~Parts 1, 2, and 3~
I simply glared at Connor’s taunting eyes. What did he have in mind, anyway? Whatever it was, I could certainly think of a better way to get my revenge. I didn’t have to wait for him to make the first move; maybe I would. Perhaps I could even convince Lexi to join me – Connor didn’t stand a chance against two of us.

img_0183As class began, my avenging ruminations about Connor were unfortunately pushed to the back of my mind. Stuffed in its place were math reviews of the last grade, which were mostly easy.

img_0073But the revenge ideas returned during fourth period, when Lexi and I had english together. While our teacher Ms. Liz’s back was turned, I scribbled out a note.

img_0075Will u plz join me? I knew that she’d know what it meant.

Ms. Liz turned back to face us and continued talking, and I waited quite impatiently for an answer from Lexi. When five agonizingly slow minutes passed by, I assumed she didn’t want to risk getting in trouble for passing notes, so I was determined to wait until after class to talk to her.

But when Ms. Liz turned around a moment later to write something else on the board, I felt a small piece of paper being crumpled into my hand.

img_0076I snuck a peek at it and grinned. Yes.

Connor was doomed.

Well, that all depended. I still had to find out what Connor had in mind that day – whatever it was.

img_0093School came and went, and I walked out of those doors with no homework but a confused brain. Connor hadn’t done anything that day – no pranks or anything major like that at all.

img_0094Well, he had passed me a note that said may the fleas of a thousand camels infest your armpits, but I didn’t consider that hardly anything. Perhaps he had quietly started a rumor behind my back.

img_0100Turns out, he was just waiting on the perfect chance for vengeance…

img_0099…Which came way sooner than I expected.

img_0084After dinner that night we gathered to the living room to have some family bonding time before bed. We didn’t have any homework, after all. And Amy made cookies.

Of course Connor and I kept up the act of pretending to be friends, until Amy said the next few words.

img_0086“Let’s find out everyone’s goals for the new school year,” she announced after we finished eating all the cookies and laughing over a joke Connor told (of course, my giggles were fake). “We’ll start with Connor.”

img_0088“Ladies first,” Connor insisted. Which was odd, because he loved being the center of attention.

img_0089“Alright then. Issa, what are your goals for the new school year?”

img_0091I didn’t exactly have any, besides utterly destroying Connor. “Uh… I’m not sure.”

img_0095“Everyone should have long-term and short-term goals, Issa,” Jackson began.

img_0096“What about raising money for the FCA?” Lexi suggested. “I know you said you didn’t want to do it anymore since that scare with my ankle, but that was all the way back in summer.”

I considered this. Raising money for the FCA was definitely still something I was passionate about, and I didn’t have much else going on besides extra curricular activities that would start soon (and avenging Connor).

img_0097-1“Yes! We can make a goal of how much money we want to earn by the end of the year and everything!” I began to get more and more excited the more I thought about it.

img_0098-1“We could even get our classmates involved,” Lexi proposed.

img_0099-1“And Connor can help out, too,” Amy added, trying as much as possible to make Connor feel like part of the family.

Wait, what? But they hadn’t even heard his goals yet! My excitement fizzled out of me like a deflated balloon. Connor wold ruin absolutely everything!

img_0102-1“Actually, I have an idea,” Connor began. “I met a friend at school today. He’s new to here, too. Maybe him and I could work together as a team and Issa and Lexi could work together as a team, and we’ll see who can make the most money for the FCA by the end of the year.”

Oh, no.

img_0104“That sounds fantastic!” Amy exclaimed.

“What a neat idea,” Jackson quietly agreed with a nod of his head.

img_0105-1Lexi and I exchanged looks. Neither of us said the word, but we both though the exact same thing.


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