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Heads Up – Part Three

You didn't think I'd begin part three without the intro, did you? ? --- Also, I just want to say how glad I am that you're enjoying Heads Up so far! I'm having a lot of fun making the parts and it really means a lot to know that you guys like it! [...]

By | May 6th, 2017|All, Photostories|77 Comments

Heads Up – Part One

Watch this Heads Up intro that I made first! I actually like it so much that I've been playing it over and over and over all day long and my entire family is getting annoyed. XD It also gives you little hints of what's to come and the name of Taryn's sister [...]

By | April 28th, 2017|All, Photostories|62 Comments

The Goodbye (AGSM Movie)

It took all night to process its awesomeness, but any faster and catastrophe would have struck, I'm telling you! The servers were not able to process its capacity without continuing to die, and... OK, I'll just post the movie. Pop that popcorn! Get a drink! Sit back and relax, and [...]

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The Goodbye Trailer

IT'S HERE? IT'S HERE... IT'S HERE! *screams* . On April 16th, tragedy strikes the Delightful World of Dolls family... In a way none of them ever saw coming. But the tragedy brings a journey... And the journey ends in a goodbye. The Goodbye Don't miss the release [...]

By | April 12th, 2017|All|100 Comments

Dutch Braid Bun – Fancy, Elegant Doll Updo Hairstyle

Hey, guys! Remember back when I did this photoshoot and promised I'd share a tutorial of how I did the pretty braided bun in Taryn's hair? If you don't, that's okay, because I forgot about it, too. *facepalm* I was actually looking through my photo library in search of something else and [...]

By | April 3rd, 2017|All|47 Comments
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