Here you can meet my dolls and read their profiles! I’m actually going to be reconstructing their profile “forms” and choosing new profile pictures soon, so keep a look out for that—and of course, I’ll be adding the profiles of Taryn, K.C., and Delaney soon! 😀

Full Name: Molly Ann McIntire (and then my new last name when I became adopted) Lorfing.
Nick-name: Sometimes my friends call me ‘Molls’ 🙂
Birthday: April 22nd 🙂
Day Adopted into family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family on December 25th, 2011, AKA Christmas. 😀
Age: 9 (nine years old)
Personality: I guess you could say I’m goofy, playful, and downright fun-loving. I’m very patriotic, and get attached to people and things easily. I’m stubborn, hehe, and I’m loyal. I also like to have my way, but that doesn’t always happen.
Likes: Having this blog! It used to be mine, but I kindly shared it with everyone. Even Madison, who calls it “hers” now. I’ll always think of it as my little hobby, though… I also like playing with my doll Molly-Anne, playing with Coconut, chatting with my sisters and friends, and gymnastics!
Dislikes: Having to do the laundry (though it’s more fun with a friend), and having to have reading glasses.
Favorite color: Navy blue, red, and green! All the colors of my gorgeous meet outfit! 🙂
Favorite food: PISTACHIO ICE-CREAM! 😉
Owned by: My mother is Madison Lorfing, who I love very much 🙂

Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Molly McIntire purchased 2011


Full Name: Mini Molly, (re-named to Molly-Anne) McIntire
Nick-Name: I don’t have one, but I was re-named to Molly-Anne. Does that count?
Birthday: Umm can I get back to you on that one? *hisses to Molly, “What’s my birthday?* October 10th!!
Day received into Lorfing household: December 25th, 2010.
Age: 6 (Six years old)
Personality: I love to have fun and go exploring. Something new always excites me! I’m loyal to my friends, and am very sweet and affectionate, though you might not always tell underneath my silliness.
Likes: Exploring, adventuring, posing for photo-stories, being lovingly played with by my owner, Molly, (the 18 inch AG doll),  and RUNNING AWAY FROM THE KILLER DOG COCONUT!!!!
Dislikes: COCONUT.
Favorite color: White,(<<<<<highlight that to see what my favorite color is!) red, and purple!
Favorite food: Apples. ANYTHING Apples. Apple pie, apple cobbler, apple cider, apple juice, apples with peanut butter, apples plain….get the point? Of course you do.
Owned by: My owner is Molly McIntire, the 18 inch doll, not me. hehe. 🙂
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Mini Doll Molly purchased 2010

Full Name: Coconut
Nick-Name: Coco
Birthday: The day I was adopted into the family 🙂
Day Adopted Into Family: June 27th, 2012
Age: I’m only a pup. 🙂
Personality: Playful and sweet, cuddly, and clever.
Likes: Chasing Molly-Anne, and being petted by everyone!
Dislikes: When everyone’s too busy for me :(. And bows *shudders*.
Favorite color: Color? What’s that?
Favorite food: MY FAVORITE FOOD IS FOOD! Apple pie, sloppy joe, rotten sandwiches, two-week-old jelly stuck in an old tuna fish can with moldy cheese on top with a nice delicious shoe as a bonus!
Owned by: Everyone!
Pet Peeve: People get my gender mixed up. I am a GIRL, to clear that up. Why do people call me a boy? I am just a doggy tomboy. And I hate bows!
Type of pet: American Girl Coconut® purchased 2012


Full name: Josefina Arelia Montoya (and then my new last name when I became adopted) Lorfing
Nick-name: Josie
Birthday: March 19th
Day Adopted Into Family: I was Adopted into the Lorfing family, December 25th, 2012, Christmas!
Age: 9 (nine years old)
Personality: I really hate bragging, and talking about myself, but here is what others have said my personality is like: I have a big heart of gold for both animals and people, even the disagreeable ones. I might be quiet sometimes on the outside, but I’m never shy about showing how much I care about others. I’m sweet and caring, loving, and am a good coach – both for gymnastics and Spanish.
Likes: Having fun with friends, riding our horse Gingersnap, and teaching others Spanish if they’re curious. I also love animals of any kind. I’m kind of like the coach for the dolls who do gymnastics since I have studied it, and that’s fun, too.
Dislikes: Having to do chores. It must be done, though, so I do them.
Favorite color: Dark brown and red.
Favorite food: Tortillas. They will always be a favorite of mine, and not just because it’s Mexican food. Tortillas are downright delicious!
Owned by: My mama is Madison Lorfing 🙂
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Josefina Montoya purchased 2012


Full name: Cécile Amélie Rey (and then last name when I became adopted) Lorfing!
Nick-name: Cécé
Birthday: May 28th
Day adopted into family: I was adopted into the Lorfing family, on December 25th, 2012, Christmas! 🙂
Age: 10 (ten years old)
Personality: I like fashion, so you could say I’m a fashionista. I’m sweet, inquisitive, and I like to help out wherever I can. Being the life of the party is fun, too, but I sometimes have to share that spot with my BFF Jasmine.
Likes: Hanging out with my best friend, Jasmine. I like to sing, do gymnastics, looking fabulous no matter what, and family time!
Dislikes: When I lose my voice. That happens a lot when you sing constantly!
Favorite color: Red and blue
Favorite food: French bread… but I also have this weird liking for mincemeat pies.
Owned by: My mom is Madison Lorfing 🙂
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Cécile Rey purchased 2012


Full Name: Emelie Rose Hope Bennet
Nick-Name: Em, Emmi. You might also see my name spelled like Emilie in older posts. 🙂
Birthday: September 29th
Day received into Lorfing household: I was adopted into the Lorfing household on June 27th, 2013 AKA Madison’s birthday.
Age: 9 (nine years old)
Personality: I can sometimes be quiet, but like Josefina, I’m never shy about showing how much I care. I am very sweet and helpful, but I don’t mean that in a bragging way. I’m curious and intelligent, and I don’t like to be put in embarrassing situations. Because they are no fun.
Likes: Chatting with my best friend, Molly, and playing with my doll Emma. She is so precious to me! I am also a talented gymnast, and that’s jolly good fun.
Dislikes: Yucky-tasting cough medicine, and fights.
Favorite color: Red and pale yellow!
Favorite food: Peaches. Right-o!
Owned by: My legal guardian is Madison Lorfing! She is not my mum but she’s very nice and treats me just like her daughter.
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character BFF doll to Molly McIntire purchased 2013

Full Name:
 Jasmine Anna Copeland
Nick-Name: Jaz, Jazzy
Birthday: October 8th
Day received int Lorfing household: I was adopted into the Lorfing household on June 27th, AKA Madison’s birthday.
Age: 10 (ten years old).
Personality: Outgoing, friendly, diva-ish, passionate, and dramatic. Yup, that pretty much sums me up,
Likes: Being the drama queen and freckled fashionista I am! No seriously, I like fashion and looking fabulous everywhere I go no matter what, having fun, and spending time with my best friend, Cécile.
Hobbies: Being at the height of fashion, anything having to do with fashion, designing clothes for my doll, being at the center of attention and the life of the party.

Dislikes: When others say I brag too much…
Favorite food: Lemonade, best thing ever.
Favorite Color: PINK AND GLITTER.
Owned by: My legal guardian is Madison Lorfing. 🙂
Type of doll: Retired AG Girl Of The Year Saige Copeland 2013 

IMG_0086Full Name: Jocelyn Courtney Copeland
Nick-Name: Jocci
Birthday: July 5th
Day received into Lorfing household: I was opened and received by Jasmine on October 10th, 2013.
Age: 6 (six years old)
Personality: I’m sweet and I always have a smile to share. I’m also pretty welcoming and definitely fun-loving.
Likes: Coconut, fashion, and being together.
HobbiesPainting, modeling new clothes that Madison sews, riding on and solving mysteries with Coconut.
Dislikes: How Molly-Anne always says Coconut is a killer-dog. OK, she’s pretty hyper. But so is Molly-Anne! 😉
Favorite color: Violet and navy blue
Favorite food: Cookies!
Owned by: My owner is Jasmine.
Type of doll: Retired American Girl GOTY Mini Doll purchased 2013 from Ebay

Full Name: Celina Rosalina Rey
Nick-Name: Cellie, but nobody calls me this.
Birthday: March 6th
Day received into Lorfing household: Opened and received by Cecile on Christmas, 2013.
Personality: A bit silly, stubborn, and big-hearted. I stand firm to what I believe in.
Likes: Being goofy, throwing parties
Hobbies: Playing around, laughing, being the center of attention.
Age: 7 (seven) years old
Dislikes: When my hair gets messy.
Favorite color: Just like Jocelyn- Violet and navy blue, and then of course, POLKA DOTS!
Favorite food: lollipops!
Owned by: Cécile Amelie Rey Lorfing.
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Cécile Mini Doll

Full Name: Ellie-Mae Ivy Ling
Nick-Name: I go by Ellie, usually.
Birthday: February 28th
Day received into Lorfing household: June 27th, 2014, aka Madison’s birthday.
Age: 10 (ten) years old
Personality: Artistic, strong, loves to help, and a loyal friend. I’m a determined fighter.
Likes: Giving a helping hand, and of course painting, painting, painting, being artistic and creative, and I do enjoy singing.
 Making a mistake in one of my paintings, but then I turn it into something even more beautiful so this isn’t really a dislike at all.
Favorite color: A mix of violet, blue, aqua, turquoise and blue-green, with streaks of purple, and then another mix of hot pink, lava orange, bright orange, velvet red, scarlet red, and sunny yellow! So I really like all the color for the most part, haha.
Favorite food: Lemonade
Owned by: Madison Lorfing, being my guardian but not mother.
Fun Fact: My favorite hairstyle is pigtails.
Type of doll: Retired American Girl Historical Character Ivy Ling BFF to Julie Albright purchased 2014

jessaprofileFull Name: Jessa Sequoia Montoya
Nick-Name: I do not have one.
Birthday: March 20th (a day after Josefina’s birthday!)
Day received into Lorfing household: December 25th, 2014 (Christmas)
Personality: Quiet, a little shy, but very sweet.
: Reading, thinking, and playing alone outside.
Age: 7 (seven) years old.
Likes: Nature
Favorite color: Grassy green.
Favorite food: A blueberry muffin.
Owned by: Josefina Montoya.
Fun Fact: My favorite hairstyle is a braid.
Type of doll: American Girl Pre-Beforever Josefina Mini Doll 2014

hello-imchloeFull Name: Chloe Zoey Carter
Nick-Name: I’m often called Chloe Zoey because it rhymes and has a nice ring to it 😉 .
Birthday: August 26th
Day received into Lorfing household: June 15th, 2015
Age: 10 (ten years old.)
Personality: Outgoing, sweet, adventurous, dramatic, imaginative.
Hobbies: Writing, daydreaming, dreaming in general, using my imagination every single moment of the day, reading, watching and making movies, adventuring and exploring.
Likes: Adventures, drama, action. I crave it! I also LOVE writing stories and books, some of them based on my own adventurous experiences.
 Dull days, where there is ZERO excitement and drama.
Favorite color: Dark red.
Favorite food: Spicy Udon soup.
Owned by: Madison Lorfing
Fun Fact: I write an autobiography of my life in her head, and try to write it down on paper later. Of course, with all the things I try to do, that rarely happens.
Type of doll: Truly Me doll #56 2015. 

hellothereimemmaFull Name: Emma Sapphire Bennett
Nick-Name: Em, or as only Molly-Anne likes to call me, Emmie.
Birthday: November 6th
Day received into Lorfing household: December 25th, Christmas, 2015
Age: 7 (seven years old.)
Personality: Quiet. And I wasn’t going to originally put this on here, but Molly-Anne said I should tell you all I am very clever and intelligent, sweet, and I have a lot of love in my heart. I may appear quiet, but I’m learning to open up a little more and step out of my comfort zone.
Hobbies: Reading and writing.
Likes: Being praised and accepted. I also like – no, I love – getting a letter back from Penny. I should have put this in hobbies, but anyways, I like reading – don’t you just love to get lost in a good book? My favorite author is Charles Dickens. I also like to write letters to my best friend back at the AG Mini Doll Orphanage, Penny.
 Being the center of attention.
Favorite color: Sapphire blue.
Favorite food: Tea of any kind.
Owned by: Emelie Bennet.
Fun Fact: You would never guess this about me, but I love jokes! Sometimes, if I hear – or make – a particularly good one, I will laugh and laugh and laugh until tea spurts out my nose. Oops – was that too gross to put on a blog?
Type of doll: Retired Emily Bennett Mini Doll purchased from Ebay in 2015.