How to Earn Money for a Doll
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Set your eyes on that gorgeous AG you’ve been dying to get, but want or have to save up for it yourself? Not to worry. With these tips, you’ll be on the right start and hopefully reach your goal.

You can also try buying a used or secondhand doll. That way, you probably won’t spend as much, and you might get a retired doll!
***If you live outside the US and have different currency, compare your money to the US dollar to find the right prices to do this.***

Earning Money from Parents and Siblings
Remember, even the little jobs add up quickly!

Offer to massage your parents. Parents will most likely be willing to pay $1 for fifteen minutes of a relaxing massage. You can do this while they’re sitting at a desk or computer. You can also do this in five-minute increments if you’d like so your fingers don’t fall off. ;) Doing multiple fifteen massages a day will earn dollars quick – trust me, I know! :D
Clean rooms. Offer to completely clean up rooms in your home. Ask your parents what they would be willing to pay you to clean up a certain room. The cost will most likely differ depending on the size of the room.
Do dishes. If that’s not already a required chore, see if your parents would pay you to do it.
Do a sibling’s chores. (Works best if you have siblings. If you’re an only child, not so much. ;) ) If your siblings’ chores are difficult, charge more. If it’s easy, charge less. The prices really depend on how easy/hard the chores are.

Earning Money from Friends and Other People, in Real Life and Online
Good Old-Fashioned Lemonade Stands. You know how to do this one! With a parent’s permission, make lemonade and set up a table on the edge of your backyard. Don’t forget the cup, pricing, and lot’s of attractive signs. Works best on a hot day. ;D :P
Garage Sale. This is a great way to get rid of junk and earn cash. Get a parent’s permission and help on this. Make signs, pick a nice-weathered day, make low-ish prices, and make the garage sale looks nice.
Ask your parents about setting up an Etsy shop. Works especially good if you’re crafty. Sew/crochet/knit/make clothes or whatnot for dolls or anything at all. Like rainbow loom bracelets for dolls, different accessories, stuff for humans, jewelry, etc. Guess what? I will even advertise your Etsy on my site. For free. :)
Ask your parents about selling stuff on Ebay. Make everything bid-only – fast cash, almost guaranteed. Old AG stuff really sells. You could even try selling non-AG stuff.
Have a YouTube? Put ads on it. YouTube will let you earn money for putting ads on your videos. If your videos have enough views, you’ll be able to do this! Be sure to ask a parent.
Have a doll blog or site? Get sponsors! People will pay to have their dolly ad for the etsy shop or doll shop on your site. Contact the business and ask if they would like to be a sponsor and you will put their ad on your site for a small price. Get a lot of sponsors and the money adds up!
Tutor other kids in something you’re good at, most preferably a subject. Especially little kids so it’s easier. Charge $5 an hour or whatever seems reasonable. Parents will love you, especially if you’re good with kids. Be sure to ask both yours and the kid’s parents to do this!

Saving Money
Don’t bring a lot of money with you if you go to the store, so you won’t be tempted to buy too much apart from what you really need.
When you get birthday/Christmas money, save half or part of it. Maybe even all of it if you don’t have a savings account.
Don’t spend it! That’s the big thing! If you’re going to save, spending it all won’t get you anywhere. It can be hard, but just imagine getting the doll in the mail or picking her out at the AG store. It will be totally worth it.

Good luck!

Comment here with your own ideas and I’ll put them up for all to see!

You can also offer to do your chores for $1 and its not a lot but, every bit counts.
~AG Girl

Make rainbow loom bracelets!
~Evelyn Purple

Have different budgets. Separate your savings for your doll money apart from your spending money. That way, you won’t get confused and accidentally spend your doll budget money!
~Hope Harman

Here’s my tips-some of which I used to buy Brooke. (TM 59)
1. Save! Christmas money, birthday money, loose change, anything! I had like 8 dollars just from a bunch of quarters and nickels I found all over the house!
2. If you’re not a fan of any other doll brands, at least check out their clothes. (OG, My Life As, Journey Girls, etc) They are less expensive and sometimes even better than AG clothes.
3. Have a lemonade stand. Be creative! My friend and I made $50 at a lemonade stand where we sold rainbow loom bracelets and cookies!
4. Be patient. Those $115 aren’t going to just fall out of the sky! Be kind and remember that AG dolls are treated better when you put in the hard work and effort to buy them.

I sell my old books that I don’t want anymore. It makes money and it clears space on the shelf for my favorite books! Also you could make bookmarks. And when I go on a trip, unless I’m going someplace I might not go to again for ten years, I leave my wallet at home so I’m not tempted to buy anything!
~Daisy Mermaid

I made 1,000 dollars selling homemade key lime pies, I didn’t spend on a doll, though, I paid for a plane ticket and camp ticket to go to a summer camp in NH.

So If you want a doll you could try selling pies.

I sold some old books to half-price books!