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Q: How do I follow you?
A: Look over on my sidebar—if you have a WordPress account and are signed up, you can click the follow button and all my new posts will appear in your reader! If you don’t have a WordPress account, you can enter in your email and all my new posts will be sent to you that way. Thank you so much for wanting to follow Delightful World of Dolls!

Q: Can you do a review on ________ (name of doll)?
A: If it’s a doll I have, of course! Just ask me by commenting and I will reply and give you a detailed review.

Q: Do you recommend __________(name of doll)?
A: If I have the doll, yes! If I don’t, I really wouldn’t know, sorry. 😉

Q: How do you make stopmotions?
A: I take a picture of my subject, move her a little, take a picture, move her a little, and so on. When I play it back together in editing software, it looks like she is moving!

Q: Where can I watch your stopmotions?
A: You can see them here, because I’ll post the video when I’m done! To see all my videos, click here to go to the certain category. You can also watch them at my youtube channel!

Q: What editing software/program do you use to make stopmotions?
A: I use a program called iStopMotion. I export the video and then upload it into iMovie, where I put the scenes together and add music, text, special effects, and stuff like that! 😀

Q: Can I make a stop motion like this? I don’t want to copy you or anything!
A: Absolutely! I’d be so happy if you got an idea from a video I made! Just be sure to put my YouTube channel name, Delightful World of Dolls, in the credits. 😀

Q: I need help deciding what doll to get. Can you help me?
A: Comment on my newest post and ask me there—I will reply to your comment and be better to help you then! 😀

Q: Can you give me some doll play ideas, hairstyles, stuff like that?
A: Search my blog (use the search bar, located to the right) to find some doll play ideas. I have some specific categories, so be sure to check out the ones labeled Doll Hairstyles, Doll Crafts, or Fun Things My Doll Do (to get ideas for your own dolls.) I even have a post specifically for Doll Play Ideas!

Q. What camera do you use?
I just upgraded to a Canon EOS 5D Mark II! Before that, I was using a Canon EOS 60D.

Q: How do you get such nice indoor lighting?
I use studio lights, fluorescent lights with diffusers (white fabric over them that evens out the light). I use a much natural light as possible, too, always shooting when the sun shines evenly through the window in my room around the afternoon hours. Another thing I do is spend a lot of time editing my photos, too—if the lighting looks a little wonky no matter what, a bit of editing can make it look better!

Q: What photo editing system do you use?
I do general editing in Photos and more detailed things including adding text and filters in PhotoScape X for the Mac. I love both and highly recommend PhotoScape X—it’s awesome—I use the free version and haven’t found the need to buy the Pro one at all!

Q: Can we do a collab post?
Ooh, that sounds awesome! Please contact me so we can discuss it more!

I hope this answered any of your questions! If not, just comment below with any questions and I’ll put them and their answers up here! 😀