Meet the DWOD dolls and find out all about them!

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Full Name: Molly Ann McIntire Lorfing
Nickname: Molls, Olly Molly
Age: 10
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Molly McIntire (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2011
Birthday: April 22
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (mother)
Personality: Goofy, playful, fun-loving, sentimental, patriotic, stubborn, loyal
Hobbies: Blogging, playing with dolls, doing gymnastics (including training for the Dollympics)
Likes: Good memories, fun times, good days, friends
Dislikes: Tears, sad memories, broken traditions, unmet expectations
Favorite Color: Navy blue, red, green
Favorite Food: Pistachio ice cream
Fun Fact: I wear reading glasses!
Favorite Song: Believer by Capital Kings, a bunch of songs from American Girl
Favorite Quote: “Don’t let the past dictate your future.”
Dream Job: God-honoring Olympic gymnastic champion


Full Name: Molly-Anne Jane McIntire Lorfing
Nickname: I don’t think I have one!
Age: 8
Type of Doll: American Girl Pre-Beforever Historical Character Molly McIntire Mini Doll (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2010
Birthday: October 10
Owned By: Molly McIntire (owner)
Personality: Loyal, adventurous, brave, daring, crazy, affectionate, silly, sneaky, mischievous, sometimes misbehaving…
Hobbies: Exploring, adventuring, breaking the rules, being played with by Molly
Likes: Having fun, adventures, new things, breaking the rules and getting away with it, being sneaky
Dislikes: Coconut. ?
Favorite Color: White, red, purple
Favorite Food: Anything with apples involved—apple pie, apple cider, apples with peanut butter, plain apples.
Fun Fact: I love riding Snowy!
Favorite Song: Gotta Do it Now by Jack Miz (from the American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars soundtrack).
Favorite Quote: “I’d rather shoot high and miss it than shoot low and take it.” —Dodie Osteen
Dream Job: Professional food-tester



Full Name: Coconut
Nickname: Coco
Age: I’m just a puppy.
Type of Pet: American Girl Coconut® (2012) (Retired)
Day Received: June 27, 2012
Birthday: I think June 27.
Owned By: Everyone!
Personality: Playful, sweet, cuddly, mischievous, sneaky
Hobbies: Eating, playing, sleeping, repeating all of the above
Likes: Chasing Molly-Anne, being petted by people
Dislikes: Bows, when people are too busy for me
Favorite Color: Color? What’s that?
Favorite Food: My favorite food is food! I can’t forget my favorite two-week-old jelly stuck in an old tuna fish can with moldy cheese on top and a nice delicious shoe as a bonus!
Fun Fact: I’m not a boy! I’m a girl! I’m just a doggy tomboy.
Favorite Song: Anything I can jump around and dance to
Favorite Quote: “Food for breakfast. Food for lunch. Food for dinner. Eat food a bunch!”—Me
Dream Job: Dog food tester



Full Name: Josefina Arelia Montoya Lorfing
Nickname: Josie
Age: 12
Type of Doll: American Girl Pre-Beforever Historical Character Josefina Montoya
Day Received: December 25, 2012
Birthday: March 19
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (mother)
Personality: Quiet, kind, compassionate, loving
Hobbies: Coaching gymnastics, riding our horse Gingersnap, sewing
Likes: Being useful and valuable, good friends, horses, animals
Dislikes: Not being good enough.
Favorite Color: Dark brown, dark red
Favorite Food: Tortillas
Fun Fact: I used to have a special pendant necklace, but I lost it
Favorite Song: Unstoppable Love by Kim Walker-Smith
Favorite Quote: “Love covers a multitude of sins.”
Dream Job: Horseback riding teacher



Full Name: Cécile Amélie Rey Lorfing
Nickname: Cécé
Age: 13
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Cécile Rey (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2012
Birthday: May 28
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (mother)
Personality: Fashionable, inquisitive, extreme perfectionist
Hobbies: Singing, gymnastics, being the best
Likes: Hanging out with friends, my hobbies, being the best, being perfect
Dislikes: When I publicly make a mistake
Favorite Color: Emerald, crystal blue, red, blue
Favorite Food: French bread, mincemeat pies
Fun Fact: I literally have no idea what to put here
Favorite Song: Jesus It’s You by Catherine Mullins
Favorite Quote: “You never have a second chance to make a first impression.”
Dream Job: Worship leader



Full Name: Emelie Rose Hope Bennett
Nickname: Em, Emmi. My name was spelled like like Emilie in older posts
Age: 11
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Emily Bennett (Retired)
Day Received: June 27, 2013
Birthday: September 29
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Sweet, helpful, hardworking, tidy, curious
Hobbies: Playing with my doll Emma, working on school, doing gymnastics
Likes: When people cooperate, being told I’m mature, fairies
Dislikes: Embarrassing situations, dirty rooms
Favorite Color: Red, pale yellow
Favorite Food: Peaches
Fun Fact: Molly is my best friend!
Favorite Song: Any song by Steffany Gretzinger.
Favorite Quote: “Be yourself—everyone else is taken.”
Dream Job: Christian educator



Full Name: Jasmine Anna Copeland
Nickname: Jaz, Jazzy
Age: 13
Type of Doll: American Girl Girl of the Year 2013 Saige Copeland (Retired)
Day Received: June 27, 2013
Birthday: October 8
Owned By:  Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Outgoing, divaish, passionate, dramatic, glitzy, fashionable, confident
Hobbies: Being a drama mama, looking fabulous, getting what I want, doing my hair, designing and choosing outfits, shopping
Likes: Being the center of attention, looking the best.
Dislikes: When people say I brag. Which is totally true, I just don’t like when they tell me that.
Favorite Color: Pink, hot pink, glitter
Favorite Food: Pink lemonade, coke
Fun Fact: I’m the best person in the world. FACT. You should know this.
Favorite Song: Strut by People Train (from the American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars soundtrack).
Favorite Quote: “You ain’t seen nothing yet.”
Dream Job: Leader of the entire fashion industry



Full Name: Jocelyn Courtney Copeland
Nickname: Jocci
Age: 8
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Saige Copeland Mini Doll (Retired)
Day Received: October 10, 2013
Birthday: July 6
Owned By: Jasmine Copeland (owner)
Personality: Sweet, welcoming, fun-loving, caring, clever, curious
Hobbies: Painting, riding Coconut, modeling clothes, riding on and solving mysteries with Coconut
Likes: Family fun times, fashion
Dislikes: How Molly-Anne always says Coconut is a killer dog. Okay, Coconut is pretty hyper. But so is Molly-Anne!
Favorite Color: Violet, navy blue
Favorite Food: Cookies
Fun Fact: I was opened by Jasmine the same day Molly-Anne was bought by Madison’s parents two years before!
Favorite Song: You Are (feat. Stan Johnson) by GAWVI
Favorite Quote: “Happiness inspires productivity.”
Dream Job: Detective



Full Name: Celina Rosalina Rey
Nickname: None
Age: 8
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Cécile Rey Mini Doll (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2013
Birthday: March 6
Owned By: Cécile Rey (owner)
Personality: Silly, stubborn, open-hearted, adventurous, loyal
Hobbies: Having fun, throwing parties
Likes: Playing, laughing, being active, being in the midst of things, friends
Dislikes: When my hair gets messy.
Favorite Color: Violet, navy blue, polka dots
Favorite Food: Lollipops
Fun Fact: I used to have beautiful curls, but they flattened
Favorite Song: Golden feat. S.O. by LZ7
Favorite Quote: “So let’s just get this party started!” –tobyMac
Dream Job: Birthday party planner



Full Name: Ellie Mae Ling
Nickname: None
Age: 12
Type of Doll: American Girl Historical Character Ivy Ling (Retired)
Day Received: June 27, 2014
Birthday: February 28
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Artistic, strong, creative, determined, relentless, brave, tough
Hobbies: Anything artsy, being a ninja, spying on people with my best friend Chloe
Likes: Art, ninja, spies
Dislikes: When things don’t go my way, when I get in trouble
Favorite Color: You expect me to choose?!
Favorite Food: Lemonade
Fun Fact: My favorite hairstyle is two pigtails or two French braids—even with my short hair, it can be done
Favorite Song: #LITO by Press Play
Favorite Quote: “It doesn’t matter how many times one fails. It’s only when one claims they were pushed that they’re a failure.” –Kira Ashi, Warfare series by Madison Lorfing
Dream Job: Christian book illustrator or graphic design artist



Full Name: Jessa Sequoia Montoya
Nickname: None
Age: 7
Type of Doll: American Girl Pre-Beforever Historical Character Josefina Montoya Mini Doll
Day Received: December 25, 2014
Birthday: March 20
Owned By: Josefina Montoya (owner)
Personality: Quiet, shy, sweet
Hobbies: Reading, thinking, playing alone outside
Likes: Nature, books
Dislikes: Embarrassing moments.
Favorite Color: Grassy green
Favorite Food: Blueberry muffins
Fun Fact: My favorite hairstyle is a braid
Favorite Song: Legends of the Fall by James Horner
Favorite Quote: “When you honor God, God honors you.”
Dream Job: Nature book author



Full Name: Chloe Zoey Carter
Nickname: I’m often called Chloe Zoey because it rhymes
Age: 12
Type of Doll: American Girl Truly Me #56
Day Received: June 15, 2015
Birthday: August 26
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Dramatic, sweet, adventurous, imaginative, daring
Hobbies: Writing books, daydreaming, dreaming, using my imagination
Likes: Books, movies, stories, adventures, drama, epicness, action, aesthetics
Dislikes: Boring days
Favorite Color: Blood red
Favorite Food: Sushi
Fun Fact: I write an autobiography of my life in my head and only rarely manage to write it down later
Favorite Song: Brave by Moriah Peters, instrumental movie scores
Favorite Quote: “I’m ready and willing to face the awaited, to explore the unknown and live the fated.” –Madison Lorfing
Dream Job: Bestselling Christian author



Full Name: Emma Sophie Bennett
Nickname: Em, or as Molly-Anne likes to call me, Emmie
Age: 7
Type of Doll: American Girl Emily Bennett Mini Doll (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2015
Birthday: November 6
Owned By: Emelie Bennett (owner)
Personality: Quiet, creative
Hobbies: Reading, pen-palling
Likes: Being accepted, getting letters, books
Dislikes: Being the center of attention
Favorite Color: Sapphire blue
Favorite Food: Tea of any kind
Fun Fact: I love jokes!
Favorite Song: I Spoke Up by Steffany Gretzinger
Favorite Quote: “Love doesn’t hold its tongue.”
Dream Job: A housewife and mother



Full Name: Taryn Jade Clark
Nickname: None
Age: 13
Type of Doll: American Girl Girl of the Year 2016 Lea Clark (Retired)
Day Received: December 25, 2016
Birthday: September 30
Owned By: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Serious, hardworking, determined, committed
Hobbies: School
Likes: Being successful, being productive, accomplishing things
Dislikes: When things take forever, failure, interruptions, being separated from my older sister Delaney
Favorite Color: Maroon
Favorite Food: Oatmeal and raisins
Fun Fact: Delaney is my older sister
Favorite Song: Rise Up [Transform DJs Remix] by Andy Hunter
Favorite Quote: “Either you run the day or the day runs you.” –Jim Rohn
Dream Job: Business owner supporting world missions

Katy Christine

Full Name: Katy Christine Cooper
Nickname: K.C.
Age: 12
Type of doll: American Girl My American Girl #23 (Purchased secondhand)
Day Received: February 17, 2017
Birthday: February 17
Owned by: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Daring, undaunted, active, courageous
Hobbies: Studying nature, rapping
Likes: Nature, Christian rap
Dislikes: Evolution, mosquitoes…
Favorite color: Green
Favorite food: Granola bars, chocolate
Fun Fact: Madison’s BFFs’ neighbors owned me for a few years in Texas until Madison bought me here!
Favorite Song: Grindin’ by NF
Favorite Quote: “I’d rather be in the jungle in the will of God than anywhere else outside it.” –100, KB
Dream Job: Park ranger


Delaney tried to add 50 more photos of herself and said I wasn’t accurately displaying her personality.

We finally compromised with a few extras: Del Shoving Logan at the AGP, Del Looking Generally Epic, Del Doing a Handstand, and Del Stealing Madison’s Debit Card—wait, what?!


Full Name: Delaney Adair Danger Clark
Nickname: Del
Age: 14
Type of doll: American Girl Truly Me #62
Day Received: March 7
Birthday: March 7
Owned by: Madison Lorfing (legal guardian)
Personality: Sporty, outgoing, reckless, tough, tomboyish, competitive, protective of Taryn, witty, brave.
Hobbies: Sports.
Likes: Winning, being active, having a good time, witty comebacks, mic-drops, one-liners
Dislikes: Losing, mortification, schoolwork (but I’ll work hard at it if there’s a contest)
Favorite color: Very dark teal, forest green. I can have two favorite colors because I’m awesome.
Favorite food: I’m not picky, but I love sugar
Fun Fact: Taryn is my little sister
Favorite Song: I Can’t Quit (feat. Reconcile) by Capital Kings
Favorite Quote: “Triers are losers. Winners are doers. I’m a winner, and winners don’t plan to lose.” —Me and “JUST DO IT.” –Nike
Dream Job: Whatever I do, I’m gonna be the best at it!