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*This Is a Sticky Post* Hey, guys! Since the server switch, many of you have been experiencing some issues regarding the comment information. I am so sorry about this problem! I have already contacted my new server company about this and am just waiting for a response. If you scroll down to leave a comment below at the end of a post and see someone else's information already filled out, please feel free to change the information to yours (so you don't end up commenting as Miss So-and-So when you're actually Miss Such-and-Such! 😄). I hope to have this issue resolved soon. [...]

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas if Only in My Dreams – Part 4

I began running full-speed toward my sister, overjoyed with the thought of her actually being here. My sister stepped out the lanai door, and my eyes were instantly drawn to her fuzzy slippers. Wait, what? Big sis would never, ever, in a million years wear shoes with bows on them. Wait a second... My eyes trailed up her legs and to her face. That was definitely not my sister. I stopped in my tracks, feeling devastated. All of my hopes had soared for nothing. "Taryn?" she asked in curiosity. "I thought I heard something outside; what are you doing out here?" I [...]

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas if Only in My Dreams – Part 3

~Parts 1 and 2~ In the POV of Taryn I don't know how many hours passed between the time the others finally settled into bed and the lights were turned out. All I knew was the burning anxiousness within me, miserably aching to get back to my sister. To say that I missed her would be the understatement of a lifetime - being with her was all I wanted for Christmas. Even after everyone had happily snuggled underneath their blankets, I laid awake for hours after, making plenty sure they were well into their slumber. I waited in torment, every [...]

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas if Only in My Dreams – Part 2

Yay! Part 2 is finally here! I've actually had these pictures ever since the day after Christmas, but had to wait until after the server switch to post it... :P You guys seriously make my day sooo much! It means a lot that you're excited for this part! I really hope you enjoy it. :D Wait a second - WWWAAAIIITTT! I have something super awesome to share with you first! Let me introduce you to... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Why, of course I'm making [...]

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Thank You!

Hey, guys! Madi here. Yep, the server switch is done! (Finally, right? XD Do you notice a difference in the speed of the entire site?) I'm so excited to get back to posting! I have tons of posts in the makings and two different huge AGSM ideas and... Whoops, I'm getting ahead of myself. ;) First, I'd like to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the First Annual DWOD Christmas Card Exchange! It was SO exciting to send and receive cards, and I cannot believe how many of you participated! I was only expecting eight or nine cards to [...]

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I’ll Be Home for Christmas if Only in My Dreams – Part 1

I stood there on the cold pavement, longing to be enveloped by the warmth and happiness on the other side of the window. Beyond the sparkling lights entwined around the porch railing, the twinkling Christmas tree glowed through the glass panes while the cheerful laughter I heard through them made me yearn to fling the door open and throw myself inside. Another freezing blast of wind whipped at my jacket and stung my cheeks. How I ached to be inside and with all of those nice-sounding girls instead of out here in the cold, alone. It had been a long day. So [...]

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Lea Clark Before She’s Gone

Hey there! It's me, Madi. Have you been thinking about getting Lea Clark, the Girl of the Year 2016, all year long? She is only available to purchase for a few more hours, and if you have been on the fence about her like me, don't worry. To help you decide, I've put together the top three reasons on why you should buy her before she's gone. 1. She is one-of-a-kind Lea Clark is completely original. Unlike the upcoming GOTY 2017, Gabriela McBride, who is just TrulyMe #46, and unlike McKenna Brooks, who had a nearly identical twin of TrulyMe #39, Lea has no [...]

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Hard Hat Area Only

Hello, absolutely amazing person! How are you enjoying the last few days of 2016? (Rhetorical question - do not answer for reasons stated below) (This is an important post, just keep reading) I'm having a lot of sentimental fun by taking each month of 2016 and playing a song or two that I listened to during that time. I love to reminisce on all the happy memories I've made this year... Ahh, nostalgia. ? Oh, by the way, it's Madi here! I have good news and great news. Which one would you like to hear first? Alright, good news it is. Delightful World of Dolls [...]

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Silent Night – Yeah, Right!

The dolls of DWOD were happy as could be As they adored the bulbs on the tree. Ellie was gazing at the yummy candy And a gift exchange was about to be starting. Atop the table; a pyramid of croissants Underneath the tree; wishes and wants. Christmas cheer was in the air The decorations, too; they were there. They had waited so long For that day to arrive. They finished the countdown calendar And somehow survived. They had sent out Christmas cards With so much happiness Now the day was finally here; What joy and what bliss! There was just [...]

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CCC Recap & the Final Countdown Chronicles

Merry Christmas Eve, amazing person! Thank you for coming to Delightful World of Dolls today for the Christmas Craft Collab Recap and the Final Christmas Countdown! I did, unfortunately, have to do even more work than I thought I'd have to do today. Yep... on my holiday. *sigh* But I hope it's not in vain and that you will enjoy this post! We'll start with the Christmas Craft Collab Recap! The phenomenal Light4theLord from Dolls N' All and I have teamed up this December after a couple of months of planning for four weeks full of crafty Christmas awesomeness. From countdown calendars to [...]

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