HELLO EVERYONE! Did you miss me? It is I, your beloved Chloe Zoey Carter!

When was my last post? This one? Oh, good heavens, that was WAY too long!

Madison took these photos of me in my true ninja form, and I just had to share them with you all to inspire the ninja in you too!

Madison’s lovely friend Olive from Hidden Hollow AG Dolls made me this ninja gi for Christmas 2018. Isn’t it amazing?

I added the black tights, black flats, red ribbon details, and red gloves.

She made the ninja stars (called shuriken), though!

To correctly aim your shuriken requires lots and lots of practice. It may seem hard, but don’t worry—the more you practice the better you’ll get until one day you look up and you’re a total pro!

Madison made this Japanese sliding screen for me so I would always have something to duck behind in case of an intruder.

Ninja never fight face-to-face unless they have to—we’re the unseen enemy! You can’t run from something you don’t know is chasing you.

Good ninja must be very aware of their surroundings so they can duck behind things at a moment’s notice.

Don’t forget to practice ninjutzu, the martial art unique to ninja! It takes a lot of practice and grit, but I know you have it in you. A ninja never quits, even against the odds. No matter how long it takes, they always rise victorious!

Ninja work well with a team—so don’t forget to value your friendships! My friends Emelie and Ellie volunteered to help pose for this shoot.

THIS is the beautiful red kimono Ellie is wearing! Ellie is Chinese, not Japanese, but she loves ninja just as much as I do and wouldn’t NOT help me with this shoot. ?

That’s it for my ninja photoshoot, friends! Enjoy the little ninja tips I threw in for you too.

Don’t worry, I’ll be back with way more. Look out for “How to be a Ninja by Chloe” coming up soon! I will have a complete guide for you.

Also, Madi wanted me to throw in these photos for you of the outfits she got from the American Girl store now that everyone (including me!) is finally wearing them!

Don’t they all look so cute? Madison repainted Cécile’s face paint too, I think she looks fabulous.

I wore the swim and surf suit set. I love it!

Would you like to join my secret society of ninja? Are you interested in a How to be a Ninja post coming up soon?


Featured outfit:

This is the stunning red kimono Ellie is wearing!

I kid you not it is so beautiful :’)