First of all, I don’t play a significant part in HOTH at all!

img_0154It’s like I’m totally useless or something. I’m always asking Madison if she can make me a bigger character, but she keeps saying no and that’s she’s already written out the entire thing!

img_0155That’s just our first serious issue. The second is…


Madison can’t keep our room clean for more than just a few days at the most! She always has such a big doll project going on and doesn’t clean up until it’s all done.

Which could be a while.

Because she tends to take on massive projects. And that’s super annoying to me.

For example, she thinks there’s no point in putting all the doll clothes back up while HOTH is still going because she might need them again! I get it that she has big plans for DWOD, but she’s making life miserable for ME!

img_0160Do you see how totally annoying that is? I mean, if seeing the doll room messy bugs Madison even a little bit, imagine how much it bugs ME! I’m literally the only one still living in it. All the others are in poses for HOTH or standing by Madison’s camera, ready to be taken outside and photographed for the already-written out finale. :'(

img_0162Like, Madison isn’t the one having to live amongst all this mess! But I am! I mean, everyone else is in their HOTH setups. I’m not a main character in HOTH at ALL! Everyone else but me is. I’m, like, the least featured person in all of HOTH and it’s not even fair! But no, everybody else has a huge part. Everyone else but ME!

img_0165None of them have to share a room with all this junk! I feel like five different hectic tornadoes just had an insane spasm and randomly decided to collide with each other and then exploded and sprayed out all this… stuff.

img_0166It’s not fair!

I know I’m complaining, but it feels good to let that out. I’m mostly just upset because I’ve never been featured in a major photo story series as a main character… ever!

I know I sound so selfish and immature. But I’ve held the position of Madison’s newest AG doll for over a year now, and I still don’t feel very featured in anything.

Maybe I’m just not important.

img_0168That’s when I see two cute little faces through my tears, peeking out from behind the bunk bed.

img_0169“Hey, guys,” I mumble.

“You’re sad!” Snowy pipes up innocently.

“Yeah,” Coconut agrees, cocking her cute little head. “Seeing you sad makes me sad.”

img_0170“Me too!” Snowy vigorously nods. “So we have a mission!”

Mission? What mission?

img_0171Voicing my thoughts, I ask, “What mission?”

img_0172Snowy and Coconut glance at each other and grin adorably. “Why, ‘Operation Make Chloe Feel Better’, of course,” Coconut answers.

Aw. They are sweet, but I doubt anything can make me feel better. I just have to accept that I’m not as important as the others, as much as I wish I was.

“You’ll be smiling in no time,” Snowy guarantees.

I don’t want to hurt their feelings, knowing I won’t smile anytime soon, but I nod vacantly anyway.

I was wrong.

img_0174“ATTACK!!” Scream the pets in unison, charging toward me and climbing up.

img_0175“Ahh!” I scream, and then I can’t stop laughing. They are tickling me!


“Hehehe! Ahh! Stop it! AHHH! Hehe! Haha! Hoho! Stop! I can’t take anymore!” I am gasping for air as I wiggle and squirm. They won’t stop tickling me and I’m laughing so hard I’m about to wet myself!

img_0176Finally my hands snatch them before I die of a tickling overload. “Okay, you too!” I gasp, breathless and smiling. “Mission accomplished!”

Coconut and Snowy beam. “Score!” They cheer in unison, smacking their paws in a high-five.

I laugh again because they are just so adorable and mischievous.

img_0177Then I glance over at Madison’s iPhone 7, which she takes with her when shooting photo stories. She writes down the dialog for all the posts and makes notes about which pictures go to which sections of speech so she knows exactly what pictures to take.

And then I think… Mischievous?

img_0179A maliciously evil grin spreads across my face until I’m beaming from ear to ear in pure mischief. Perhaps I could learn a thing or two from my furry friends about just that very thing.

img_0184Indeed, it’s time for a mischievous mission of my own. Perhaps a few pranks on the oblivious Madison and the lame actresses for HOTH are in order…


P.S. I might make a post about some of my pranks, so stay tuned. 😉


HOTH Season 2, Part 7

~Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6~
“Go ahead!” I was all riled up now. “What do you have to say for yourself? Why are you suddenly Connor’s accomplice? Were you his ‘friend’ this entire time? I can’t believe you!”

Emma shook her head, looking like she was about to cry. I knew she was sensitive, and I almost felt bad for yelling at her. But she had obviously lost some of her sensitivity to turn against her very own friends, that backstabber!

“Issa!” Lexi scolded in a breathless gasp, suddenly appearing on the scene. “Give her a chance to speak!”

“Issa, Lexi,” Emma began, her voice thick with emotion. “Please believe me. I had no idea… I’m so sorry… Connor didn’t tell me!”

“What do you mean?” I snapped in vexation, pulling one of my very frizzy curls behind my ear. My hair was a mess from all that tree stake-outting, and my outfit was pretty rumpled. I was breathing hard from anger and my mad dart from the tree all the way to Emma. But I was also too upset to care.

“Issa!” Lexi scolded again. “Let her finish!” Emma took a deep breath, and then it was Lexi’s turn to interrupt.

“Let’s sit down in the shade,” Lexi suggested quickly. “It’s pretty hot out, and we’re both tired.”

Once we took our seats underneath the shade of the tree Lexi and I had stake-outed in, Emma’s story began. “Let me start from the beginning…”

“On the second day of school, Connor told me that he wanted me to help him with something. I knew that he was new and that he was staying with y’all, and I wanted to be nice, so I said ‘sure.’ Connor told me that he and some other kids were battling to see who could raise the most money for the FCA, and that it was all in good fun. He wanted me to help him out, and he said that if I did, he would give me all the money that he raised for the FCA.”

I nodded. “Go on.”

Emma sighed before continuing, “Connor told me to take down all the flyers along this street, telling me it was okay because it was just a little game he was playing with some other kids. I wanted the money to donate to an organization of my own that I am passionate about.”

“What’s that?” asked Lexi.

“It’s called Paws and Claws. It’s an organization that helps wounded animals.”

Interesting. I wasn’t a big fan of animals, but I nodded my head.

“The first day of school, you asked me how I had been. I told you that I couldn’t complain and that others had it worse, and that’s because I was feeling really sad but didn’t want to complain. My kitten, Sneakers, had died that week. I adopted Sneakers with my own money from Paws and Claws, who helped his broken leg. When Connor told me that the money he raised would be given to me instead of the FCA, I jumped at the chance to give back to Paws and Claws. They had helped Sneakers so much,” Emma explained.

Then she smiled with longing, her eyes trailing off dreamily. “I also wanted to raise enough for myself to adopt another kitten just like Sneakers.”

“But why would you take down our flyers?” I demanded. “No matter how badly you want to raise money to help animals, that’s wrong, Emma!”

img_0217Emma shook her head again quickly. “No, no!” She tried to make me understand. “I didn’t know they were your flyers! Connor didn’t tell me that you two were the kids he was playing the joke on. He told me the joke was harmless, but I never would have done it if I had known you guys were the ones who had put up those flyers, no matter how harmless it was.”

Should I tell her about the war? I wondered silently, looking over at Lexi. Lexi seemed to know what I was thinking, and she gave me a nod, signaling she thought it would be okay.

“Emma, it wasn’t a harmless joke. Connor is a very mean person, but you didn’t know. It’s okay about the flyers; but never believe what Connor tells you.”

Emma looked confused. “Why?”

I proceeded to explain briefly about the war at the FCA and how it’s continuing. Emma seemed shocked and horrified.

“You should tell an adult!” Emma gasped.

“No!” Came my quick resistance. “Nobody needs to know. I can do this on my own. Without an adult’s help.”

“Adults aren’t going to join you against Connor. They would stop this whole thing. Isn’t that what you want?” Emma asked.

I hesitated. I hated Connor, but I also hated this war. Broken hearts are hard to glue back together. You’re never quite the same after you’ve been hurt by someone.

But had revenge helped at all?

img_0223“I can stop it on my own,” I insisted stubbornly, forgetting that Lexi had been faithfully helping me. “Without an adult’s help.”

Lexi stood up and sat next to me. I felt her slip an arm around my shoulders. “You might not want Jackson or Amy to help,” she reminded with a smile. “But I’m with you every step of the way.”

Emma sweetly scooted closer and put her arm around me as well. “Me too,” she agreed, then echoed, “Every step of the way.”

“Thanks, guys,” I mumbled, touched by their friendship even when I hadn’t always been the most patient to either of them. “Y’all rock.”

But when the steps grew tougher to take and the road to revenge seemed endless, would they remember their promise?

The only comforting thought was that now Connor had no one on his side to help him, whereas I had two.

Connor hadn’t planned for this to happen, and I could see his eyes smoldering with intense, loathing hatred as I caught his gaze which had been on us this entire time.

img_0232Fear gripped my heart; you never see those eyes unless Connor has something huge planned up his sleeve.

img_0233But “something huge” didn’t even hold a candle to the horrid plan he carried out.


I couldn’t hold the evil laughter in any longer. What’s the plan?! That’s for me to know and you to find out… IN PART 8! 😉 Or how about never? 😄

I’m almost done writing the finale. It will be part 10. I hope y’all have enjoyed season 2 of HOTH as much as I have! I thought of the most epic cliffhanger ever to end it with…. and then I’ll make y’all wait until season 2 of both Little Orphan Emmi and Mines of Malaysia are over before season 3 of HOTH! 😉

I’m partly kidding. 😄


The Great Birthday Bash-Smash

It was the most lovely October morning. A morning like none other, I was sure.

I had slept like a princess that entire night, and when the sun’s rays shone through the clouds and came to greet me through the window, I was refreshed and ready to meet them.

Letting out a yawn, I stretched my arms and noticed it was a particularly wonderful, cloudy October morning.

But why?

That’s when I spotted the date on the calendar. I smiled. It was my birthday, of course. No wonder it felt so great!

My smile grew bigger when I looked to the others’ beds. Everyone else was already up, which wasn’t normal. I had a feeling this had something to do with my birthday.

My eye caught a beautiful birthday outfit waiting for me with a note attached.

img_0184Excitedly I threw my blanket back, quickly smoothed it out, and scurried down the bunk bed ladder.

img_0187I walked over to the note, wondering what had been written on it.

Get dressed and meet us in the dining room! 🙂 The note read.

img_0189Practically beaming by now, I hurriedly got dressed and was more than excited to see whatever birthday surprise awaited.

I stepped over to the vanity mirror and began to fix my bed head hair into the perfect birthday style.

“Fabulous,” I told myself, then turned around to the accessory station to add final touches.


img_0198Earrings? Check.

img_0202Necklace? Check.

img_0203Bracelet? Check.

img_0201“Perfect,” I sighed aloud and happily to myself. “Today is going to be an amazing day.”



“HOLY TACO!” I shouted, bolting upright in alarm. My heart sledge-hammered against my chest in panic, but I relaxed when I saw Jocelyn’s amused face.

“Good morning,” my best friend gave me an innocent smile, her bright blue eyes shining with the mischief so often found in my own. I laughed, and then I saw my other friends standing behind her.

“Uhh…” I blinked. It was just any regular October morning – October the eighth. So why was everyone in nice dresses? “What’s up?”

“You don’t know?” Celina chuckled. “It’s your birthday party today, silly!”

“Oh yeah!” I laughed. Jasmine and I had birthdays only two days apart, so we usually celebrated with a big birthday bash-smash. That meant we had our parties on the same day, but not necessarily together. Though my actual birthday wasn’t until Monday tenth, we were celebrating today. “Happy birthday to me!” I cheered. Whoops. That sounded selfish. “I mean, uhh… do I get cake or something?”

My friends laughed. “Duh!” Celina grinned. “We’ve planned out a party and everything.”

“Then let’s get started!” I beamed, excited my friends had remembered my birthday and even planned a whole birthday party for me.

“Get dressed in your birthday best!” Jessa reminded, handing me a super pretty dress I had never seen before.

“Thank you!” I exclaimed.

“Wow, Molly-Anne, you look great!” Jessa gasped when I revealed my final look.

“The dress goes perfectly with your beautiful eyes,” Emma complimented sweetly.

“Aw, thanks so much, guys!” I beamed, happy to be the center of attention.

“Let’s head to the party room, shall we?” Jocelyn suggested, and the others nodded their agreement while I squealed mine in excitement. I could see it now… birthday cake.


Wondering just what awaited me in the dining room, I quickened my steps out of our bedroom door. Maybe Josefina had made those delicious cupcakes again!

img_0211At the thought of cupcakes, my pace quickened even more. Not even Grace Thomas could top Josie’s Birthday Bunch of cupcakes!

Once I had stepped into the dining room, my jaw dropped with happy and surprised gasp.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JASMINE!” Came the chorus of all my friends surrounded by an extravaganza of birthday decorations, food, and awesomeness. The room was pink, purple, and blue-themed, which I loved. It’s only fitting that pink is my favorite color – my birthstone, after all, is pink tourmaline! 😄

“And now,” Molly began with a dramatic flair. “We crown the birthday queen.” A pink birthday crown was promptly placed atop my head.

img_0221I laughed. “Thanks, Molls.”

img_0222My best friend, Cécile, cleared her throat. “And now,” Cécile began like Molly had. “We sing the birthday song.”

“Happy birthday to you!

img_0225“Happy birthday to you!

img_0227“Happy birthday dear Jasmine, happy birthday to you!”

“Aw! Thanks, guys!” I exclaimed.

“And now,” Josefina repeated with a fanciful flourish toward a platter of cupcakes.

img_0230“We eat the birthday goodies.”

img_0232Since Madison still hadn’t made these doll chairs even though she had gotten the materials for it, we simply stood up and had the most delicious birthday cupcakes I had ever tasted.

Probably because it was my birthday. 😄

img_0233 img_0235 img_0236
img_0238img_0239I got the biggest cupcake, since it was, after all, my birthday. 😄

“Mmm…” I took one bit of the delectable treat. It was everything I had imagined my birthday cupcakes to taste like and more.

“Wow, Josie, these are awesome,” I told Josefina while devouring my third one.

“Oh dear,” Josefina laughed a little nervously. “I hope I haven’t created another addict.”

img_0267I reached for my fourth one. “Your hopes are in vain! These are a thousand times better than last year.”

“I’ve had a lot of practice,” Josefina giggled. “We have a lot of birthdays. That means a lot of cupcakes.”

“Thanks for working so hard to make our birthdays special, sis,” Cécile told Josie sweetly, to which she looked overjoyed at hearing.

“Yes, thanks!” I nodded.

“Save some for the rest of us, birthday girl!” Cécile laughed as I prepared to grab my fifth cupcake.

“Hold up!” Madison suddenly appeared on scene (which she has a tendency to do at the worst moments), preventing my fingers from wrapping around the fifth, fluffy chunk of heaven. “You’re going to make yourself sick. How many cupcakes have you had?”

I turned to look at her. “Um… four?”

“Okay, you’ve definitely had enough!” Madi laughed.

Darn it. 😉

“May I have everyones’ attention, please?” Chloe announced, and we all gathered around.

“And now…” I was noticing a pattern. 😉 “We open the birthday gifts.”

Birthday gifts? My expression immediately perked up. Oh, yeah! I had been in such a cupcake utopia I had forgotten all about the possibility of presents.


“Woah!” I breathed as we stepped over to a fantastically decorated party room. There was a beautiful birthday throne (which Jocelyn squeezed on as well 😛 ) for me, a brightly colored couch, and a long table of delectable birthday deliciousness. “You guys did all this?”

“Yep!” Jocelyn grinned. “Happy birthday, Molly-Anne.”

I felt a smile spread across my face. “Thanks, guys. I couldn’t ask for better friends!”

“Aw, shucks,” Celina chuckled. “Let’s go ahead and eat.”

That’s when my eyes feasted upon the most glorious food ever created in the entire world.


I nearly exploded.

img_0312“CAKE!” I screeched, making a mad dash over to the table. “COME TO MAMA!”

But my BFF knew me all too well.

“Hold up!” She darted faster than I did and stood between me and my beautiful cake. “Don’t destroy it, please.”

I giggled nervously. “That’s a smart suggestion.”

Jocelyn quickly sliced a hefty piece of cake for me, and so the entire thing was spared from being demolished by my face slamming into it. 😛

I wasn’t the only one who devoured my slice quickly!

img_0325 img_0326 img_0328 img_0327Food, glorious food!

img_0321Hey! Where’d that picture come from?! 😄

“That was amazing!” I finally found the words after licking the last bit of pink icing off my face. Turning to the rest of my friends, I asked, “Who baked it?”

“Well, that’s just it…” Celina began slowly as thoughtful Jocelyn took our licked-clean dishes for us. “None of us know.”


 “What do you mean y’all don’t know?”

“It just kind of showed up,” Celina finished with a shrug.

Quiet Emma finally spoke up. “Actually,” the sound her soft, sweet voice surprised us all. “The cake did come with a note. I forgot to mention it. I have it right here.”

Jocelyn rushed over after placing the dirty dishes on the table. “Note? What note? May I see it, please?”

Emma nodded and handed over the small piece of paper.

“Hmm,” Jocelyn scanned the note, then read it out loud. “The note says…”


img_0297“These are all of your birthday gifts,” Emilie explained once I had been led to a beautiful birthday seat next to a pile of presents.

I looked over at the gathered gifts and grinned excitedly. “Wow, thank you all SO much!” I gushed. “Y’all are so sweet!”

“Open the funny-shaped one first,” Ellie urged. “It’s from Chloe and I!”

“What? No way,” Molly shook her head. “She should open the one from Emilie and I first.”

Cécile chimed in, “Y’all are both wrong. She’s going to open me and Josefina’s present.”

“It’s fine, guys!” I laughed quickly. “I’m so excited right now, I’ll get to all of y’all’s quicker than you’d think!”

With that, I picked up the funny-shaped one simply because I was dying of curiosity as to what it was.

It was speedily untied by my nimble fingers.

“A cupcake jar!” I exclaimed, holding the glossy pottery item. “That’s so cool! Thanks, guys!”

“If you look inside,” Chloe piped up excitedly. “You’ll find it’s more than just a cupcake jar!”

I removed the icing lid and saw a little fairy figure. “The fairy was Chloe’s awesome idea,” Ellie added. “She tried her hand at painting the fairy while I did the cupcake, and I think she did a pretty great job.”

Chloe beamed as I gushed, “She’s so pretty! Is this a little fairy home for her?”

“It is now,” Ellie sighed. “The pottery place we made it at glued her to the bottom without asking us when they baked and glossed the pieces. We wanted it to be separate, but…”

“Aw, it’s perfect! I reassured her. “I love it. I can store little trinkets in here and have a little fairy friend! Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome!” Chloe smiled, glad that I loved it.

img_0338“Now open the one from Emilie and I,” Molly suggested, and I chuckled while picking up the one she pointed at.

“Ooh!” I gasped after opening their gift.

Inside was a new flavor of Lipsmackers that I had been wanting and a beautiful money purse.

“Look inside the money purse!” Emilie whispered.

Ooh la la! Cash is always appropriate for a birthday present. 😉 “Thank you, Molly! Thank you, Emilie! I love the lip balm, the purse, and everything!” I thanked them. “Y’all are so sweet.”

“You’re quite welcome,” Emilie responded.

“No problem!” Molly chorused.

“Moving on!” Cécile announced, and I couldn’t help but smile again. “Now can you open me and Josefina’s present?”

“Absolutely!” I laughed, picking up the remaining gift box.

“No way!” I breathed, looking at the two containers of hair elastics. “How did y’all know I had been wanting these?”

“We just know,” Josefina winked.

“Thank you so very much, guys!” I told Josie and CéCé. “These are the exact colors I wanted! I love them!”

“We have one more thing,” Molly mentioned next, “before this party is over.”

I wondered what else my amazing friends could have possibly planned for me. “What’s that?” I asked.


img_0334“…Happy birthday, Molly-Anne. I made a cake for you. 🙂

img_0336Jocelyn gasped and dropped the note, letting it fall to the floor. “OH, NO! We totally forgot about Christina!”

“Oh, she must have her feelings so hurt,” Jessa realized with a sinking feeling. “We didn’t invite her!”

“Where is she?” Emma wondered softly.

“This is not good,” Celina shook her head.

Jocelyn sat down hard next to me on my birthday throne. “I feel terrible! I knew there was something I was forgetting. Oh, I can’t plan anything right!”

“You’re a spectacular party planner, Jocelyn,” Jessa comforted. “We all forgot about Christina. In fact, none of us have even seen her around lately!”

“Yeah,” I furrowed my eyebrows. “Where has she been?”

“With the Girls of Many Lands dolls,” a voice sounded in front of us. We all turned our heads to look, and there was Christina!

I jumped up and hurried over to Christina, wrapping my arms around her in a hug. “Oh, Christina!” I exclaimed. “I’m so sorry we didn’t invite you – I didn’t even know where you were! Thank you for the amazing cake, I can’t believe you baked it yourself and – wait, what? With the Girls of Many Lands dolls?”

“Yup,” Christina nodded. “I felt bad for them. They have to stay in their stands so often because they are retired and delicate. So I kind of just took to living with them. I like their company, and I think they like mine, too.”

img_0348“That’s so nice of you, Christy,” I told her.

Christina smiled and shrugged. “Thanks. It’s only fitting, since I have no where else to stay.”

“No where to stay?” gasped Emma, coming up behind Christy and I. “You’re more than welcome to stay with us, Christina!

“That’s alright,” Christina politely declined. “I rather like staying with the Girls of Many Lands dolls.”

“Well, since you’re here,” Jocelyn jumped up and proposed. “Please join the party!”

Christina’s face lit up with a smile. “Thank you!” she sounded relieved. “I didn’t know whether or not y’all wanted me to come, since I’m younger than all of you, after all.”

“Of course we wanted you to come,” Jessa chimed in, reassuring Christina with a smile. “We just didn’t know where you had been.”

“You’re right in time to watch Molly-Anne open her presents,” Celina nodded.

All of the sudden, Jocelyn froze, her face turning pale.


“That’s another thing I forgot,” Jocelyn admitted miserably. “The birthday presents.”


“Why, party games, of course!” Chloe informed. “And you get to choose what we play.”

Some people hate having to determine things and make decisions that others might not like, but not me! I liked being the leader and voicing my opinion. “Okay! Let’s play runaway princesses.”

“Again?” Ellie sighed. “We play that every birthday. Why don’t we play Wild Girls outside again? ‘Surviving in the wild’ was SO fun!”

“It’s Jasmine’s birthday, not yours, Ellie Mae!” CéCé reminded in her motherly way.

I was not one to give in so easily, but I wasn’t cruel. “Don’t worry, Ellie. You can be the evil prince again.”

Ellie let out a maliciously evil laugh. As much as she loved playing action and adventure like in Wild Girls, she loved being the villain, too. She didn’t mind playing boys, and I have to admit, she made a good bad guy.

“Hey!” Chloe spoke up. “I like being the evil prince! That’s the most dramatic part. Especially when I die.”

I smiled. Chloe loved making dramatic deaths. And I have to admit, she’s great at them, too.

“Then y’all can be evil accomplices,” suggested Emilie.

“But we can’t both die! That’s too heartbreaking!” Chloe gasped as if Emilie had indeed broken her heart.

“Ellie can have a change of heart,” Emilie proposed again. “So only the truly evil prince will die.”

Chloe let out a bellowing, more-malicious-than-Ellie evil laugh, and Ellie just grinned.

“Okay, guys, let’s play!”

Boy, was it ever fun. I don’t believe I’ll ever grow out of playing princesses, especially not with Chloe. She thinks of the most awesome plot twists to turn a classic princess game into something original and creative very time.

img_0170“SURRENDER OR DIE!” Chloe bellowed, waving my balloon her sword in the air to my helpless maids who had helped me escape.

img_0171“THE TIME HAS COME FOR YOU TO PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO MY KINGDOM,” Ellie demanded, “OR DIE AS WELL!” She had hunted me down in the forest where I had ran away to.

img_0172She tried in vain…

img_0173To roll me off a cliff. 😛

img_0174Forty-five minutes later, Ellie dropped to her knees and sobbed over the death of her dear evil accomplice.

img_0177Tears streaming, she repented of her evil deeds and begged for forgiveness, to which my maids heartily gave her.

img_0178I placed my hand on her shoulder, showing her mercy by having her life spared, and invited her to live in our palace since her father would be furious she hadn’t successfully taken over our kingdom.

img_0179All the while Chloe was making theatric dying noises. 😛



A very awkward silence followed. Sometimes everyone gave me something individually, or somebody planning a surprise party would organize something everyone could be a part of. I guess everyone had assumed that’s what Jocelyn was doing while Jocelyn assumed the opposite.

“I baked the cake with the help of my GOML friends,” Christy mentioned. “Does that count as a present?”

“Yeahhh…” Jocci let out a deep breath. “I just…” She turned to me.

“I’m so sorry, Molly-Anne. I wanted this party to be perfect, but I did a terrible job.” She sighed. “Can I just say happy birthday?”

I gave her a comforting smile. “You did the best job ever! Just having all of you as my friends is the perfect birthday present.”

Jocelyn forced a smile, but I could tell she was very disappointed.

“Um,” the soft voice sounded behind us once again, and all heads turned. “I have a present for you, Molly-Anne.”

I heard Jocelyn breathe a huge sigh of relief behind me.

“Really?” I asked with a grin. “You didn’t have to!”

“I know, but I wanted to!” Emma giggled, reaching behind the couch to reveal… “Close your eyes!”

img_0374I may or may not have peeked anyway. 😉

“Here it is!” Emma revealed the gift.

“Ooh!” Came the fascinated chorus of all my friends.

“Thanks you SO much, Emma!” I gasped, unbelieving what my eyes were seeing. It was so hard to find a mirror in our size, and yet, Emma had done it!

“Thank you, Emma,” I thanked her from the bottom of my heart, giving her a hug.

“Thank you all!”


screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-12-35-34-pmimg_0281I was right; it had indeed an amazing day.


😄 Madi here! I really hope you guys liked this post! It took me eight hours and forty-five minutes just to take the pictures. 0.o I spent around the same time just writing it out, too. 😮


Behind-the-scenes! I just discovered this wonderful light AFTER I took all of Jazzy’s pictures. 😛 😉 I’m still getting the hang of it from when I used to use it in 2013. How do you think the pictures turned out for Molly-Anne’s scenes?

From 8:30 to 11:45am I took Molly-Anne’s birthday pictures, and then since that time all the way to right now I’ve been editing the pictures and putting it into the post. I didn’t know it would take me this long – and I even cheated by working on it on Monday when I was supposed to be resting! 😛

But that’s not all! Surprises, surprises, surprises are coming up super soon, and I’m super excited for them to debut! Thank you for giving me some time to recover even it meant this had to be posted two days later. It worked out, since it took way longer than expected. 😛

Whew! I finally finished it just twelve minutes before the cutoff for the most people to see it as soon as possible after getting home from school.

Now to finish my school. 😛 Thanks for letting me take a break to work on this first, mom! 😄

Was it fun to read the birthday bash-smashes of Jasmine and Molly-Anne?



P.S. OH NO! The featured image! *rushes to photo editor*

P.P.S. *dies* Done with three minutes ’till cutoff! 😄


A Little Life Update

Hey, everyone! 😀 It’s Madison here! I usually don’t do posts like this, but something unexpectedly sprang up and so my posts will definitely be delayed, as my scheduled posts can’t be moved for reasons explained in this post. You totally amazing readers deserve to know and not be left hanging, wondering, “Where’s Madi?” So let me give you a very long quick explanation. 🙂

First, I’m getting something called Invisalign!

It straightens your teeth like braces, but it’s like a retainer and it’s invisible.


(Me in 2014 – see how HORRIBLE my teeth are? Mainly that crooked one in the front. :P)

I’m SO excited to get my teeth straightened. Imagine having five year olds come up to you and ask what on earth is wrong with your crooked tooth or why I haven’t pulled my “loose tooth” yet! LOL!

But to do that, I had to get two teeth (two bicuspids on the top on each side) pulled.


I have a very long history with dentists. And it isn’t pleasant. 😛 I wasn’t looking forward to getting my teeth pulled. I mean, who wants to have their teeth pulled out?! Especially me, because I tend to overreact about everything under the sun.

We had to go to an oral surgeon to get it done, so I expected it to be a couple of weeks away and right before the day I get the Invisalign put on (the 26th).

I was wrong. 😛


Friday, driving to the consult. (My hair was super frizzy… :P)

We had a consult on Friday, which I was unhappy about because I had this big post planned and needed all the daylight I could get to take my photos. (I’m still not done with the post, and it’s taken more than four hours! O.o)

But it’s alright, I concluded to myself. The consult will be quick and easy, and I’ll be back home just in time to work on the post with the lighting I need.

“We can do it today,” the nice oral surgeon lady told us at the consult. “But it will be a long wait.”


Behind-the-scenes! This was super fun (and super hard :P) to set up! I can’t wait until it’s finished. 😀

I rapidly shook my head at my mom, thinking of everything I had to do that day. Nuh-uh. No way. Serious time crunch here. I’m crazy busy. Long waits and pulled teeth were not on my to-do list today.

“Okay, then,” the lady smiled. “We can do it tomorrow at 9AM. Does that sound good?”


img_5064Noooooooooooooo! Saturday is a busy day, too, I groaned inwardly. I have to finish up the first part of the big post, then begin and finish the other big one, and get it all typed up and schedule it to post on Monday since I can’t do anything on Sunday (crazy Church service schedules). Getting teeth pulled will totally demolish my plans and will set me massively behind!


Wednesday – Very deep in thought and feeling the beautiful winds of the oncoming Hurricane Matthew.

😕 But my mom knew it was now or never. Saturday was the only other time they had, and if we didn’t get it then, it would be massively pushed back – meaning the Invisalign appointment would be pushed back, too.

Laughing gas (which is what dentists usually put me on because I get so nervous) costed $277, and my dad was willing to pay it, but the dentists said it wasn’t necessary.

Unnecessary? For me? UH, YEAH, IT’S NECESSARY. 😛

dealDeal? What deal? I’m listening. 😄
But my dad made a deal with me. >:) I can’t tell you my end of the deal, because it involves something big for Delightful World of Dolls coming up. 😉 If I didn’t get the laughing gas, he would pay for… I can’t tell you. 😉 If I did get the laughing gas, no problem – but I’d have to pay for (can’t tell you! 😉 ) for DWOD instead. Which is what I was going to originally do anyway.

Usually I would never do something like that without being under laughing gas, but I would also never pass up a deal like that. That’s another $100 I could use for other things for DWOD!

Life Update - No Words
(This morning at 8:30AM)
So this morning, jamming out to This Is Our Time on loop and riding shotgun, I was feeling pretty great.

Try it – this song lifts your spirits every single time. I think I’ve listened to it about fifty or more times since Friday, when my brother bought it. 😄

This Is Our Time (Live) by Planetshakers

In fact, I was feeling on top of the world when I took the picture of me above. I texted some of my friends, giving them updates and prayer requests, and was practically on cloud nine. Not nervous, a free thing for DWOD, I could be brave without the laughing gas, and God had me in the palm of His hand.

In the waiting room, I plugged my headphones in and kept listening to This Is Our Time, feeling a little more nervous, but everything was okay.

Right up until the time they called my name in the waiting room, that is.


2015 – right before my knee treatment.

See that face? That’s the face of someone who is very skeptical about doctors and what they are about to do to you, and that’s pretty close to the expression I wore as I walked through the doors back into the office. Except it was more freaked-out.

Immediately I went into The Crazy, Hyperventilating, Breathing Hard-and-Fast, Heart Sledge-hammering, Eyes Widening, Insane, Freak-out State ahem Nervous Mode. Because I overreact about everything. 😄

I was breathing so hard and fast that they put me on laughing gas anyway, despite my protests!

“Why don’t you want it?!” They would ask, and I would have no idea what to say. I breathed in that expensive air, and with a sinking feeling realized, There goes my free thing for DWOD…


Lyrics by Chris Tomlin

And I was growing more and more nervous by the second, which is no way to live. I made a few quick freaking-out prayers in my mind.

Lord, you’re right here with me. Jesus, help me. God, you’ve got this. OH GOD HELP ME!!

The nice oral surgeon wasn’t there, but even with her there I would still be freaking out nervous.

And it didn’t help that my oral surgeon was SO mean!

The first words he said to me were, “Open up, kid.” -__- He made fun of me being so nervous, and they all thought I was fifteen and acting that way! *rolls eyes* When he gave me the second shot in my mouth, it hurt so terribly that I clasped my hands together so I could squeeze something. The oral surgeon thought I was praying (I was, in my head, LOL) and he made fun of me then, too, while giving me the third and fourth shots! >:(

When he showed me my first tooth after he pulled it out (it felt weird, but didn’t hurt, thank God and numbing medicine. 😉 ), I tried to say, “Oh my gosh!” (it looked interesting! :P) but my mouth was all numb and I couldn’t say words right at all. He thought I said a cuss word (??? NEVER!!) and told me he would tell my mom, and then he laughed in a fake way, “Just kidding.” *rolls eyes again*

-__- UGH! I never want to go back to that guy again. I miss my old dentist in Texas – he was SO nice, and a Christian, too! He would NEVER have made fun of me for praying. Not that I even care at all – it’s just really uncool to make fun of a patient while they’re undergoing a surgical procedure! Especially when they’re really, really nervous. Not cool.

phewBut it’s over! I walked out of that office with my brother asking me how it went (to which I replied numbly, “Mmm hmm mmm muh.” XD), glad it was done yet very disappointed they had given me laughing gas.

But guess what? They didn’t charge us!

And in the waiting room, there was a Bible on top of this wooden bookshelf thingy with books for little kids. Both, we think, are little signs God gave me to show that He had me in the palm of His hand. 🙂

My dad just paid for the thing for DWOD as I wrote this post, and I can’t wait for its debut along with the other even bigger thing (that I am paying for :P).

I just finished the most delicious chocolate milkshake from Chick-fil-A, and for the rest of the weekend I get to do research for my novel (AKA watch movies relating to its subject 😄) and just rest. 😄 The second day after the procedure is the worst, one dentist said, so I’ll be laying on the couch watching movies most of my Sunday. :'( Hey, maybe I’ll get ahead in my Bible reading plan…

Now, why did I tell you all this?

Well, because it was just plain fun to write. 😛

But really, to let you know what’s going on in the life of me. Because I need to rest (doctor’s orders :P), I can’t finish the big post I was preparing in this photo:

img_5058Which is lame, because I wanted to have both of them finished by Monday. They’re smash posts – err, more about what that is when I post it. 😉

Couldn’t I have just posted a quick, “Monday’s post will be delayed because I’m under doctor’s orders to rest and recover”?

Totally! But this was way more fun to do. 😄 It makes me want my own personal blog even more now, just for things like this. I take so many pictures, I could post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, while keeping up with DWOD every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! ;D

img_5056On second thought, things would get even more hectic. And I’d probably not be allowed to get a personal blog anyway, just because of how busy I am. 😛

That’s what’s going on in the life of Madi.

I hope this was a valid, adequate excuse for no post on Monday. 🙁 I have a few drafts completely ready to be posted, but they are scheduled for later this month. Now, I could have moved them up, but I need them to be where they are so I can stock up on scheduled posts for Campmeeting. (There is zero chance of having time to prepare blog posts when you have crazy long services every night and day for eight days and three hours of sleep each night. 0.o)

The big post I was working on will be hopefully posted on Wednesday instead, which is really not what I wanted to do, but sometimes you have to be flexible. 🙂 In the meantime, I’ll be working on one the upcoming big surprises for DWOD – it doesn’t require a bunch of activity, so I think I’ll be fine. 😉

And sitting at the computer is pretty restful, so don’t worry, I will still be replying to your comments and be commenting on all your posts (If you are one of my followers whom I follow)! 😄

Well, stay tuned for Wednesday, which is when I will hopefully have the big post finished! 🙂




HOTH Season 2, Part 6

~Parts 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5~
“What on earth?!” Amy gasped when she too saw the crumpled flyers laying on our doormat. “I wonder who would do that!”

img_0167Not me. I knew exactly who would do it.

img_0171I glared eyes of anger and hatred into his. But Connor just lifted an eyebrow. “I’m just as surprised as you are, Issa.”

Ha! What a lie!

img_0172But Connor calmly persisted. “Honestly,” he claimed.

I glared at him in disbelief. I didn’t believe Connor – why should I? What trust did I have in his word?

Still, there was this unwavering fact that Connor’s features didn’t show the slightest hint of telling a lie.

img_0173So if Connor didn’t do it… who did?


img_0165-1After church and lunch that Sunday afternoon, Lexi and I changed out of our nice clothes and pulled on our roller-skates again. Jackson and Amy were going to rest a little bit before one of them accompanied us around our entire block.

img_0166-1Until then, Lexi and I would re-flyer our neighborhood due to the mysterious person we called the Flyer Thief. My gut told me it was Connor, but what if it wasn’t?

img_0173-1We worked diligently on our task, hoping these flyers would be able to be taken into the home by the people who lived there before they might be taken down again.

img_0178-1Our hope was in vain.

img_0184-1After our neighborhood was re-flyered, Lexi and I skated back inside to see if Jackson or Amy would be willing to go with us around the block by then.

img_0185-1But we didn’t go around the block at all.

img_0187-1No way, I groaned inwardly.

img_0191-1“AGAIN?!” my growl was venomous as I stared at the flyers crumpled on our doorstep. We had worked hard to re-flyer the entire neighborhood! “Who is doing this?!”

img_0194-1“Gee, Issa,” I heard a voice – a voice that I absolutely detested – snicker behind me. “Somebody must really not want you to make money for the Foster Car Act.”

img_0195-1I spun around, looking daggers at his annoyingly innocent face. “I don’t suppose you took down all of our flyers, did you?” I had to ask between grit teeth.

“No,” Jackson spoke for the first time since we discovered the flyers, heading outside to pick them up. “He’s been inside this entire afternoon.”

img_0198-1I was still convinced Connor had done it, but there was still this teeny tiny bit of doubt.

img_0199-1But if Connor didn’t do it, we’d find out who did.

img_0201-1“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” I turn to Lexi and asked.

img_0202-1Lexi grinned. “Stake out?”

img_0205-1“Stake out.”

img_0207-1So for the third time Lexi and I flyered that neighborhood. Lexi and I had it down to a science by that point, and as soon as we were finished we bolted up this tree and were committed to stake out for as long as it took to catch the person who was taking down our flyers.

img_0208-1If we had to stay out here all night, we would. But we were dedicated, devoted, and more than determined to catch that flyer thief.

img_0215-1Let me assure you, it took forever.

img_0216-1“Lexi! You’re not supposed to be sleeping!” I hissed, wiggling my leg so she’d get off of me.

img_0217-1“I’m not sleeping,” Lexi defended herself, groggily sitting up. “Just resting my eyes.”

“Your eyes aren’t supposed to leave the neighborhood!” I told her. “Stay awake. This is a stake out, not a sleepover. It’s not even dinnertime yet.”

img_0214-1“Okay, okay,” Lexi grinned as we both resumed staring out at the road. “But if we had binoculars, this stake out would be a whole lot cooler.”

“We don’t need binoculars to see somebody in our neighborhood, Lexi. Just be patient and we’ll see the Flyer Thief. Eventually.”

img_0218-1It took the patience of Job until we finally saw the thief. I grew tired, restless, and bored just sitting there. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the tree for not a second before Lexi reached up and pinched my arm.

img_0219-1“Hey!” I grinned sheepishly.

“No sleeping,” Lexi teased. “Only waiting for the thief.”

img_0221-1So we waited.

img_0222-1And waited.

img_0224-1And waited.

 lolfinalAnd waited and waited and waited and waited some more.

img_0229-1“THERE ARE FIRE ANTS IN THIS TREE!” Lexi shouted. She wasn’t afraid of bugs, but she didn’t like the idea of being bitten.

“Shh!” I hissed. “If the thief is anywhere close, they’ll hear you!” But then I chuckled as Lexi squirmed and flapped her arms around, ridding herself of ants. “Just flick them off. They won’t hurt you.”

“Uh, yes they will!”

img_0230-1We waited so long (somehow managing not to get bitten by any angry fire ants) that we were practically delirious by the time the thief showed up later that afternoon. We didn’t even notice the Flyer Thief until we saw him hallway down the street, stolen flyers in hand, walking toward us!

Wait a second. That was no him.

img_0186That was our very own friend, Emma!

“It’s Emma!” Lexi hissed to me in horror.

“Why would she…“ I faltered speechlessly. “She’s our friend!” I finally gasped under my breath.

I felt like someone had punched the wind out of me. Emma was one of my closest friends! Why on earth would she be taking down our flyers? Was she in cahoots with Connor? Why?

I decided to find out.

I began to scramble down the tree to confront the traitor.

“Issa! Where are you going?!” Lexi whispered sharply.

“I’m catching the thief in the act!” I told her quickly as I clambered downward.

“No, Issa! Don’t!”

“What do you mean, ‘don’t’?” I barked, halting only momentarily to respond to Lexi. “If I confront her at school tomorrow, she’ll deny it was her!”

Not waiting for a reply, I leapt off the tree and sped across the mulch. “Emma!” I yelled angrily.

Emma jumped of fright, obviously startled, and whirled to face me.

I felt hot flames of fury boiling inside. “Why are you taking down our flyers?!” I cried, angry and hurt that Emma would do something like this.

Emma’s expression darkened. “Issa-“ she began desperately but hesitated. The sun’s shadowing hid her shocked eyes as she stammered, “Uh – I…”

😄 Heh, heh. What can I say? Cliffhangers are fun. ;D

Why do you think Emma took down the flyers?




The Winner of the Back-to-School Fashion Wars!


Just for fun! 😉

Thank you SO much to everyone who voted on the Back-to-School Fashion Wars! Can you believe the poll has gotten over seventy-five different votes? Wow!

Okay, who’s ready to find out who won?

Well, let’s see, shall we? 😉

The winner of the Back-to-School Fashion Wars is…





















img_0046Jasmine Copeland and her outfit, Carefree & Confident, with 32 votes!

img_0063Emilie with her outfit, Casual Smarts, is second place with 29 votes! So close!

img_0058Josefina with her outfit, Sweet Stripes, is third place with 15 votes!

img_0053Jasmine thanks everyone who voted for her. 😀

img_0060Emilie, breathless, can’t believe she made it in second place.

img_0057And Josefina is just thankful more than one person voted for her. LOL!

img_0068Thanks again to everyone who voted for this edition of Fashion Wars!

Stay tuned for season 2, part 6 of Hang on to Hope, which will be posted this Friday!



P.S. Well… I love giving sneak peeks… Who wants to see this one for part 6? 😉

Hmm… I wonder what this collage could be about… 😉


Mini Doll Monday – Make a No-Sew Mini Doll Skirt!

img_0157(Look at that pretty skirt! 😉 )

Yay! A craft, finally! I’ve been so busy with photo story series and other upcoming stuff for my blog I haven’t found a lot of time to craft lately. Which stinks, because I love crafting!

So while trying to find an idea for October’s Mini Doll Monday, I was finding an outfit to put Jessa in. She needed something new, so I made her something real quick.

img_0159And boy, was it ever quick! In seconds I had a super cute mini doll skirt made from…

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-12-33-31-pmA sock!

But first, get an adult’s permission before cutting any socks. 😉

You will need:

•A sock with a higher ankle
•A small hair elastic
•Your mini doll!

Let’s get started. 😀
(If you need to, get an adult’s help with the scissors. 😉 🙂 )

img_0155The picture is pretty self-explanatory, but basically, you grab your sock with its higher ankle and cut it all the way across, right about the heel.

img_0156Slip it on your doll. Then slip a small hair elastic over it, like a little belt to keep it up.

img_0157(I need to trim the little frayed parts off. ;P)
Tada! It’s that simple, and with all kinds of different socks with all kinds of different patterns, your mini doll’s wardrobe can be expanded dramatically!

If you wanted a longer skirt or even a dress, you could cut from a knee-high sock and make the skirt part of it longer. 😀

img_0159Isn’t Jessa so pretty? 🙂 She really likes the skirt and is pleased with how it turned out! Now I’m on the hunt for more slightly higher-ankled socks that nobody’s using… 😉

img_0162That’s all for this month’s Mini Doll Monday! Jessa says adios and wishes you the best day yet! 🙂

If you tried out this craft on your mini dolls, let me know! 😀
Would you like to see more crafts?


Madison and Jessa ♥


HOTH Season 2, Part 5

img_0107~Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4~

img_0109“Where’s you’re friend?” Lexi asked Connor that Saturday afternoon.

img_0111“I’m meeting him at our first house, which is right around the corner,” he explained. “His mom is going to be supervising as we flyer an entire block.”

An entire block? My heart sank. Lexi and I could only flyer our own street because Jackson and Amy were too busy to go with us around the whole block, sticking flyers in the cracks of doors.

img_0113“Oh, okay. Good luck.”

img_0114“Yeah, y’all are gonna need it more,” Connor grinned before walking off. “Way more.”

img_0115“How rude!” Lexi huffed as she stood up, finished with tying her roller-skates.

I snorted. “Rude isn’t even anywhere close to what he can be. Just wait.”

img_0116“Oh, come on. What could he possibly do to you today?” Lexi asked me.

“What do you mean?”

“All we’re doing today is posting flyers, as are Connor and his friend,” Lexi began. “What could they possibly do?”

img_0117I simply shrugged. “You never know with Connor.”

Lexi just smiled and shook her head as if I was a foolish child. “So far, this ‘war’ is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of! Connor hasn’t even played a single prank.”

Sighing, I tried to put into words what this war was. “It’s not just pranks, Lexi. It’s more than that.”

img_0119“Oh, come on, Issa,” Lexi urged, putting her arm around me and motioning toward the houses up and down our street. “We’ve got work to do. This isn’t about Connor, this is about the FCA. Let’s get to it, shall we?”

img_0121I let out another one of my famous sighs as I followed Lexi. When was she going to understand?

img_0125But I continued on with the plan.

We were flying up and down this entire street with posters we had made about donating to the FCA. Tomorrow we would flyer the entire block after church with the supervision of Jackson and/or Amy, and soon we are going to start asking local restaurants and businesses if we could put flyers in their windows.

img_0127It was a small start, for sure. We planned to do bigger fundraisers, but Jackson and Amy told us not to despise small beginnings. Flyering was a good place to start. Plus, who knew what the results would be? We didn’t get to witness them last time (probably because we hadn’t placed a single flyer).

img_0131But that wasn’t the case here! House after house, Lexi and I flyered and flyered.

img_0144And flyered…

img_0152… and flyered…

img_0148… and flyered…

img_0137… and flyered that entire street.

img_0138Lexi and I high-fived as we passed each other on opposite sides. “Done!” I whooped, fighting the urge to do a little happy dance knowing I’d probably slip due to my skates.

“Whew! We did it!” Cheered Lexi.

“Yup,” I agreed. “Now let’s go inside and wait for Connor.”

img_0140Lexi followed me inside, all the while I wished we were allowed to flyer more than just our street by ourselves. But rules were rules, and as I reached the door to our home, I began to think of other fundraising ideas that would surely beat anything Connor had in mind.

img_0154When Connor returned, he looked just as energized as ever. I suspected he would’ve been at least a little tired after flyering an entire block.

“Well, that was a lot of work,” Connor mentioned aloud as he walked toward us. “How’d y’all do?”

I snorted, rolling my eyes.

img_0156“Looks to me as if you made your friend do all the work,” I couldn’t help but mutter.

img_0157Connor’s eyes flashed indignantly. “What makes you think that?” He snapped.

I opened my mouth, ready to fire back a nasty retort. But at that moment Jackson and Amy came walking in.

img_0158“Who’s ready to watch a movie?” Amy smiled. “We always make time for Saturday night family time.”

“Saving my quippings for later, I exclaimed, “Me! I get to pick it this time.”

Amy raised an eyebrow. “Let’s let Connor pick it tonight, Issa. It is, after all, his first Saturday here.”

Of course, I mused to myself. Like Connor deserves to pick the movie.

img_0161“First I want to see the hard work you all have been doing,” Jackson spoke.

img_0163“Yeah!” Lexi agreed heartedly. “We hope to get a lot of donations. Come on, I’ll show y’all all the houses we flyered.”

Boy, was I unprepared for what I saw next.

I led the way, swinging open the front door, and stopped short.

img_0164There lay every single one of our fliers, crumpled on the doormat!


Who did it, y’all? Post your guesses in the comments below. 😉