HOTH Season 2, Part 4

~Parts 1, 2, and 3~
I simply glared at Connor’s taunting eyes. What did he have in mind, anyway? Whatever it was, I could certainly think of a better way to get my revenge. I didn’t have to wait for him to make the first move; maybe I would. Perhaps I could even convince Lexi to join me – Connor didn’t stand a chance against two of us.

img_0183As class began, my avenging ruminations about Connor were unfortunately pushed to the back of my mind. Stuffed in its place were math reviews of the last grade, which were mostly easy.

img_0073But the revenge ideas returned during fourth period, when Lexi and I had english together. While our teacher Ms. Liz’s back was turned, I scribbled out a note.

img_0075Will u plz join me? I knew that she’d know what it meant.

Ms. Liz turned back to face us and continued talking, and I waited quite impatiently for an answer from Lexi. When five agonizingly slow minutes passed by, I assumed she didn’t want to risk getting in trouble for passing notes, so I was determined to wait until after class to talk to her.

But when Ms. Liz turned around a moment later to write something else on the board, I felt a small piece of paper being crumpled into my hand.

img_0076I snuck a peek at it and grinned. Yes.

Connor was doomed.

Well, that all depended. I still had to find out what Connor had in mind that day – whatever it was.

img_0093School came and went, and I walked out of those doors with no homework but a confused brain. Connor hadn’t done anything that day – no pranks or anything major like that at all.

img_0094Well, he had passed me a note that said may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits, but I didn’t consider that hardly anything. Perhaps he had quietly started a rumor behind my back.

img_0100Turns out, he was just waiting on the perfect chance for vengeance…

img_0099…Which came way sooner than I expected.

img_0084After dinner that night we gathered to the living room to have some family bonding time before bed. We didn’t have any homework, after all. And Amy made cookies.

Of course Connor and I kept up the act of pretending to be friends, until Amy said the next few words.

img_0086“Let’s find out everyone’s goals for the new school year,” she announced after we finished eating all the cookies and laughing over a joke Connor told (of course, my giggles were fake). “We’ll start with Connor.”

img_0088“Ladies first,” Connor insisted. Which was odd, because he loved being the center of attention.

img_0089“Alright then. Issa, what are your goals for the new school year?”

img_0091I didn’t exactly have any, besides utterly destroying Connor. “Uh… I’m not sure.”

img_0095“Everyone should have long-term and short-term goals, Issa,” Jackson began.

img_0096“What about raising money for the FCA?” Lexi suggested. “I know you said you didn’t want to do it anymore since that scare with my ankle, but that was all the way back in summer.”

I considered this. Raising money for the FCA was definitely still something I was passionate about, and I didn’t have much else going on besides extra curricular activities that would start soon (and avenging Connor).

img_0097-1“Yes! We can make a goal of how much money we want to earn by the end of the year and everything!” I began to get more and more excited the more I thought about it.

img_0098-1“We could even get our classmates involved,” Lexi proposed.

img_0099-1“And Connor can help out, too,” Amy added, trying as much as possible to make Connor feel like part of the family.

Wait, what? But they hadn’t even heard his goals yet! My excitement fizzled out of me like a deflated balloon. Connor wold ruin absolutely everything!

img_0102-1“Actually, I have an idea,” Connor began. “I met a friend at school today. He’s new to here, too. Maybe him and I could work together as a team and Issa and Lexi could work together as a team, and we’ll see who can make the most money for the FCA by the end of the year.”

Oh, no.

img_0104“That sounds fantastic!” Amy exclaimed.

“What a neat idea,” Jackson quietly agreed with a nod of his head.

img_0105-1Lexi and I exchanged looks. Neither of us said the word, but we both though the exact same thing.


YAY! Season 1 and season 2 finally relate to each other! 😄

Oh, quick announcement. The HOTH parts will be posted every Friday. That way I don’t feel stressed out about getting up a new HOTH part every other day, as much as I try to make enough time to make them all in advance. 😛 And in case you don’t like HOTH, you’ll get to see some other posts as well! Something big huge is coming up, so you won’t want to miss it – stay tuned! 😉

But who does like HOTH? 😉



One Last Summer Adventure

img_0122Good afternoon, everyone! Can you believe today is the last day of summer?

img_0119As for me, I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t looking forward to fall at all! Everyone else was, though. The sooner fall, (even with its non-cooler weather) came, the sooner winter could get here. And then Floridians everywhere might get a chance to be relieved of this sweltering heat.

img_0123Not me. I didn’t want summer to end!

It wasn’t school I was disappointed about beginning. Our homeschool had already started, and it was fine.

img_0124It was the lack of freedom for adventures I was going to miss.

img_0125And if you know anything at all about me, you know that I am an adventurer through-and-through. And extra curricular activities would take up my epic adventure times.

img_0126Which would be absolutely horrible.

img_0128I stood by the pool, willing summer to last longer in these last few moments. I had nothing else to do; I was the only doll who didn’t play a major part in Hang on to Hope, ( :'( ) so while the others were busy in their costumes and being photographed for the next part, I made a decision.

And you know what I decided as I stood by our pool, wishing for autumn to be delayed?

img_0129I’m going to make the absolute most of the last day of summer.


screen-shot-2016-09-17-at-5-21-17-pmBy having one last summer adventure, of course.

So I darted back inside to get my adventuring boots on (sandals don’t do well for climbing, exploring, and adventuring, you know).

img_0141“I love this fence!” I sighed dreamily.  Being up high doesn’t scare me. I love looking out about our backyard.

img_0144And hey! This is my third favorite tree.

img_0145“Ooh, is that another fence over there?”

img_0147“Ha HA! Yet another fence has been conquered!”

*bees buzz deep within the bushes that climb the fence as well*

“Uh, on second thought, those flowers look really pretty down there.” I scrambled as fast as I could down the fence.

img_0148“This flower looks pretty.”

img_0149“Uhh, wait a second… is that buzzing I hear?”

img_0150“Oh dear, I’m too close to this fence!”

I stuck the flower into my hair before darting off.

img_0155I love trees, and this is my second favorite. 🙂

img_0160“Wee!” I cried, swinging through the air. If you’ve never swung on a rope swing, you’re missing out!

img_0163What do I do now? I wondered, walking along the stone path.

img_0164Hey, maybe there are some fun things to do in the front yard.

img_0165Look at those weeds growing in the mulch! Somebody should pull them… somebody besides me, of course. 😄

img_0171Here I am climbing my very favorite tree.

img_0172I grunted as I pulled myself up higher and higher up that tree.

img_0167I dared to go higher than ever today! It was my last summer adventure, after all, and doing that was my only real adventurous thing I had done so far.

img_0169It’s so beautiful up here.

img_0174Then I decided to take a walk on the landscaping stones.

img_0177“Woah! What’s that?” I exclaimed.

img_0178“A fairy house? A secret hiding place for mice? The headquarters for insect FBI agents?”

img_0179I peered in closer. There was nothing of the sort inside. Vowing to investigate later – that is, if I had another chance for adventure sometimes soon – I looked at the clouds up above blocking out the sun.

img_0161“It’s going to start raining soon,” I figured. “I better see if there’s anything else to explore.”

img_0180The sun came out briefly again, and I found this neat bush by the mini house for shade.

img_0184“Oh, summer, why are you only three months long?”

img_0188“Farewell, summer.”

img_0190“I shall see you next year!”

img_0191Tired from my late-afternoon, last summer adventure, I came back inside and kicked my shoes off. Delighting in this incredible thing called AC, I walked over to my bunk bed and prepared to take a little nap while it rained.

img_0193And I was greeted by this little guy!

“Hello!” came his cheerful greeting. ‘Ellie is busy with that Howdy and the Horrible or whatever it’s called again. And all my other stuffed animal friends are napping!” Snowy whined.

Looks like Ellie is too busy with Hang on to Hope to play with Snowy. Aw. He’s so cute!

img_0194I smiled sympathetically at him before proceeding to climb up the ladder to my top bunk. “Well, I’m going to be napping, too, Snowy.”

img_0195“No!” Came his quick, indignant little voice as he skittered up the ladder after me and jumped on top of my stomach. My stuffed animal, Splotches, cuddled under my arm as I leaned back.

“I’m tired, Snowy,” I told him, letting my eyes droop.

Snowy’s expression saddened. Aww. Then he perked up with a smile. “If you’re gonna nap, I’ll nap, too!”

img_0196“Okay, Snowy,” I yawned as both of my little friends snuggled closer. “Have sweet dreams, guys.”

And that ends my last summer adventure!

Are you excited for the first day of fall tomorrow? Have any fun fall activities planned?

Oh yeah, and isn’t Snowy just the cutest polar bear stuffed animal ever? 😄



Fashion Wars – Back-to-School Edition

That’s right, it’s time for another Fashion Wars! I really have failed on my goal of keeping this a monthly thing, huh? Now it will just be every time I put my dolls in some super cute outfits I want to share. 😛

img_0046Our first contestant is Miss Jasmine Copeland, with her outfit, “Carefree & Confident”!

img_0047Jazzy is wearing a beautiful lilac dress with a silver sash. As a gorgeous accessory she’s got a necklace with light-blue beads on.

img_0048At the bottom of the pretty dress are two layers of sparkly tulle.

img_0049On her feet are two black flats.

img_0053Jaz has diamond earrings with silver star dangles and a light-blue headband.

img_0050Moving on to the next contestant!

img_0054Here we have Miss Josefina Montoya with her outfit entitled, “Sweet Stripes”.

She has on a cream-colored top with a gold flower accent.

img_0055Here you see her knee-length, striped skirt.

img_0056And here are her cute cream-colored shoes that match with her top.

img_0057Pulling it all together, she has a cream bow topping her bubble hairstyle.

img_0058Isn’t Josefina just so beautiful? 😀

Now it’s time for our last contestant, since there are only three dolls this Fashion War. 😮

img_0059Miss Emelie Bennett is dressed in a back-to-school outfit perfect for chilly fall weather (like we ever get any here in Florida…)! She titled it “Casual Smarts”.

img_0060Emelie has braided her hair, leaving a strand out in the front, and added some turquoise glasses.

img_0061Here we see some black leggings and some sparkly blue flats.

img_0062The purple hoodie Emelie is wearing isn’t really her style, but she wanted to try something new.

img_0063That wraps it up!

img_0064Now it’s your time to vote!

Voting ends on the first Monday of October. That Wednesday I’ll post the results!

screen-shot-2016-09-16-at-1-03-30-pmNow get to voting! 😉



HOTH Season 2, Part 3

~Parts 1 and 2~
“Big day today, huh?”

img_0121I looked up from my mirror. First day of middle school? Big day. First day of middle school with my worst enemy determined to make my life miserable? I’d call that a huge day.

img_0120“Yeah,” I responded to Amy, glancing back down at my mirror, still unsatisfied with my hair.

“I’m super excited!” Lexi squealed, breezing through her morning routine as she slipped on her flats. “I hope we’ll be in all the same classes. I don’t know how it works. I’m just so excited! Middle school is going to be so cool. I can’t wait!”

“Be sure to tell us it went,” Amy reminded. “I can wait to hear all about your first day of school.”

How could Lexi be so optimistic? Her positiveness was so very cheery I was starting to get annoyed. Fighting the urge to roll my eyes, I cocked my head from side to side and decided my hair looked fine. It would just have to do.

“Breakfast will be ready in less than five minutes,” Amy noted before she left. “I have eggs fit for champions this morning!”

“Thanks, Mom!” Lexi called as Amy turned to go check on Connor.

Then Lexi turned to me. “Issa, why are you so nervous?”

I gave her an irritated look. “Is it that obvious?”

“You just gotta trust that nothing bad will happen today,” Lexi spoke.

img_0139I sighed. “I’m not worried so much about school. It’s the fact that Connor will be there.”

“I doubt Connor would play any pranks on the first day of school, Issa,” Lexi began.

“Ha!” I sputtered. “You don’t even know him, Lexi. Connor and I have been in this war for two years! And I haven’t seen the worse. I can tell when Connor is planning something. It comes unexpected to everyone else, but I know-“

“Lexi, Issa, Connor!” We heard Amy’s voice call. “Breakfast!”

I turned back to Lexi before we both stood up. “Be aware, Lexi. Because you’re my friend – my closest friend on earth – he might come after you, too.” I swallowed hard as Lexi studied my eyes. “Hurting you will hurt me. That’s the goal.”

Lexi rolled her eyes as she walked past me. “Gosh, Issa. You’re so dramatic. I’m not going to let some rude guy make me upset by silly pranks. I’ll show you how to deal with annoying people like Connor.”

img_0144I didn’t respond to her, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. If only she knew.

Breakfast went just as well and fake as dinner, what with Connor and I pretending to be friendly and all. Lexi was really nice to Connor, not just because Amy was watching, but because she didn’t detest him like I did. In her opinion, she thought Connor was nice and wanted him to feel as part of the family as possible.

After breakfast, I dreaded the walk to school. Jackson and Amy weren’t around, and knowing Connor he would probably make the first move to continue the war away from the eyes of any adults.

But the walk to school was alright. The real horror happened at school.

“I think we’ll be in some of the same classes,” Lexi told me as we walked down the street together. Connor trailed behind, friendless, as we led the way to Crestwood Middle School. “I wish the middle school was closer to us so that we didn’t have to walk so far. But it’s fortunate that it’s right next to the elementary school so we know where it is, right?”

“Right,” I agreed quietly, not much for conversation that morning. The eggs hadn’t settled so well with my tight stomach. What if I was stuck in the same class with Connor and Lexi was in a different one?

Unfortunately, what I feared most came upon me. After getting our schedules and books in the big gymnasium meeting, I studied the list near our lockers with Lexi. Connor just sort of hung around. In alarm I read that Connor and I both had math class first, while Lexi didn’t have it until third period. We wouldn’t even be together at all until fourth period!

“This should be interesting,” I muttered to Lexi, trying to act as calm, cool, collected and composed as possible. I would never let Connor know that I was nervous.

“See you in fourth period,” Lexi grinned. She then glanced at Connor. “Good luck, you two.”

Really? I sighed in my mind.

I watched her, screaming in my mind for her to come back, but only gave her a casual smile as she left.

Without another glance at Connor I spun around and made a beeline for room 14. If I hurried, maybe I could get a seat next to a nice-looking kid.

And would you believe at that school they happened to have assigned seats?

And why don’t you take a guess as to who just happened to be assigned right behind me?

If you guessed Connor, you were wrong, thank God. It was Emmalina, whom we just call Emma, from Bible Club – I couldn’t believe my luck. Lexi and I attended Bible Club over the summer, and it had been disbanded now that school started. I was really sad, and I didn’t think it should have been cancelled, but there was nothing we could do about it.

“Issa!” Emma waved to me. “Your seat is assigned here!”

“Oh, Emma, it’s such a relief to see somebody familiar!” I exclaimed, siding the bag off my shoulder and plunking it next to my seat I proceeded to sit down in. Pivoting around to face my friend, I continued, “How’s life?”

“I can’t complain,” Emma sighed. “Others have it worse.”

I opened my mouth to ask, “Is anything wrong?” but take a guess on who was assigned to sit not behind, but right next to me.

If you guessed Connor, you were wrong again. I had no idea where he was at this point.

“Sarah!” I smiled when I heard her plop her stuff onto the desk beside mine.

img_0175“Hey, Issa!” Sarah grinned. Wow, had her personality changed; she usually always wore dresses and skirts. Now she looked more… not so much as nerdy, but just different. In a good way. And she had just gotten glasses, I observed. “It’s so good to see someone familiar,” Sarah finished.

“Definitely,” I smiled. I would’ve dove right into a conversation with my friends, but we all turned our heads at the sound of a voice.

“Good morning, class!”

I looked at who must be our teacher as she continued, “I am Mrs. Hempton. Go ahead and take your assigned seats now, as class is going to start in just a couple of minutes.

Just then I heard someone slide into the seat next to mine with a satisfied snicker.

“This is convenient,” Connor chuckled, “for what I have in mind today.”

MWA- *claps hand over mouth* I really need to stop delighting in my evil laughs, huh? I wonder what happens now that the horrid Connor is sitting right next to Issa. With something (devious?) in mind. What could that thing be? I wonder what it is and what happens next… 😮 Oh, wait, no I don’t. I know exactly what happens next. 😄 *swallows evil laughter*

Okay, well, anyway. I have another question for y’all. Do you like longer parts or shorter parts, pertaining to HOTH? To fit everything in I’d have to do longer parts, but if y’all don’t enjoy longer parts as much, well… 😛

So let me know in the comments below which parts you like better: Longer or shorter?



The Finished Doll Room!

img_0116Last Tuesday I ordered two big pieces of doll furniture…

img_0117Last Thursday I used a gift card to buy another piece of doll furniture…

img_0118That day the two other pieces arrived…

So guess what I’ve been doing with my free time on Thursday and Friday? 😄

img_0122 img_0121 img_0120IT’S SO MUCH FUN! 😄 If you read part 2 of HOTH season 2 you know that I finally ordered two doll bunk beds with my birthday money (that I had gotten all the way back in June 😛 ). They arrived on Thursday, but you know this. What you don’t know is the story behind the other piece of furniture that I was able to get that day!

img_0139I’ve wanted this for such a long time! But we don’t shop at Target anymore so I figured I’d never be able to get it. As well as anything from Our Generation. 🙁

Well guess what?

Somebody bought me a bunch of clothes from Target as a gift. I returned them and got a $107 gift card. I was able to buy the Our Generation Wooden Wardrobe with it! And there’s still money left on the card. 😄 It’s a win-win – Target doesn’t get my money and I get the Wooden Wardrobe for free. 😄

img_0126 img_0127But back to the bunk beds, since I assembled those first. Here is the first single bed, finally completed! It took the first one longer to assemble because, well, it was first and building things isn’t my strongpoint (aka I kept messing it up 😄), but all the others were easier since I knew what to do by then. 😛

img_0128Two single beds completed! They come with extra knobs to put on the top of the posts of the other bed so you can have two single beds if you’d prefer.

img_0129YAY! The first bunk bed is completed! Isn’t it BEAUTIFUL?! I love it so much! Definitely worth my first $55. 😄

img_0130GAH! I could die over the cuteness! I’ve wanted bunk beds for such a long time and now I finally have them!

img_0131 The ladder is SO cute! And the bedding is amazing!

Josefina was the first to check it out.

img_0133And Chloe’s not far behind! She thinks it is very comfortable but requests that she gets the top bunk with Ellie on the bottom. 😄

img_0134Eek! It looks perfect! I love it so much! I might make different bedding for it in the future, but right now I like it because it matches the color of my walls pretty well. Here you see the bunk beds just kinda hanging out until I can organize everything.

And now it’s time for the second bed. 😛

img_0136AHH! It’s so cute!! This is EXACTLY the setup I had envisioned. I just love gazing at my doll room and looking at the neat little beds… They’re so cute. The $110 for both beds was well spent. Absolute perfection!

img_0140As if that wasn’t enough excitement, I dove headfirst into setting up the Wooden Wardrobe! It’s already assembled and just so amazing. I love it. 😄

img_0141And then I decided to just reorganize my entire doll room. Why not? 😄

img_0143Such a project went on well into Friday.

img_0144It took a very long time. 😛

img_0145And here’s the doll room, late Friday night (hence the bad lighting… heh heh), completely finished! It took a while to figure out where everything would go, but I’m SO happy with how it turned out! I even vacuumed. 😛

img_0146The wardrobe is AWESOME. There’s so much storage!

img_0148Here’s how I set it up. The door with the mirror folds out, and I’m just keeping it that way. It came with a little pink vanity seat, but I’m not using it. I didn’t like the pink ribbons attached to everything because the ribbons looked messy, so I tried untying them but they’re glued on. 😛

img_0149All the dresses and coats are hung up in the closet part of the wardrobe. I didn’t like the hot pink Our Generation hangers that it came with, so I’m using my own. If you ever plan on getting it, keep in mind that the AG hangers fit the best in here. The ones from the “Sofia’s” brand are big and it will make the longer dresses touch the bottom.

So I eventually hung the longer dresses on the AG hangers I had; that lifted the hem off the floor. I put the shorter ones of the lower-hanging Sofia’s hangers.

On the left you see the shelves. That’s where I put all the shoes. I really like it that way. The taller boots won’t fit in there (unless you want to lay them on their side), so in the bottom left corner of the pic you can see some tall boots just hanging out by the computer desk. 😉

img_0150In the drawer I put thin jackets, all the skirts, and some PJ’s.

img_0152There’s a ton of storage on the top! YAY! From left to right:

•The white bin in the back holds roller skates.
•The blue bin holds swim suits.
•The smaller green laundry basket holds shoes made out of fabric.
•The larger green laundry basket holds leotards and larger clothing accessories like Josefina’s vest and her shawl.
•The light green basket holds tops.
•The pretty basket all the way on the right holds bottoms like leggings, jeans and shorts.

img_0153If I haven’t said it a hundred times already, this setup is so cute. I love it. Makes me just want to stop motion all day long in here!

img_0162The sadly unpainted sock drawer. 🙁 😛

img_0154 img_0155 The beds! 😄 My mom had some sneaky fun arranging the stuffed animals while I was busy re-organizing. Look at the little turtle peeking out behind the blue pillow on Molly’s bed! Aww!

img_0156And aw!! look at Snowy on the top bunk!! He’s so cute!! 😄

img_0157Over here we have some more accessories.

img_0159Earrings! 😄

img_0160*cringes at the bad lighting* 😛

A little bin of bracelets.

img_0161The underwear drawer. Moving on. 😛

img_0163In this blue set of drawers we have more accessories. The bottom drawer holds thinner, easily folded hats.

img_0164The miscellaneous middle drawer holds small, random accessories like Josefina’s pouch, tiaras, etc.

img_0165And the top has hair bows and sunglasses.

img_0166The other big doll accessories are in my big, white cubby. If you look all the way to the right you can see the pink vanity seat from the Wooden Wardrobe I’m not using. 🙂

img_0167Here’s the entire room!

img_0168 img_0169I can’t get over how cute the entire room is! This has to be one of my very favorite setups. I just love it. 😄

img_0170My doll room organizing days are far from over! 😛 Now I have to re-do Issa and Lexi’s bedroom from Hang on to Hope. I had to get all the furniture out of there to see how the finished result would look in my doll room and there was no way I could wait until the end of season 2 to do that. 😄

This has to be my favorite hairstyle on Ellie! :)

This has to be my favorite hairstyle on Ellie! 🙂

Oh, and expect some AGSM’s in the future. I can’t wait to get started stop motioning in my new beautiful doll room. 😄

Well, that’s about it! Thanks for reading, y’all!

What do you think about my finished doll room?



HOTH Season 2, Part 2

~Part 1~
I didn’t answer as I returned his piercing glare. What could I do about it, anyways?

IMG_0096We both heard the footsteps of Amy gently padding down the carpeted hallway and toward our bedroom to wish us goodnight. Instantly Connor shifted into the friendly little child he pretended to be.

IMG_0098He then turned to Amy. “Good night, Mrs. Taylor!”

Amy smiled pleasantly, very pleased by Connor’s good manners. “Good night, Connor. Do let me know if you need anything.”

IMG_0100After turning to me, she spoke, “Good night, Issa! Sleep well, you two.”

Sleep well? With Connor’s words haunting my mind knowing he would stop at nothing for revenge? That’s a tall order.

IMG_0101“Night, Issa,” cheerful Connor called casually as he turned away to his bedroom.

“Good night,” I returned just as sweetly.

IMG_0104Before Amy turned to go, I gave her a good night hug. Things were going to change for the worse, and I didn’t know how soon. But I wanted to feel Amy’s loving arms around me before it all began.

“Good night, Amy.”

“Good night, Issa. Sweet dreams.”

IMG_0106Sweet dreams were another tall order, I realized, as I trudged back to the bedroom Lexi and I shared.

IMG_0107I reached for a good book to read and help me relax before bed (if that was possible by then), but Lexi interrupted me.

“What was that all about?”

I stopped abruptly, my hand frozen in midair.

IMG_0108“What war?” She pressed. “You can keep things from my parents, but you can’t keep them from me.”

I sighed, knowing I had been busted. I turned around to face Lexi.

IMG_0110“You want the truth, huh?” I asked.

Lexi nodded. “All of it.”

I sighed again, beginning to open old wounds.

IMG_0111“As you know, I’ve been with the FCA, the Foster Care Association, since I was three. I was always being transferred to different foster homes – until I came here. Sometimes, in between foster home transitions, I would stay at my caretaker Martha’s house or at the FCA facility. You see, Martha was helping a lot of other foster kids as well, so some nights she was away late and I couldn’t stay at her house all the time. Most nights between different homes, sometimes for weeks, were spent at the FCA center.”

IMG_0113I paused to take a breath, and Lexi asked, “So where does Connor come in? And the war?”

IMG_0115I pulled out the chair from under the desk. “I’m getting to that,” I told her.

IMG_0116Sitting down, I continued, “Let’s see, if I’m twelve now, I met Connor when I was ten. That’s right after his mother died. At first, Connor was like any other kid I talked to during free time and meal time. But then the superintendent brought out what started as a friendly game but turned into much more.” I exhaled. “Too much more.”

IMG_0117Lexi furrowed her eyebrows. “What do you mean?”

“It was a game of Scrabble,” I muttered. “That’s all it was. Or all it was supposed to be.”

A discombobulated Lexi cocked her head, and I went on.

IMG_0118“I was picked first to play against three others in that game of Scrabble, one of whom was Connor. I was really close to winning, but he won the game.” I then rolled my eyes. “Connor is super competitive and totally unsportsmanlike. He hates to lose, especially to a girl. He said a lot of rude things when he won, just teasing and taunting and stuff like that. I shouldn’t have let it bother me, but all that time at the FCA, I was angry.”

IMG_0119“Angry, huh? Go on,” Lexi urged.

I proceeded to explain. “I was angry at the many foster parents I had seen for not keeping me. It was mostly my fault, of course, and I was angry at myself for not behaving better. I was also angry at the FCA. I had to take my anger out on something, because I didn’t know Jesus like I do now. I couldn’t cast my cares upon Him because I didn’t know Him.” I then grinned a little. “So I got angry at Connor.”

IMG_0120Lexi’s eyes widened. “You showed your angry side?” She joked.

“For real!” I chuckled.

IMG_0121“I demanded that he take back the unsportsmanlike words, but he insisted they were true. That ‘boys were smarter than girls’ and that ‘girls couldn’t do anything’. I shouldn’t have gotten upset, but I did. We argued and argued, our words turning rude and nasty. The superintendent finally had to get between us to get Connor and I to stop yelling at each other!” I paused, swallowing hard. “And so we became enemies.”

“Enemies?” Lexi inquired.

“It grew to be more than that as time went on. As insults changed from how well we played at games to very cruel things said about our parents, it grew serious. Most of it was emotional, but he hurt me deeply, Lexi. Words can really, really hurt. Connor and I hated each other in secret but pretended like we had apologized after our argument in front of the superintendent. We acted like we were friendly acquaintances, but we were arch nemeses.”

Lexi nodded. “Like at dinner tonight?”

“Yes,” I answered. “Exactly. The arguments grew into pranks, and pranks into prank battles. The battles turned into a full-fledged girls vs. boys war with the kids of the entire FCA facility – all under the adults’ noses. It was a war involving pranks that were actually dangerous and that could have hurt us and others; but of course, nothing could have hurt as bad as the words Connor and I said to each other. The ones about our late parents and dead family stung especially bad, and you just can’t take back words after you’ve said them. The worst part is that we didn’t even want to take them back. We wanted to hurt each other, all for stupid reasons.”

IMG_0122“And Connor still doesn’t like you?” Lexi questioned. “Is that why he said the war isn’t over?”

“Doesn’t like me?” I sputtered. “Lexi, he hates me.”

“What about you?”

IMG_0123I hesitated. Had my feelings changed toward Connor after all this time? After all he’s said? After all he’s done? Had my feelings changed after all the lies he spread, the wicked, hurtful pranks he played, and the stinging words about my parents he broke my heart with?

No. Not even close.

If anything, they’ve only gotten worse.

IMG_0124“I hate him,” I finally spat between grit teeth, looking down at my feet. “And I’ll make him sorry for everything he’s ever done and said.”

Hate is a pretty strong word, but it was accurate for the way I felt about Connor.

IMG_0125“So the war really isn’t over, huh?” Lexi observed.

I raised my gaze up to meet Lexi’s eyes. I felt the old, burning hatred flame up inside of me once more.

IMG_0128“Oh no, Lexi. It’s about to get a hundred times worse.”

MWAHAHAHAHAAA!! *cough again* Sorry not sorry. 😛 If my cliffhangers are super lame, don’t be afraid to tell me so. I love your feedback so I can make my posts better. But I’m having so much evil fun writing these parts! *bursts into another maliciously evil laugh* Did I mention every single one ends with a cliffhanger? So if you don’t like cliffhangers, I’m sorry. Not really. 😉 *begins to cackle villainously* Okay, fine, I’ll stop now. 😉

Anyways. How do you like their room setup? Lexi is obsessed with posters, Issa not so much. ;P

Oh, big news! You awesome readers deserve to know. I can’t keep it a surprise. With my birthday money I received (all the way back in June, wow… I’m a bit of a procrastinator… 😛 ) I finally ordered two doll bunk beds! They’re scheduled to be here on Thursday. Hey, by the time you’re reading this, it will be Friday…So by now they’ve already arrived! As I’m writing this, I’m super excited, y’all. Expect some photos of the beauties when I open them! I can hardly wait. 😄

In the mean time, do you mind taking this poll? Once again, your feedback is greatly appreciated!



HOTH Season 2, Part 1

IMG_0094“What is he doing here?!” I shrieked in shock. Never in all my days had I ever expected to see him, of all people, at my doorstep.

IMG_0095And more than anything, I wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

Because I absolutely hated him.

IMG_0096“Issa, this is the new foster child we told you we’re taking in,” Amy told me patiently. “You helped take the rest of Lexi’s things out of his new room this afternoon, didn’t you?”

“Yes,” I assured her. “But – I – I didn’t expect that the new foster kid would be…” I trailed my eyes up to meet Connor’s. “…him.”

“We felt led in our hearts that Connor was the one we should foster next. We wanted to keep it a surprise for both you and Lexi until y’all finally got to meet him.”

I fought the urge to roll my eyes at my foster mom’s words. Surely God wouldn’t make me face Connor again! Especially not before the first day of school, September 1st, which was tomorrow.

IMG_0097“Now let’s make him feel welcome,” Amy enforced.

“Pleasure to see you again, Issa.” Connor nodded politely to me. I turned my head to glare at him every so slightly in a way that Jackson and Amy couldn’t tell. What an actor.

IMG_0100“What do you mean, ‘again’?” Lexi asked as Amy darted outside to thank the person who had driven Connor to us. I immediately turned towards Lexi.

“Connor and I go a long ways back,” I snapped quickly before Connor could open his mouth. “We know each other from the FCA.” Then I plastered on a fake smile while giving him eyes of death. “Of course, you must be hungry, Connor. Supper is ready.”

IMG_0098“Issa’s right,” quiet Jackson, my foster dad, agreed. “Make yourself right at home, Connor.”

“Thank you, sir,” Connor replied.

IMG_0102“Yes, yes, supper is ready!” Amy dashed right back inside. “Come on, you heroes!”

As we all followed Jackson and Amy to the kitchen, I desperately racked my brain for possible ways to get Connor sent back. But I knew it was hopeless. I was stuck with my rival for who knew how long!

Jackson and Amy, my foster parents and Lexi’s adoptive ones, had wanted to surprise us, I suppose. Boy, was I surprised alright! Once I was sure that they wouldn’t send me back to the FCA like all the other foster parents, I had never expected to look into Connor’s taunting eyes again.

IMG_0114And yet there I was, sitting right across from Connor at the dinner table, playing it off like everything was dandy.

IMG_0116Connor and I kept up the act that had fooled all the adults at the FCA, pretending to be friendly acquaintances all the while wishing ill fate toward the other in our minds.

“How is your arm doing, Issa?” Amy asked, interrupting my ill-will wishes.

“Good,” I replied. “Ever since the cast was removed, it’s been feeling fine.”

“Yeah, same with me,” Lexi agreed. “My ankle is still regaining its strength, but for the most part it feels great.”

hoth4After dinner, I rose to grab the dirty dishes, for it was my turn. As the others cleared out of the room, I wondered helplessly, What am I going to do? Thankful for an excuse to get away from Connor, I took an extra long time washing them.

But I had to walk back to my room sometime, and that sometime was approaching.

I passed Connor’s open door hurriedly, pointedly ignoring him.

IMG_0119Only that didn’t work so well.

I began to speed-walk toward the room Lexi and I now shared when I heard footsteps behind me, but it was no use.

IMG_0125“Issa!” Connor called.

IMG_0124I whirled around to face him. “What?” I hissed, gritting my teeth.

IMG_0120“Just letting you know,” he began casually, but his eyes grew dark and full of hate. “I haven’t forgotten everything that happened at the FCA.”

At first my blood turned cold. When Connor talked revenge, he was serious about getting it. But then my blood began to boil as the old contempt for my old rival returned.

IMG_0121“That war?” He continued, boring his piercing eyes into mine. “It’s not over.

MWAHAHAHA!! *coughs* Sorry, sorry. I had to let that out. I had so much maliciously evil fun writing this! >:D I had a craving to write a really good cliffhanger. ;D Well, I think it’s good, anyways. You have to honestly let me know what you think.

And I hope at least one person is looking forward to part 2. 😉

If you’re that person, let me know in the comments below! I’d really appreciate your feedback. Are you interested as to what happened between Conner and Issa? Does season 2 of HOTH sound pretty cool or pretty lame?


P.S. Just a little side note… I literally have NO boy clothes for my dolls. At all! LOL! So you might see some repetitive costumes during this season… ;P

And Molly and Emelie had to play boys, yes, much to their chagrin. But as I learned in theater, whenever a girl has to play a boy’s part, she just pulls her hair back into a low ponytail. So I applied that concept to my photo stories. I have to keep Molly’s fragile hair braided, so it’s just in kind of a weird braided bun, but the actual characters of Connor and Jackson do not have really long hair (though Connor’s is shaggy, like the front of Molly’s bangs). 😛 And just pretend that Molly’s empty ear piercings aren’t there, LOL. 😛


Mini Doll Monday – Escape from the Crazy Chihuahua

IMG_0046Nobody expected that a peaceful afternoon chatting in the backyard would turn out to be as crazy as it did. But one thing I’ve learned during all of my adventures is to always expect the unexpected.


IMG_0047Unfortunately, that’s not what I did today. As Jocelyn and I had some BFF bonding time, just enjoying the afternoon, I decided to climb up the tree and invite her to do so with me.

“Let’s climb!” I suggested.

“Nah, I’m good,” she refused.

IMG_0048“Oh, come on. It will be fun,” I urged.

Jocelyn replied, “I’m not as daring as you, Molly-Anne. I want to enjoy a peaceful afternoon with nothing crazy.”

Ha, ha. Her want was completely in vain.


“What was that?!” Jocelyn gasped as we were both startled.

IMG_0051“Looks like my taste for adventure has dragged you into one with me,” I grinned, jumping up and looking around.

“I don’t like adventure,” whined Jocelyn, but she didn’t have much of a choice. She too stood up to help me look around.

IMG_0052“That sounded like a ferocious dog,” I noted.

“Ferocious?” My BFF squeaked.


IMG_0053Both of us whirled around to face the bark. To any ordinary human being or even a doll, this little chihuahua would’ve looked pretty cute, trying to be all ferocious with its loud barks and tiny body. But we were only six inches!

“Jocelyn, you have a way with animals. Talk to it!” I urged, trying to remain calm although my heart was pounding against my chest.

“It looks very angry, Molly-Anne! I don’t think talking to it will help it all!”

So what do you do when you encounter an angry dog?

IMG_0054You run is what you do!

So that’s exactly what we did.

IMG_0055And boy, did we run, pumping our little arms and feet as fast as they would go.

IMG_0056Jocelyn followed me, trusting my knowledge of what to do in situations like these from my crazy adventure times. I hopped onto a landscaping edge that surrounded the backyard swings.

“Molly-Anne, the crazy chihuahua is catching up!” Panted Jocelyn.

“Then run faster!” I gasped back, another adrenaline rush surging through my muscles as I rocketed down the landscaping.

IMG_0057“WOAH!” I screamed as I skidded to a halt, thankful that Jocelyn didn’t slam into me.

IMG_0058“A trench?” Jocelyn peeped weakly.

“A trench,” I confirmed with a nod.

“What do we do now?” Asked my stressed best friend.

“Let me think… It’s kind of wide to jump over, and the trench is very deep, so..”

IMG_0059“Whatever you do, do it quick! He’s catching up!” Jocci screamed.

“Let me think, will you? You can’t rush genius.”


IMG_0060“Back up,” I ordered.

What? And get closer to this mad pup?”

“Just do it!”

Jocelyn hurriedly stepped back, as did I. I took a running start, preparing to jump.

IMG_0064I pushed off the edge of the landscaping and leaped in the air.

IMG_0065I landed on the other side and fell down on the landscaping. I winced as my shoulder slammed into the hard wood, but I jumped up quickly. There was no time to waste.

IMG_0066“Jocelyn, do what I did!” I ordered.

If Jocelyn thought I was crazy already, she viewed me as completely insane then. “You want me to jump over that deep, wide trench? What if I fall? What if I hurt myself? What if…”

“What if you get eaten by that dog?” I challenged. “And what if you just stop thinking about it and just jump?”

IMG_0067“If I die, it’s gonna be your fault!” She hissed as she backed up and began running. “Oh, Lord, help me do this!”

I had never seen her eyes grow more determined before as she too leaped in the air.

IMG_0069The disappointed pup skidded to a stop right before the edge as Jocelyn soared across the trench.

IMG_0070Jocelyn let out a gasp as she collided with the landscaping edge. “Ow!”

“You did it, Jocci,” I grinned at her. “Taking risks wasn’t that bad, now, was it?”

IMG_0071Jocelyn just shot a look at me before we both glared at the crazy chihuahua that breathed hard at us. His eyes glared as he grit his teeth, knowing he had been outsmarted.

IMG_0073Or so we thought.

Jocelyn and I looked at each other in alarm as it began backing up to run and jump, too.

“Run?” Jocci asked.

“Run,” I agreed.

IMG_0074So we took off running again, screaming like crazy maniacs.

IMG_0075When the landscaping edge parted again, we hopped over it easily.

IMG_0076Unfortunately, so did the crazy chihuahua.

IMG_0077He let out a ferocious bark again as he grew closer to us, sprinting faster.

IMG_0079We tore down the landscaping edge as quickly as we could, the sun beating down on us and making us a sweaty mess.

IMG_0080“Another jump, Jocci!” I told Jocelyn again. “No running start required.”

IMG_0081I hopped off the edge and down into the trenchless grass.

IMG_0082Jocelyn followed suit, but I hardly noticed. I was too distracted with the pain in my ankle, shooting up my leg.

IMG_0083“Go on without me!” I cried dramatically, almost too distracted by the theatric trauma-and-drama of the fact I was about to be left behind, to think about how much my twisted ankle hurt anymore.

IMG_0084“What? No! I’ll help you up, and you can lean on me.”

I let out a heroic sigh. “In the paraphrased words of Esther, if I die, I die! Go on without me! SAVE YOURSELF!” I prepared to make a big fainting scene, but then Jocelyn shook her head.

“I have another idea.”

IMG_0085To my utter surprise, she jumped back atop the landscaping edge!

“Jocelyn,” I hissed, grimacing as I sat up. “What are you doing?”

IMG_0086“Something I should have done a long time ago,” she answered. “The only way to face your fear is to confront it, Molly-Anne. And that’s what I’m doing.”

IMG_0088I was shocked to see her standing her ground courageously as the chihuahua sped towards her. I turned my head away and squeezed my eyes shut, not willing to witness my best friend being eaten right in front of me.

IMG_0091When I opened my eyes, I heard Jocelyn gasp as the dog’s mouth lunged toward her hand.

“NOOO!” I screamed, but was then very bewildered at what happened next.

“Tag!” the dog exclaimed in English. “You’re it!”


Jocelyn and I began laughing so hard that the dog became the one who was confused. This entire running adventure, an escape from a crazy chihuahua, was simply a game of tag!

IMG_0092Jocelyn helped me onto the dog’s back, who was more then willing to give us a ride home.

“Your ankle okay?” Jocelyn asked.

“I think I twisted it, but it’s all in a day’s adventure, right?”

Jocelyn shook her head and laughed. “Oh, Molly-Anne.”

The end! What a way to spend your “relaxing” labor day. 😛

Have you ever been chased by a dog?

Until my next misadventure,



Isabel’s Secret

IMG_0196Isabel’s eyes darted around the room. Nobody’s here, she concluded to herself.

IMG_0197She fixed her eyes on the prize and locked them there, knowing she’d have to make this quick before anyone else returned.

IMG_0198There. That’s where she wanted to go – Madison’s personal little library.

IMG_0199Of course, the much bigger, absolutely humongous one was in the homeschool room. But Isabel didn’t want to go there. Here was were her favorites were, and while nobody was watching, she was determined to finish at least one chapter of the book she was reading.

IMG_0200Isabel pulled Missing Grace out from between the other beloved books, nervously tossing a glance over her shoulder. She was the eldest of all the Girls of Many Lands dolls – she was supposed to make sure none of the others left their stands for adventure. They were too expensive, she knew. Too fragile and valuable. They were retired, after all.

And that was why if anybody found out where Isabel had been day after day, she was in big trouble.

IMG_0201Uneasily but excited just the same, Isabel opened Missing Grace to the page number she had memorized the night before and immediately dove into the book.

IMG_0202Her eyes devoured the words on the page, soaking up every wonderful feeling it gave her to be lost in another world. A world where Isabel could be right alongside Kit and her friends as they solved a mystery; not her dull, boring, day-after-day life of standing on display.

IMG_0203A creaking noise interrupted her storyland adventure. Immediately Isabel turned her back on the book, slamming it shut and hiding it behind her.

IMG_0204What was that? She asked herself anxiously. Isabel held her breath as she waited in torment to see if the noise would continue, if someone really was there.

IMG_0205Isabel’s heart dropped to her stomach with a sickening, sinking feeling as Leyla walked in curiously. Busted! Isabel knew.

“Hey, Isabel. What are you doing here?” Leyla questioned.

“I was just about to ask the same thing,” Isabel returned quickly. You aren’t supposed to be out of your stand unless it’s for meal breaks.”

“Neither are you. Dinner was over an hour ago. Surely it doesn’t take you that long to use the bathroom.”

Isabel winced. She was going to be in huge trouble.

IMG_0207“You might as well find out where I’ve been going for the past few days,” Leyla sighed as she walked up to the books. “I know I’m not supposed to, but I have a secret love for reading. I was just coming here to finish reading – hey, where did Missing Grace go?”

IMG_0208Isabel smiled, pulling out the book from behind her.

Leyla’s jaw dropped. “You too?”

“Yup,” she grinned. “I have a secret love of reading as well, Leyla.”

IMG_0209“Then let’s read together,” Leyla suggested, and so the two friends opened up the book and began to read.

IMG_0210“You know, we don’t have to keep this a secret,” Leyla suggested.

“But we’ll get in so much trouble!” Isabel objected.

“I bet the other girls sneak off to do things, too. Let’s talk to Madison and ask her if we can have more free time away from the stands if we’re careful.”

Isabel smiled again. “I like the way you think.”

IMG_0213And so; what started out as a secret turned into a love that all of the Girls of Many Lands dolls now enjoy. Every day they are allowed to get lost in a good book as reward for standing in their stands like good little dolls. Well, besides when they sneak away…


Madi and the GOML Dolls


IMG_0214Never try to change your GOML dolls! There’s a reason they were made for older girls who supposedly didn’t want to “play” with dolls but collect them. Their clothes were not made to come on and off. I learned this the hard way.

My original plan for this post was Cécile secretly trying on Barbie clothes because she was tired of her original outfit. I couldn’t take her top off without taking off her bracelets… but she is so old, the elastic in the bracelets around her wrist have crumbled. Gently trying to ease them off her wrists, half of the elastic busted and the mini beads flew off.

IMG_0215I couldn’t even get this one off and it still busted. And trying to put the other bracelet back on I broke it even more. 🙁 I was so furious at myself for doing that!

IMG_0217Lesson learned for sure. Never, ever try to change your GOML dolls. They weren’t meant to be played with. I wouldn’t have been so mad at my self if GOML dolls weren’t retired, but they are, and are very valuable. Grr. I can’t believe I did that. 🙁 😛

Take my advice and please don’t try to change your GOML dolls! They’re too valuable! 😛

Have you ever done something stupid involving your dolls that you wish you hadn’t?



The Winning Photo Story Series Is…

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for the photo story series I should make a season 2. It is now time to announce the photo story series that won the most votes! I was really surprised, because I thought for sure nobody would choose this one. But results are results, and here they are!

So, what is the winning photo story? The photo story series that is getting a season 2 is…











Yes, Hang on to Hope is getting a second season! I literally cannot believe it. I was so surprised that y’all would choose this one.

I’ll admit that at first I was disappointed, because I did not have as much fun making HOTH as I did with Little Orphan Emmi and Mines of Malaysia. But a few weeks ago, I had this really awesome story idea about these two foster kids who… ha, you really think I’m going to tell you? 😉 So I figured that I’d just apply that idea in the second season of Hang on to Hope. And now I’m super excited to begin making it and happy that y’all chose HOTH! 😀

Now because I want to post something more than just the results of the poll, here are a few edited favorites from Woodland Princess! 😀 I hope you enjoy them. Let me know what you think! 🙂






What did you think of my terrible editing skills? 😛 Were the edits pretty corny or pretty cool? 😉 😀 Which was your favorite?

And are you excited as I am for season 2 of HOTH? 😀