Here are my parts from a collab with Daisy. :D

View her first part here.

Part 2
Here’s Molly letter in response to Naomi.

Dear Naomi McCarthe,
Hi, Naomi! I’m Molly. Thanks for your letter. When my mom suggested I start doing this pen pal thing for extra credit, I thought it was going to be boring, but I really enjoyed reading your letter.
So, to introduce myself, I am Molly Ann McIntire Lorfing. I have brown hair with bangs and gray-greenish eyes. I wear reading glasses, which I don’t really like.
My hair is easy to brush, but I never brush it. It’s really delicate, me being old and retired and all, so I just keep it in braids. If it must be brushed, Madison (my mom) gently runs her fingers through my hair. It’s really annoying and I wish I could do other styles. But anyways…
You like gymnastics, too? That’s so cool! Gymnastics is my passion as well. I don’t do piano, but that’s super neat that you do. What songs do you play on it? And yeah, I saw Simone Biles, too! Isn’t she AMAZING?
Hmm. I think you should go with the one you feel would turn out the best. If you really want to do gymnastics I think you should; but if you are just not ready to be adopted yet, go with what you feel would be best in the long-term.
That’s so neat that you skateboard! Harriett sounds crazy.
Thanks! Tryouts were a nightmare. You can read about it here. But awful as they were, I made it onto the Trial Team! The Trial Team and I are going to meet together soon and practice for the Team Trials next year. If I make it to the real Dollympics Team I’d be the happiest doll in the world!
I have three sisters, Josefina and Cécile. Everybody else you hear about are my roommates; Emelie, Jasmine, Ellie, and Chloe. They were all adopted from the AG Doll Orphanage. My mom Madison is their legal guardian, so they’re not foster kids. I haven’t met one before… oh wait! I’ve met you! *smiley face* *my mom won’t let me put smiley faces in here because they aren’t proper grammar*
So. What is life like for you at your house? Is Ms. Daisy nice? Have you ever gotten in trouble for anything? I get in trouble a lot sometimes. I’m kind of the crazy one around here. What are you known as around your house?
~Molly L.