Here are all the parts from our first-ever photo story series to receive a season 2, Hang on to Hope!

HOTH Season 2, Part 5

~Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4~ "Where's your friend?" Lexi asked Connor that Saturday afternoon. "I'm meeting him at our first house, which is right around the corner," he explained. "His mom is going to be supervising as we flyer an entire block." An entire block? My heart sank. Lexi [...]

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HOTH Season 2, Part 3

~Parts 1 and 2~ "Big day today, huh?" I looked up from my mirror. First day of middle school? Big day. First day of middle school with my worst enemy determined to make my life miserable? I’d call that a huge day. "Yeah," I responded to Amy, glancing back down [...]

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HOTH Season 2, Part 2

~Part 1~ I didn't answer as I returned his piercing glare. What could I do about it, anyways? We both heard the footsteps of Amy gently padding down the carpeted hallway and toward our bedroom to wish us goodnight. Instantly Connor shifted into the friendly little child he pretended to [...]

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HOTH Season 2, Part 1

Check out season 1 here! "What is he doing here?!" I shrieked in shock. Never in all my days had I ever expected to see him, of all people, at my doorstep. And more than anything, I wanted him to leave as soon as possible. Because I absolutely hated him. "Issa, [...]

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