Doll Play Ideas Craft Page
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If you’ve seen our Doll Play Ideas post, here is where our crafts are for it. I realize now, years later and updating this post, that they were a little lame… but I hope you enjoy anyway. :P

Craft #1 – Lip Balm

imageYou’ll need glue (not shown) an empty toilet paper roll, scissors, a paint brush, paint, a really thick and sturdy straw (with a parents’ permission to cut it) a ruler, and some newspapers or anything to cover your work area and to protect it from paint. Be sure to ask a parent before doing this, ’cause it can get pretty messy!

IMG_3818Measure with your ruler and mark how long you’d like your doll lip balm to be. I’d like mine an inch and a half. :)

IMG_3819Cut your straw approximately on your mark.

IMG_3820Now cut a small square of your paper towel roll.

IMG_3822Put a dab of glue in the middle.

IMG_3823You might put some on the bottom of your straw, too.

IMG_3824Firmly place your straw onto the glue-y cardboard and wait for it to dry. Depending on which type of glue you use, it really does vary on how long it takes to dry. My Elmers® Clear School Glue takes about a few hours to overnight to dry completely.

IMG_3825Well…now, we wait! :)

* * * * * * *

IMG_3841Well, it’s been a few hours and the glue is almost dry. While I wait, I work on the lid for my doll lip balm. should fit loosely around your straw, easy to pop on and off.

IMG_3843Okay, now we take the ends and glue them together!

IMG_3845Nope, the glue won’t bring these together. It’s too tight. Time to re-measure and make sure there’s room for something to fasten the two ends together while the glue is still wet and until it dries.

IMG_3846There we go, that’s better. I snapped a hair barrette onto it (don’t worry, I never use it for my hair – just for craft purposes! :)) to fasten them together until the glue dries.


IMG_3847Aha! The glue has dried! NOTE – don’t put a piece of cardboard on the top of your straw. The lid won’t fit on even after you’ve trimmed it. I learned that when it came time to put the lid on. I pulled the paper towel roll cardboard off (lousy glue) and made a smaller circle piece to fit just inside there!

IMG_3851Well, trim your piece of cardboard..

IMG_3852Ta-da! We’ve got the gist of it now! (minus the top piece of cardboard…)IMG_3854Now get out your paint! I chose a pretty pink because this lip balm will be strawberry-flavored!

IMG_3855First, I take my barrette off the lid and pull off the remain excess dried glue, then I paint the lid.

IMG_3856Ready to dry!

IMG_3857Paint your lip balm base and let it dry, too! (Finally pulled the top cardboard off)

IMG_3858I cut a tiny circle of paper towel roll cardboard for the actual lip balm.

IMG_3859Tada! Now the lid will fit over it nicely, and it won’t look so…hollow..otherwise, how would your doll put the “lip balm” on her lips? :)

IMG_3860Do the same for your lid!

IMG_3861After the glue dried, I’m painting the lid now.

IMG_3862Ready to dry!

After you’re done painting, take care of your paint brush and wash the paint off in the sink.

IMG_3863Yay! The paint is dry now! The lid is on,

IMG_3865And whenever you doll needs to use it, pop off the lid and there is your chapstick/lip balm!

Craft #2 – Folder

IMG_3830Start with any color construction paper you’d like. You’ll also need a ruler, scissors, and a pen, chalk, or pencil – anything to mark with.

IMG_3831You might trim some off and fold over to make sure this is how you want it to look, but imagine the bottom half gone.

IMG_3833Measure about three inches from the bottom up. (remember – your construction paper should be SIDEWAYS!)

IMG_3834Now fold! :)

IMG_3836Glue at the ends.

IMG_3837I cut mine slanted to give it more of a “folder” look.

IMG_3839Fold it over (ahh! mine tore at the top :() and decorate your dolls name!

IMG_3840Fold it open and slip your doll’s school papers in them. Ahh, better study that good, Molly! There’s a quiz on Friday! ;)

Craft #3 – Laptop

IMG_3866Start with some thin cardboard. You’ll need scissors, glue, a ruler, and something to mark with.

IMG_3867Just measure how long and wide you’d like both the screen and keyboard to be. I made mine six inches tall and then cut it out and then kept trimming it until I was satisfied.

IMG_3869IMG_3870Lookin’ good!

IMG_3871You could print out a web page to put on your doll’s screen, but since my printer only prints black-and-white (how weird would that look on a colorful website, like AG?) I made one instead.

IMG_3872While we’re waiting for that to dry..

IMG_3873…cut out your keyboard and two thin strips of cardboard.

IMG_3874With the help of my mom, we found an image of a keyboard that was perfect! I sized it down a bit and printed it, cut it out, then glued it!

IMG_3875Then I made a little mouse.

IMG_3876While those dry, ben your cardboard strip like this.

IMG_3877Put some glue on one end. and paste it onto the bottom of your keyboard.

IMG_3882Repeat with the other strip, put glue on the other ends, and paste the screen onto them.

IMG_3883Waiting for it to dry….

IMG_3910Yay! A few hours past and it’s all dry! Now, when your doll is not using it, she can close it like this and put it away.

IMG_3911And when her chores and school is all done, she’s ready to flip it open and play again! :)