img_0107~Parts 1, 2, 3, and 4~

img_0109“Where’s your friend?” Lexi asked Connor that Saturday afternoon.

img_0111“I’m meeting him at our first house, which is right around the corner,” he explained. “His mom is going to be supervising as we flyer an entire block.”

An entire block? My heart sank. Lexi and I could only flyer our own street because Jackson and Amy were too busy to go with us around the whole block, sticking flyers in the cracks of doors.

img_0113“Oh, okay. Good luck.”

img_0114“Yeah, y’all are gonna need it more,” Connor grinned before walking off. “Way more.”

img_0115“How rude!” Lexi huffed as she stood up, finished with tying her roller-skates.

I snorted. “Rude isn’t even anywhere close to what he can be. Just wait.”

img_0116“Oh, come on. What could he possibly do to you today?” Lexi asked me.

“What do you mean?”

“All we’re doing today is posting flyers, as are Connor and his friend,” Lexi began. “What could they possibly do?”

img_0117I simply shrugged. “You never know with Connor.”

Lexi just smiled and shook her head as if I was a foolish child. “So far, this ‘war’ is the silliest thing I’ve ever heard of! Connor hasn’t even played a single prank.”

Sighing, I tried to put into words what this war was. “It’s not just pranks, Lexi. It’s more than that.”

img_0119“Oh, come on, Issa,” Lexi urged, putting her arm around me and motioning toward the houses up and down our street. “We’ve got work to do. This isn’t about Connor, this is about the FCA. Let’s get to it, shall we?”

img_0121I let out another one of my famous sighs as I followed Lexi. When was she going to understand?

img_0125But I continued on with the plan.

We were flying up and down this entire street with posters we had made about donating to the FCA. Tomorrow we would flyer the entire block after church with the supervision of Jackson and/or Amy, and soon we are going to start asking local restaurants and businesses if we could put flyers in their windows.

img_0127It was a small start, for sure. We planned to do bigger fundraisers, but Jackson and Amy told us not to despise small beginnings. Flyering was a good place to start. Plus, who knew what the results would be? We didn’t get to witness them last time (probably because we hadn’t placed a single flyer).

img_0131But that wasn’t the case here! House after house, Lexi and I flyered and flyered.

img_0144And flyered…

img_0152… and flyered…

img_0148… and flyered…

img_0137… and flyered that entire street.

img_0138Lexi and I high-fived as we passed each other on opposite sides. “Done!” I whooped, fighting the urge to do a little happy dance knowing I’d probably slip due to my skates.

“Whew! We did it!” Cheered Lexi.

“Yup,” I agreed. “Now let’s go inside and wait for Connor.”

img_0140Lexi followed me inside, all the while I wished we were allowed to flyer more than just our street by ourselves. But rules were rules, and as I reached the door to our home, I began to think of other fundraising ideas that would surely beat anything Connor had in mind.

img_0154When Connor returned, he looked just as energized as ever. I suspected he would’ve been at least a little tired after flyering an entire block.

“Well, that was a lot of work,” Connor mentioned aloud as he walked toward us. “How’d y’all do?”

I snorted, rolling my eyes.

img_0156“Looks to me as if you made your friend do all the work,” I couldn’t help but mutter.

img_0157Connor’s eyes flashed indignantly. “What makes you think that?” He snapped.

I opened my mouth, ready to fire back a nasty retort. But at that moment Jackson and Amy came walking in.

img_0158“Who’s ready to watch a movie?” Amy smiled. “We always make time for Saturday night family time.”

Saving my quippings for later, I exclaimed, “Me! I get to pick it this time.”

Amy raised an eyebrow. “Let’s let Connor pick it tonight, Issa. It is, after all, his first Saturday here.”

Of course, I mused to myself. Like Connor deserves to pick the movie.

img_0161“First I want to see the hard work you all have been doing,” Jackson spoke.

img_0163“Yeah!” Lexi agreed heartedly. “We hope to get a lot of donations. Come on, I’ll show y’all all the houses we flyered.”

Boy, was I unprepared for what I saw next.

I led the way, swinging open the front door, and stopped short.

img_0164There lay every single one of our fliers, crumpled on the doormat!


Who did it, y’all? Post your guesses in the comments below. ;)