Ellie’s Latest Artwork

IMG_0046Hello, everybody! It’s me, Ellie. Hope you’re having a lovely day. And if you’re not, I hope this cheers you up. Today I thought it would be fun to show you all a few of my latest pieces of art!

IMG_0048I’m not finished with this one yet. I’m going to make it have a darker background. And I still have to come up with a title for it.

IMG_0049Ooh, this is one of my favorites! Here’s a better view…

IMG_0050I call this one, A Vast Array of Colors. I thought it would turn out different, but here is the finished work. Oh, and excuse the weird shadow. 😕

IMG_0052Here’s a fun one! It’s a corner of a girl’s bedroom. I’m not the greatest with dimensions, but this was fun to draw.

IMG_0053You see this picture frame? I designed it for Madison! She thanked me and said it was perfect for putting an old picture of her and her BFF’s in there.

IMG_0054Here’s an inspiring one! I made this to remind myself that Jesus came to serve, not be served, and we should follow His example. Not necessarily so much as dressing up like Cinderella and scrubbing the floors, but you get the idea.

IMG_0055Madison liked this piece so much she hung it up behind her earring rack. Isn’t the mermaid beautiful? I named her “Arielle.”

IMG_0058Ah, Autumn Glory! I really like this one.

IMG_0056And last but not least, my absolute favorite piece of all! It got a little beat up, which explains the dent and the lines. But I love it nonetheless.

IMG_0057(I didn’t paint this, we bought it at a store 😉 )

Before I leave, I just want to say, believe in yourself! You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God and He has given you so many amazing talents and gifts. So explore them and have fun! 🙂



Paintings and drawings by Madison Lorfing 😉

Mini Doll Monday – The High Life

IMG_5336Hey, happy people! It’s Jocelyn here! What an incredible vacation we had – during my birthday, too! Would you care to see a few photos? It’s like living the high life! This is me on the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama. We rented a really cool condo just for my birthday!


IMG_5337Maybe it wasn’t just for my birthday, ’cause we went to it a couple of weeks after July 5th. It might’ve been vacation for Madi and her family. But either way, it was very fun!

IMG_5344Doesn’t flash look terrible? I’d advice you never to use it on a mobile device. Madison simply did a terrible job. She likes using her 60D much better, but she didn’t bring it on this trip.

IMG_5349If you look closely to this much-editted photo, you can see a few of the TONS of stars that were out one night! It was SO pretty! 

The beach was pretty fun, except for jellyfish stings. Madi enjoyed every speck of gluten, dairy, and sugar and relished every moment of being off her diet. 😉 I for one am glad to be back – I’ve been cramped up in that bag for way too long!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the few photos from our long vacation. 🙂 Madison and her family were so busy having fun, she didn’t think about taking pictures of every single thing. The vacation day that she did take quite a few photos was at the American Girl store for her birthday. If you’d like to see those and haven’t already, click here! 😀

Have an awesome day, mini dolls and humans of the wonderful world!


A New Chapter

WOAH! I can’t believe it. I’m thirteen now, girls! Thirteen! That’s crazy! I think of myself and I see a mature 12 year old. But when I think of a 13 year old, I don’t quite fit that description! LOL! It feels so weird to be 13. But I suppose I’ll get used to it.

It’s a new chapter in my life! My childhood has ENDED. That’s so crazy and sad! But I don’t plan on growing up all the way right now. AG and dolls still have their place in my heart, and while they do I’ll still be a kid. 😉 Hopefully they never leave!

Oh, and did I mention… I’m on summer vacation at the best place on earth! My forever and always home, TEXAS! ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m sleeping at my best friend’s house every other night, and every night we’re watching the Star Wars movies in order! We’ve watched Episode 1, 2, and 3 (Revenge of the Sith 😮 so creepy and cool!) so far together. It’s my very first time watching Star Wars besides a little bit of the beginning of Episode 4. May I just say, IT IS SO COOL!

How many Star Wars fans do I have reading this? I am finally going to understand all those jedi and dark and light side references and jokes, after staring at them and being like, what? LOL! XD

My birthday was AWESOME! I had the Bistro Birthday Celebration at the AGP Dallas with my best friends and my Mom! Care to see a photo or two? Or twenty? 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 8.04.13 PMAll three of us in our lovely outfits! Thanks to my best friends for letting me borrow that super cute dress. And look at my curly hair! It was my dream to have curly hair on my birthday. Thanks to my best friend’s Mom mom for curling my hair!! 😀

Oh, and I can’t wait to get braces, LOL. August 9, please come QUICKLY!

IMG_8452At the bistro! The menu’s are so awesome.

IMG_8455Anything with the AG brand name on it is awesome! XD

IMG_8454 IMG_8474 IMG_8472 My first time eating a yellow tomato… at the AG store! So sentimental! 😉

IMG_8460 My Texas BFF’S! ♥

The pink lemonade is SCRUMPTIOUS. And you get free refills!

IMG_8477One of the few things the waitress told me I couldn’t keep when I asked… Believe me, I asked about everything. I’ve eaten at the bistro before, but I wanted to know what I could keep this time since it was my birthday. 😉

IMG_8480I even asked if I could keep the doll plates and cups and the hair ties that the table next to us didn’t take with them when they left. The waitress said yes! LOL! XD

IMG_8476There’s Jasmine! And my best friend’s dolls, Caroline and Mckenna!

IMG_8456Manta, I remembered your suggestion when I looked over the Scrumptious Starters. I am SO glad I got the pretzel bites! They are delicious. I wish I had some more right now. Hehehe!

IMG_8479I got the penne pasta for my meal! I was orignially going to get the herb salmon, but my BFF asked the waitress about it and she reccomended the penne pasta instead. All four of us, (me, my BFF’s, and my Mom) got it! It was so good, and we took to-go boxes home to save room for…

IMG_8484DESSERT! Gluten-free cake and vanilla ice cream. It was SO GOOD. There was still a little left (I couldn’t finish it or I’d make myself sick. I’m not used to eating all that sugar!) and I ate the rest of it today. I’ll say that again. IT WAS SO GOOD.

IMG_8485Yummy yummy yummy!

What did I wish, you ask, as I blew out the candles? You know… I can’t tell you, or it won’t come true. 😉


I had more than enough money to buy a doll, and was serious about maybe buying Samantha or Rebecca. But I decided to save most of it and get what I really needed for my dolls – doll furniture.

I’m going to order doll bunkbeds pretty soon with the money I have left over. We all bought Lea’s Celebration Outfit, and that was the only thing we got except for I bought the Care & Keeping of You 2. Reviews coming up for the outfit when I get back! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, LOL!

IMG_8491(The sun was very bright in our eyes!)

I mad so many great memories… It was the best birthday party EVER!

But the great new days of being 13 didn’t stop there.

The day after my birthday was three straight days of pure awesomeness called Wacky Week. It’s kind of like VBS. My BFF’s and I went to it, and at first I thought it would be really corny and babyish.

BUT IT WAS SO AWESOME! I loved it so much and I am so sad it’s over. It was so fun! I laughed so hard my stomach hurt and cheered so loud my throat hurt! LOL! I made so many awesome memories with my best friends! It was AMAZING. Like, you couldn’t hear it, but if you could, you’d hear the sound of my mind being blown. That’s how seriously amazing and fun it was. My birthday and those following three days were the best four days of the year by far! 😀 😀 😀

But I didn’t forget about y’all. 😉

I’m missing you girls! When I get back, I’m hopefully going to stopmotion more, even with how super busy I am, LOL. It’s so fun, and I’ve really missed it. And I’m so glad you girls like Sweet Spring Days! Your comments all make my day and make me smile. Thanks for watching my latest AGSM!

I’ll post more if I have something more to post in the nextcouple weeks of vacation… if not, I’ll post again when I’m back in Florida. I’m going to enjoy my summer vaca while it lasts – it’s going so great so far!

Miss y’all, love y’all, and see you in the next post!


Sweet Spring Days AGSM

It’s finally here! I worked really hard on it. Let me know what you guys think!

I’m afraid I’ve taken a little break from stopmotioning lately. Would you like to see more stopmotions, or do you prefer my usual posts like photo stories/shoots, Mini Doll Monday, Fashion Wars (it’s cancelled for June, by the way, because I leave for summer vacation tomorrow), etc?

Just let me know in the comments below… after you watch this video! (There I go, rhyming again. 😉 )


Madi, Chloe, Emelie and Coconut

Some New Friends

IMG_0001Hey everybody! It’s me, Ellie! I’m here to introduce to you my new friends. Taylor on your left and Phoebe on your right!

IMG_0002Here we are shaking hands! Taylor and Phoebe belong to Madison’s Floridian best friends.

Speaking of which…

IMG_4816Hey guys! Madi here! These are my best friends in Florida. Sierra, age 12, on your left and Marissa, age 9 on your right. Sierra and Marissa are sisters, just like my two best friends in Texas are! Isn’t that so cool? They came over for a sleepover a few weeks ago, and it was very fun. 😀 😀 😀

IMG_4820Here is us being really goofy. 😉

Stay tuned for my newest stopmotion coming up soon! I leave for summer vacation on Saturday, so I only have a few days left to finish it. See you in the next post!


With Sierra and Marissa!

Cute Fun Finds for the Dolls!

Hey, everybody! It’s your beloved Chloe Zoey here.

IMG_0002I’ve come to show you all some fun finds we were given! We can’t technically call them fun finds, can we, because we didn’t find them, huh? One of Madison’s family’s missionaries is staying with us and brought back gifts for each of us from the country he’s a missionary to.

IMG_0004This doll-sized bag is one of the things he gave to Madison! Of course, we dolls claimed them immediately.

IMG_0006Isn’t it cute?

IMG_0008It even unzips to reveal plenty of room inside for storing books for school or mini doll accesories for dolly sleepovers. The inside is a beautiful Tyranian purple.

IMG_0010Next, we have this little thing!

IMG_0012It unzips in two places.

IMG_0013IMG_0014Finally, we have this! Ellie, as creative and crafty as she is, wants to add a ribbon to it so we can wear it as an over-the-shoulder bag.

IMG_0015Isn’t the pattern so pretty?

IMG_0016And of course, it unbuttons!

IMG_0019Well, that’s all for today!

Which bag was your favorite? Do you have any favorite fun finds for your dolls?


Who Won May’s Fashion Wars?

Yep, the votes are in! 

Here are all the contestants that you chose from…

And now, here are the results!

The winner of May’s Fashion Wars is…


















Josefina Montoya, with 19 votes! Her beautiful dress, Desert Dreamer, won May’s Fashion War! 🙂

Chloe and Emelie tied for close second with 17 votes each, Jasmine in third place with 11 votes, Ellie in fourth with 7, Molly in fifth with 6, and Cécile placed last with 2. 🙁 😉

Thank you to everyone who voted! Stay tuned for June’s Fashion War, coming up soon.

Oh, and would any of you like to see a sneak peek of a stopmotion I’m working on? I’ve been really busy lately with something called NextLevel, a training course I’m unergoing for the forseeable future, but summer’s here and while I still have some school to do (I’m homeschooled, and in our homeschool we don’t get summer off), I’ve had just a little more time on my hands. This stopmotion I’m working on is in celebration of… 150 subs! I’m so excited, I can barely believe it. Thank you so much to everyone who has subscribed to me, even though I’m not allowed to subscribe you back! It really means a lot.

But on to the sneak peek of the stop motion… 😉

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.28.17 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.29.44 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.29.20 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 3.28.50 PM

Well, that’s all for now. 😉 I can’t wait until it’s done so I can upload it! I really hope y’all like it.

Have an awesome Wednesday! I have a NextLevel meeting tonight, so I better go and get ready for that. See you next post! 🙂


Mini Doll Monday – A Letter from Penny!

IMG_0043‘Ello there, everybody! It’s Emma here. Happy Mini Doll Monday! 🙂 Oh, you simply won’t believe what I received in the mail today. I’m so happy!

IMG_0048It’s a letter from my best friend Penny back at the AG Mini Doll Orphanage! Do you remember me telling you all about her? She was the one who gave me my beautiful silver cross necklace.

IMG_0049I’d love it if you joined me while I read it! As you can see, it’s pretty long. Actually, we’re very used to writing lengthy and elaborate letters to each other. This one is shorter than usual!

IMG_0050Penny wrote,

Dearest Emma,
Hello there! Thank you so much for your letter, it made my day! I loved hearing all about your room mates and your new owner. I miss you terribly. I’m so happy for you that you were adopted! I can’t believe it’s been months since we’ve last seen each other. It feels like years, you know! If I haven’t said it already, I miss you terribly.
    Today was a very busy day. The head of the AG Mini Doll Orphanage retired! So a new one came and took her place. We all got acquainted with her. She’s nice, I guess, but she makes me nervous. She has this weird glare that seems as if it pierces your very soul. I wonder if she can tell what I’m thinking? I’ve been thinking about you, actually. I miss you SO much! I think I’ve said that before, but it doesn’t make it any less true.
     I miss you. Will you write back just as soon as you get this letter?
I love you!
Penny Cole

IMG_0051Oh, I love it when I receive a letter from my dearest friend. I really truly miss her!

IMG_0052Well, I’m off to do exactly what Penny asked in the letter – to write back just as soon as I got it.

Do you write letters back and forth to anybody? Madison has a ton of pen pals she keeps up with. 🙂



Cécile’s Beautiful Birthday Photoshoot

IMG_0002Hey everybody! Cécile here! How are you? Do you have any guesses on what special day May 28th was? Okay, I’ll just tell you. It was my birthday!

IMG_0004As is the relatively new tradition, I was given a beautiful photshoot!

IMG_0005It was quite fun, because I can’t remember the last time I had a photoshoot!

IMG_0006Madison tidied up my curls and put me in a beautiful new birthday dress.

IMG_0007It’s green, just like my birthstone – emerald! Although I do believe emerald is way darker, this lighter green is much more suitable for May in the springtime.

 IMG_0008Doesn’t my hair look lovely?

IMG_0009This flower headband from an Etsy shop called That’s Lolli is always being fought over. It’s always on one doll no matter what! We love it. Since it’s my birthday, I got to wear it. Yes!
 IMG_0009 IMG_0010 IMG_0011Do you see my beautiful necklace? Madison thought it was May’s birthstone color at first when she gave it to me, but turns out it’s August’s birthstone, peridot.

 IMG_0012 I love this picture! 🙂

IMG_0015 IMG_0014 Don’t I look so elegant in my dress? 😉


IMG_0015 IMG_0016Here’s a close up of the necklace.

IMG_0017 IMG_0018 IMG_0020This has to be my favorite! I think it will be my new profile picture.

IMG_0021 IMG_0023 IMG_0024 IMG_0025A few tree shots.

IMG_0026 IMG_0027 IMG_0028 IMG_0030I’ve never been in this tree before! Doesn’t it make a great backdrop for photos?

IMG_0032 IMG_0034 IMG_0035 IMG_0036Like my bracelet? Mama made it for me.

IMG_0038 IMG_0039 IMG_0043It looks like I’m walking on a path! 🙂

IMG_0044 IMG_0045 IMG_0047 IMG_0048Get ready for quite a few head shots…

IMG_0049 IMG_0055 IMG_0054 IMG_0052 IMG_0051 IMG_0050 IMG_0056 IMG_0058 IMG_0059 IMG_0060Tada! What did you think of all my pictures?

IMG_0062Thanks for reading! How is Madison’s photography coming along?

Which photo was your favorite?