Ice Cream, Anyone?

icecream1Hey guys! Jazzy here. It’s after dinner, and I’m still kinda hungry. So I’m going to find a snack.

icecream2Hmmm… What looks good?

icecream3I’m a very picky eater, and none of this looks like a good after dinner snack.

icecream4 icecream5 icecream6 icecream7Geez, I’m starving but I don’t want to eat any of this. There’s gotta be something that’s perfect for after dinner.

icecream9Cécile comes up to me. “Hey! Whatcha doing?”

“I’m still hungry so I’m looking for something else to eat.” I answer.

“Any luck so far?” She asks.

“No,” I reply, and I watch her face break into a mischevious grin.

“Want to break out the ice cream with me?”

icecream10My jaw drops. “Wha?”

“Shall we?” Cécile asks as she opens the freezer, revealing a delectable, mouth-watering tub of Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell ice cream.

I return her mischevious grin.


*Five minutes later*

icecream11“Cécile, you have the best ideas ever.” I tell my best friend happily as I dig into a scoop of Blue Bell chocolate ice cream.

“Aw, how kind of you to say,” Cécile grins as she takes another bite.

icecream12“Let’s hope none of the other dolls find out,” I mention aloud.

“Why?” Cécile asks, licking her spoon.

“‘Cause I want to eat this whole thing.”

icecream13And you know what?

icecream14That’s exactly what we did!

icecream16There’s not much sweeter than two best friends and a tub of chocolate ice cream.

icecream17The only evidence that remained of the ice cream was this! Hehehe. Now let’s just hope none of the other dolls find out we ate the entire tub of chocolate ice cream… 😉

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream?


♥ Jasmine ♥

Dressed In Birthday Best ~Molly’s Official Birthday Photoshoot~

Yep, Molly had a birthday photoshoot, too! The reason it’s posted so late is because I had the trouble with my photos, but I got it fixed, so here are the belated birthday photos of my beautiful Olly Molly!

Get ready for a boatload! 😉

IMG_0054Smile, Olly Molly!

IMG_0055I love the vibrant colors.

IMG_0094By the fence….

IMG_0091See her pretty little birthday bracelet?

IMG_0090Her socks and Mary Janes are so cute!

IMG_0089I really like the red bows on the end of her braids.

IMG_0088Her smile is so sweet. 🙂

IMG_0087IMG_0086I really like this angle! 🙂

IMG_0085IMG_0084And these angles, too.


IMG_0082Bokeh! 🙂

IMG_0081Notice how incredibly tiny my watermark is? I’m still having just a little difficulty with my photos… but they’ll get fixed soon. 😛

IMG_0080Have you noticed that red thingy, and then that wire going out from the tree? That’s the end of our zipline!  🙂

IMG_0078I wonder if any of you have noticed that I use this tree spot for a lot of my photoshoots! The pictures end up so great, and the bokeh is so pretty.

IMG_0077Yep, this is one of my favorites!

IMG_0076Feeling a little tired, Molly?

IMG_0075Well, you chose a nice place to lie down and rest.

IMG_0074I wish the grass was greener, though. That would make the photo a lot nicer. 😉

IMG_0073IMG_0072Sweet Olly Molly. 🙂


IMG_0070IMG_0069Maybe this should be a new profile picture? Actually, one of the close-ups would make a better profile picture…

IMG_0068IMG_0067Her shadow is so cute!

IMG_0066Look at the wind blowing her dress and bows! I really like this photo. Actually, I like nearly all of them. Molly is really photogenic!

IMG_0065I do not like this one. I focused it wrong. :/

IMG_0064I like this one though! 🙂

IMG_0063Ooh, and this one!

IMG_0062IMG_0061IMG_0060I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing me say this, but… I really like this picture, too!

IMG_0059IMG_0057Happy birthday!

IMG_0056The cute little red bows… 🙂

IMG_0058Molly says goodbye! She also says thanks for looking at her pictures.

Which one is your favorite? Don’t worry, I’ll take the time to count one, two, three, etc. from the top. 😉


🙂 Madi and Molly 🙂

Mini Doll Monday – The Hangout

Happy Mini Doll Monday! It’s Madi here. I’m really excited to show you all what I have put together for my mini dolls recently…

IMG_0042The Hangout!

IMG_0035I had a lot of fun making this! The entire room is just one of the spaces/cubbies under my loft bed. The one above it is the mini doll room.

Here you see a couch, a side table, and a poster on the wall.

IMG_0037Over here is another couch, a beanbag on which Emma is currently sitting, a green butterfly decoration, and the background. The background is actually one of my skirts taped to the area above the cubby!

IMG_0038IMG_0039Emma likes it very much. It’s the perfect quiet place for her to write letters to her friend Penny back at the AG Mini Doll Orphanage, or to hang out with all her friends when they’re all together.

IMG_0040The floor is a piece of patterned paper from the AG Crafts Super Paper Pad I got for Christmas. I put a few small pieces of tapes underneath it to help it stick.

IMG_0041IMG_0042And thats it! What do you think of the Hangout? Isn’t it such a cool place? I have a feeling it will be the central setting for the next few Mini Doll Mondays… 🙂


Madi and the mini’s

Fashion Wars – May Edition 2016

Hey, everybody! I’m starting a new monthly thing on here called Fashion Wars. Every month, I’ll dress my dolls according to a certain category, and you girls will get to vote all month on which outfit you like best! This is really, really fun to do. I love being able to be creative with each of my dolls and choose outfits for them based on their personalities.

Oh, and I’m sorry this post took so long to be put up! I’ve been working on a lot of posts to post and I’m really excited about them. 😀 The reason I couldn’t post any of them yet was that I had a lot of technical problems with my photos. But they’re all fixed now and I can’t wait to post more often!

So, are we ready to start?

This month’s category is Banquet/Ball Gowns!
IMG_0136Our first contestant is Jasmine Copeland, with her outfit named “Shining in the Spotlight!” Here’s the front view of her very elaborate dress.

IMG_0137A side view.

IMG_0138The back view.

IMG_0139Her hair is done in a twisted bun updo with a big silver bow in the back.

IMG_0140Around her head is a headband of stringed pearls, with matching pearl earrings and silver dangles.

IMG_0141Onto the dress itself! It’s made of a red material and completely covered in shiny red sequins.

IMG_0142The top part of the dress is sashed by a silver band with three stars. It actually was the headband from Molly’s Tap Outfit! (I believe that was the name of it, anyways…)


That wraps it up for contestant #1.

IMG_0147Our second contestant is Josefina Montoya! Her outfit is titled “Desert Dreamer.”


IMG_0149Here are the side and back views.

IMG_0150The dress itself is of a beautiful, flowy, desert-y design.

IMG_0151Her hair is done in a side braid (tied with a navy blue bow) with two small braids meeting together from the front.

IMG_0152She’s wearing a pretty little cross necklace. It’s actually a human necklace I got for 25-50 cents out of a little machine at Wal-Mart a very long time ago. I’ve had it since I was really little!


And that’s our second contestant!

IMG_0157Wow! Our third contestant is Emelie Bennet with her outfit entitled, “Dramatic Elegance.”

IMG_0158 IMG_0159With our side and back views you can see this dress is incredibly long!

IMG_0161Emelie’s hair is done in a young, simple fashion with a high ponytail. Two small strands of hair hang down in the front and she wears a white headband and hairband.

IMG_0162Her sash is also white with a beautiful flower in the middle.

IMG_0165Emelie likes both the simplicity and dramatic appearance of this dress. What do you think? You’ll have a chance to vote at the end of this post. Actually, considering this post is pretty long, you can skip all the way to the end and see final photos of all the dolls in their dresses and vote if you’d prefer.

Onto contestant #4!

IMG_0129Here we have Ellie-Joy Ling with her outfit, “Sweet and Sophisticated.”

IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132Isn’t her hair so beautiful? This has to be one of my favorite hairstyles on Ellie. Two front sections of her hair are bobby-pinned back with two strands left hanging. I added a cream flower accesory in her hair to go with the cream accents in her dress.

IMG_0133 IMG_0134As you can see it brings together the cream accents.

IMG_0135The dress itself has a flowery pattern with buttons down the front.

That was contestant #4.

Now let’s head on to our fifth contestant!

IMG_0138Contestant #5 is our beautiful Olly Molly! Molly called her outfit, “Youthful Blooms.”

IMG_0140 IMG_0139IMG_0148 Isn’t her hair gorgeous? I pulled her braids to the top of her head, bobby-pinned them, and then added a flowery headband. I think it looks great! This is one of my favorites. 😀

IMG_0144 Pretty pink sash…

IMG_0145 A tiered skirt with three layers…

IMG_0146And cute pink flats with a little bow on the toe! 🙂

IMG_0151Our second-to-last contestant, number six, is Cécile Rey! Her outfit is titled “Princess In Pink.”

IMG_0152 IMG_0154 IMG_0155After modeling side and back views Cécile shows us her hair. It’s done in a messy bun with two curls hanging down in the front… like Ellie and Emelie did with their hair. 🙂

IMG_0156She bears a beautiful silver and pink tiara.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158The dress is also a three-layer tiered one.

IMG_0159Your secret is out, Cécile! You borrowed those shoes from Molly! ;D

Cécé is rocking that pink! Now onto our last contestant…

IMG_0162 Chloe Zoey! I love her outfit, “Spring Sunshine.”

IMG_0163 IMG_0164Aren’t her curls just so beautiful?

IMG_0165 IMG_0166Her hair is pulled back in a young, carefree, simple style with a pink headband.

IMG_0167She has a large, pale pink sash.

IMG_0168Her dress also is tiered with three layers.

IMG_0169She has aqua-blue sandals that match the blue butterflies in her dress.

IMG_0179She’s just so beautiful!

And now, to recap it all and give you a chance to vote!


And now, YOU will get to pick the winner!

Happy voting!


Madison and the May Fashion Wars contestants

Addy’s Mancala

Hello, everybody! How’s your day going? Ready for another review of an AG game?

Addy'sMancalaI picked Addy’s Mancala for this one!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.05.35 PMWhen you click on the game, you’re greeted by a beautiful illustration of a smiling Addy holding a mancala game with beans for it.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.05.45 PMYou can learn more about mancala by clicking on “about the game”. I love that educational feature because it’s really fun to know the historical accuracy of the game.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.06.14 PMAnd if you don’t know how already, clicking “how to play” will teach you how to play the game.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.06.59 PMYou can choose to play by yourself with the computer, or choose two players and play with a friend or sibling.

I am of course player one. I used Madi Grace as my name because that’s my stage name and pen name (for my the movies I make and books I write). 😀

And I’m playing against… the evil computer! >:(

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.07.16 PMIf I make this move, I’ll get a free turn.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.07.59 PMFree turns are awesome!

The goal of the game is to capture more beans than your opponent. Whoever has the most beans at the end of the game wins!

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 4.09.34 PMW…w…what? WHAT?! How could evil prevail like that by six, measly beans?! Against the amazing Madi Grace?! That’s it, I’m calling a rematch! *furiously shakes fist*

;P The game is pretty fun to play. Here’s my overall opinion on it…

There is no music, and I really wish there was. If there’s one thing the game is missing, it’s music similar to music in Addy’s day to give the game more of a historical feel.

The game is overall pretty fun, especially if you’re playing with two players. You could even play with more than two players and have two teams if you wanted to, with names like “Team Awesomeness” as player one and “Team Unstoppable” as player two. 😛 And the “About the game” feature is always really nice. 😀

And that’s my opinion on Addy’s Mancala! I hope you enjoyed. 🙂 Do you enjoy seeing my little reviews, or are they boring?

Oh, and next time, instead of me picking the game, you guys get to pick it! Comment below with suggestions (you can have more than one) on what game I should review next. It must be AG, obviously, and it has to be currently available on the AG website. It also must be one I haven’t done before. (So I won’t do Lea’s Rainforest Rows, Frost Fairy, or Addy’s Mancala again since I’ve already done those.) I’ll pick one randomly, and then I’ll do it!

So comment below with your suggestions! 😀


Shout Out Your Doll Site with Celina on the Zipline!

Hi girls, It’s Madison here! I LOVE to look at other girls’s blogs, sites, and pages, as long as they’re about dolls. A lot of them I go to, not many people know about them! 🙁 Here’s a chance to shout out your doll site, page, youtube channel, or anything doll-ish! You can even link to a doll site or page you know that doesn’t get many views, but is totally awesome! I ask that you limit what you link to here to be only about dolls please – otherwise, I cannot put them on here. 🙂 Just comment with the link and I’ll edit this post every time there’s a new link! 😀

I’ll hand it off to Celina now, she is the star of this shout-out! It is, after all, Mini Doll Monday! 🙂

Celina1Hey, everybody! Celina here! Guess what? For Madison’s brother’s birthday last month, their dad built them a zipline in their backyard!

Celina2It’s very fun, I assure you. Here I am on it!

Celina3You see the ladder over there?

Celina4You birng the zipline seat over and climb up to the very top. Then you can either jump on the seat from the ladder, or put it between your legs and then jump off of the ladder.

IMG_4489It’s really, really fun. As small as I am, it’s VERY high off the ground for me!

IMG_4490For the last picture, Madison put me in a really popular spot for photos, right here in this tree. I think the vibrant green leaves from the other tree in the background are very pretty.

Have you ever ridden on a zipline?



Alright, Madi here again! Now are you ready to shout out your doll site? Here’s how you can if you didn’t already know…

Comment with the link to your doll site, blog, youtube channel, or anything related to dolls! Then I’ll post the link below. Make sure your links are kid-friendly for all to see. Thanks!

Sites added so far:
Clara’s Craft Corner
My Doll Days
AG Lane 123 Studios
Treasured Friendships with a Flair
Faking It Mostly
Happy Days with Anonymous A
Buzz About AG
Am I Cute or What
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30 Awesome AG’s

Frost Fairy

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 12.51.11 PMHey, girls! Are you ready for another game review? Today I’m reviewing one of my very favorite games (besides Onolicious, of course. ;)) It’s is called Frost Fairy, and it’s such a pretty game.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.32.39 PMTo start the game, click the “Start” button. 😛

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.32.54 PMIt will give you the instructions before you play.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.33.07 PMThe bonus is very helpful. 🙂

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.33.14 PMHere’s the game!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.33.41 PMI’ve just circled a group of the same-colored leaves with her frost. You do that by holding down the mouse and dragging the fairy in a complete, closing circle around the same-colored leaves. Then they will turn into snowflakes!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.33.48 PMSee? I’m about to close up the circle of frost over this leaf.

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.34.02 PMWhen you get the orb, it will freeze all the leaves on the screen into the same color for a few seconds. You can get a lot of points that way if you hurry!

Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.35.40 PMWhen your time is up, the game is over! Isn’t the fairy so pretty? I love her dress. 🙂 I used to play this game a LOT, though I forgot what my highest score ever was.

Here’s my overall opinion on the game:

There is no pause button and I wish there was.

I love the simplicity and beauty of this game! Not only is it very fun, but the music is so beautiful! That might be my favorite part. It really has a beautiful, frosty, wintry feel to it that relaxes you. I recorded the audio from the game and now I can listen to it whenever I want! ;D The game over all is so beautiful and wintry. It makes me smile. 🙂

Have you ever played Frost Fairy? If you could name the frost fairy, what would you name her? (I’d name her Noelle. 🙂 )

Screen Shot 2016-04-07 at 12.02.14 PM
Screen Shot 2016-04-29 at 12.55.46 PM


Happy Birthday, Olly Molly!

oneHey, guys! Molly here! Guess what? April 22 was my birthday! I dressed up in my birthday best. It was fun, and I can’t believe Mom (Madison) has owned me for nearly five years now! I didn’t really expect to get a huge party or anything. We’re pretty busy these days. But wouldn’t you know, my sisters and friends threw me a surprise birthday breakfast! We had cupcakes, which were superb.

Afterwards, they gave me gifts to open! I’ll show you a few pictures.

twoMom gave me these beautiful new diamond studs and pretty dangles! Diamond is my birthstone. I love these earrings, and the dangles are so beautiful. They have three charms on each of them – a star, a heart, and a butterfly. Mom explained what the little charms meant.

Star – “Molly, you’re never afraid to shine your brightest and do your best. I’m so proud of everything you do!”
Heart – “You’re caring and loving, and I know this charm is silver but you have a heart of gold. You’re loyal and compassionate to everybody you meet, and whether they are kind or mean, you show the love of Jesus to them.”
Butterfly – “This butterfly symbolizes that you are carefree and happy. You don’t worry often, and you’re always up for fun. I love you! Happy birthday, my olly Molly!”

I love my mom. 🙂

threJosefina and Cécile gave me this next gift, which niftily fits into my birthday dress pocket.

IMG_4431Look at this little guy! Isn’t he adorable?

IMG_4432I’m not sure what to name him yet. Any ideas? I thought Jerry, Jimmy, or Timmy were nice names, but I’m still deciding. If you’d like, comment below with any suggestions on what I should name this little toy bear.

IMG_4433And here is my second gift. Emelie and Ellie made this together for me.

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 4.11.21 PMIt’s a beautiful bracelet with the first letter of my name on it! I love it, and I’m wearing it right now!

IMG_4436And here is the last gift! Isn’t the box itself pretty? I appreciate things like that. But anyways, onto the gift inside! It is from Chloe and Jasmine.

IMG_4437Aren’t these shoes so cute? I love them!

IMG_4438And look! My birthstone, diamond, is in the middle of each flower! That was a thoughtful detail. I can’t wait to try out these shoes with my outfits.

oneThanks for joining me in this birthday post! I’ve had such a great birthday, and I hope all you amazing Molly’s out there have had an awesome birthday as well.

What should I name my litle toy bear? Comment below with your suggestions.

Have a blessed day!


The Unwanted Adventure ~part 2~

The votes are in! part 2 of The Unwanted Adventure won by a landslide. Here you are… I hope y’all enjoy!

Where we last left off…

~told in the POV of Neela~

Isabel and I climbed down from the little table and began the walk back towards our home; the former determined and tired, the latter dissapointed and bored.

But what happened next utterly shocked Isabel and I both and left us in terror!

We heard a bloodcurdling shriek of dismay and fright. We both jumped in surprise and looked up to see what on earth it was!

A little blonde-haired girl was sitting on the floor as if she had just fallen. She was screaming of fear at this humungous husky dog that was trying to talk to her.

“Listen, I don’t want to hurt you, I just need your help. Please!” The dog was begging, trying to calm the girl down.

“Get away from me! HELP ME SOMEBODY!” The little girl screamed all the louder.

“Oh my goodness!” Gasped Isabel, her face aflame with fear. She had a terrible fear of dogs. “Neela, let’s go the other way!”

She turned around to start walking hastily in the other direction but stopped short. “Neela? Where did you go?” She wondered.

“Get away from her, you big fat meanie! Can’t you see you’re scaring her? Back off!” I was standing up to the dog.

“I wasn’t trying to scare her!” He protested. “I just need her for something!”

The scared little girl ran to Isabel, who was no less afraid of the dog than she was! Burying her face in Isabel’s skirts, she begged Isabel to keep her safe.

Oh, dear, Isabel brooded miserably. How can I keep this little girl safe if I’m scared myself?

“It’s okay, little one. Calm down,” Isabel told the child in a voice that was braver than she felt.

The little girl fearfully peeked out from Isabel’s skirts to watch the scene unfold.

“What do you want from a little girl, anyways?” I demanded to the dog.

“Why do you want to know?” He shot back.

“Why do you ask?” Was the only smarter answer I could think of.

“Why do you?

“You tell me.”

The dog stopped talking. He appeared to be contemplating something.

“Actually, you’re the perfect person for the job.” Announced the dog.

In a flash he grabbed the edge of my sari and dragged me away!

“Neela!” Isabel gasped in horror, helplessly gawking at the sight.

“What do you think you’re doing? This is no way to treat someone you want to help you!” I protested, struggling to get away.

“Don’t worry, Neela! I’ll – I’ll save you!” Promised Isabel in a sputter, desperate to do something but too terrorized to do anything.

With that, the crazy dog dragged me around the corner and that was the last I saw of Isabel for a very, very long time.


IMG_4377When we finally reached the dog’s destination, he let go of the edge of my sari (which was drenched in doggy drool). I stood up with a huff.

“Well!” I sighed. “You obviously don’t have very polite etiquette!”

“Well!” He mimicked. “You obviously have the audacity to talk to such a top dog like me! Do you know who I am?”

“No,” I answered.

“I,” he announced with majestic, grand splendor, “am Hunter the Handsome Husky. The best looking of any other dog in the whole entire world, of course.”

I stayed silent, eyeing this conceited, crazy, and overall weird dog.

IMG_4378“I’m Neela.” I answered simply after a while.

“Well, okay then. You obviously have no idea who I am. Let me explain. I’ve escaped from the Stuffed Animal Kingdom, and I need help. I’m looking for somebody smart and capable to accompany me on my journey. I want to get out of here!” Hunter told me desperately.

“How would that little girl help you?” I asked.

At this, Hunter’s eyes dropped down. He seemed really embarrased, but he finally told me, “She can read. I’ve watched her read a book. The truth is, I can’t read. I’ve never learned how. If I’m going to escape, I need someone smart enough to read roadsigns and directions and anything else like that. And you can read, right? From the way you talked, you’re really intelligent. I figured you might be able to read, too.”

“Yes, I can read.” I replied.

Hunter took a deep breath, then turned around.

IMG_4379He pointed up the map behind us – it was HUGE.

IMG_4380“I want,” he told me dreamily, “to go to Colorado.”

IMG_4381“I know I might be rude, but I’m just a dog. I don’t have an owner. I don’t know any better, and I need your help! Please!” Hunter turned back to me and begged. “I can’t read but I must escape. You have to come with me and help me.”

“No, I don’t have to do anything. Can’t you get some other stuffed animal to help you?”

Hunter shook his head before I was even done with my sentence.

“You don’t understand,” he grew frustrated. “I escaped. They don’t want me to leave. They’re looking for me! We have to go right now. Come on!”

IMG_4382I looked at him, wondering what I should do.

IMG_4383 I looked down on the floor to ponder on it.

He really needs help. And I have, after all, been looking for a little adventure…

IMG_4384I looked up, instantly knowing what to do. I offered my hand for a shake. “Fine then. I’ll travel with you, under the condition you become more polite. I’ll teach you. Agreed?”

My conditions for traveling seemed to appease him.

IMG_4385“Agreed,” he answered, reaching up his paw to shake my hand.

“Then let’s get going!” I demanded briskly, wasting no time. “Lead the way.”

IMG_4386But then I thought of Isabel who was worried sick about me. Perhaps I could leave a little something here that she might find as she looked for me, so she’d know I was okay…

IMG_4387In a flash I reached up to my braid and plucked my pale yellowish-and-white flower out of it.

IMG_4388Hoping Hunter wouldn’t notice (he might think that whoever was searching for him would become hotter on his trail if they saw it)…

IMG_4390…I dropped the flower, praying Isabel would see it.

IMG_4391But then Hunter turned around to me.

“Just what do you think you’re doing?!” He snapped, fury raging in his eyes. My heart dropped to my stomach and I froze in fear like a child with his hand caught in the cookie jar. Busted!

To be continued…

Guess Who’s Back?

I’m back! I can’t believe everything that happened, it was all so incredible! We traveled and learned about the history of revival in four cities and slept in a tent and then in a cabin and swam in freezing cold springs! So much happened. It was all so cool! It mostly went well, so thank you all for praying!

Sunday and today were long days, too. I’m only now getting to sit down and make this! So tomorrow I will post something. What would y’all like to see… a late Mini Doll Monday(since tomorrow is Tuesday), or the next part of The Unwanted Adventure? Take this poll. Whichever post gets the most votes, I’ll make it!