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First of all: I have SO MANY exciting things coming up for the holiday season. ? I do admit… I may have started listening to a little Christmas music already in preparation.

I can’t tell you how excited I am! So are my dolls! I can’t wait to start working on all these special holiday things and share them with you. Stay tuned!

Until then, a lot of you mentioned you wanted to see the deleted scene I had mentioned from the For the Love of Molly photostory series. I shot and edited all the photos for the part but later decided it wasn’t interesting enough to post.

But here it is anyway! I hope you enjoy it!

Emelie’s POV

I played with my doll, Emma, to distract me from the fact Molly was gone for the weekend.

Del had finally gotten her phone back after months of being grounded from it, but that never lasted long. She was bound to lose it within the next day, at least. I giggled to myself.

Josefina was tucking folded clothes into a drawer. We all had our own chores, but somehow Josefina was always doing what someone else neglected to do.

“… And that’s why I think you should straighten your hair,” Jasmine was saying.

Josefina frowned and turned around. “That seems like a lot of work. It does just fine when it’s braided.”

“You should totally straighten it!” Cécile gushed from the computer. “That would look so good!”

“Cécile!” Jasmine shrieked.

I flinched and almost dropped Emma.

“Good heavens, Cécile, you’re not really giving fashion advice while wearing that ridiculous outfit, are you?”

Cécile stood from her chair. “Why? What’s wrong with it?”

“What isn’t wrong with it?”

I hated arguing. I kept playing with Emma and pretended not to notice.

Jasmine rushed over to Cécile and stopped short of Delaney.

“Delaney, there are a ton of beds and chairs in this room and you choose the floor?”

Del kept playing on her phone. “Jasmine, there are eight billion people in the world, and you choose to be the most annoying?”

Jasmine huffed. “Just get out of my way.”

Del looked up. “Jasmine, it’s not Dollaween! Why are you wearing that ugly mask on your face? Oh wait… that is your face.”

Jasmine shrieked. “You little—”

“Guys.” Ellie looked up from her sketchbook with a glare. “Can y’all keep it down? My creative genius is fragile and sensitive to noise.”

I sighed and shook my head. Bickering was normal for the whole lot of us, but why did everyone have to argue all the time?

I wished Molly were here. She’d always suggest something fun to do.

“I’m going to tell Madison you said that, and you’re going to lose your phone again!” Jasmine said.

“Jasmine, you are like… a cloud.”

Jasmine frowned. “How’s that?”

“Whenever you disappear, it’s a beautiful day.”

Jasmine shrieked. “Oh, Del, that’s it!”

Del just laughed and got up to leave the room.

Coconut came up to me and whimpered.

“You miss your daily walk, huh, girl?” I gave her head a good scratch. “I know Molly’s not here to take you. I’ll do it.”

I crossed the room. Coconut zoomed ahead of me, her little tail waggling so fast it was just a blur.

Del was already in the living room ahead of me. Taryn sat at the desk, and Katy Christine and Chloe sat on the couches, laughing at something on the TV.

“K.C., why are you always spending time with Chloe instead of me?” Del snapped.

Confusion clouded Chloe’s face. “Now, hold on. You’re always spending time with Ellie, and you don’t even like her. She’s my best friend, but she’s always doing something stupid with you.”

“We’re just watching TV,” Katy said. “Want to join us?”

“No, I want to hang out with just me and you.”

“Well maybe stop spending so much time with Ellie then?”

Taryn pulled away from her computer work. “Guys, just because you hang out with different people sometimes doesn’t mean you’re not best friends anymore. Can y’all not bicker for one second? I’m trying to do stuff here!”

Coconut whimpered and leaned against my leg. She must not be liking the bickering, either.

I bit my lip. I didn’t like engaging in conflict, but it was time to do something.

I put my hand on Delaney’s shoulder. “Would you like to do something fun with me, Del?”

Delaney’s expression softened. “Sure, I guess.”

I smiled. “I think we’re all missing Molly and that can make us cranky. What if we put on a fashion show to keep us busy?”

“Fashion show?” Jasmine looked at us. “That’s just the thing Cécile needs!”

“I think we could all use a little fun,” I said, smiling.

Jasmine rushed to the vanity mirror. “I have just the perfect thing!”

Jasmine liked Taryn’s outfit quite a bit and demanded she step in front of the camera before taking the rest of these shots.

Jasmine, of course, was next. She stepped into her brand-new steampunk outfit and modeled so long Taryn got tired of photographing her.

Jasmine then helped Cécile pick these pieces, but the styling was all her own!

Josefina paired an Etsy romper with one of her collection’s skirts over it.

Del claimed her outfits needed no further improvement because they were already on “the epitome of epicness”—herself.

Katy looked ready for an adventure in the wild!

Chloe stepped into a cute back-to-school look that showed off the glasses she wore for reading and writing.

Ellie tucked the front of her hoodie into some shorts and paired it with sporty sneakers. Apparently the sneakers were actually Del’s, but everyone was so caught up in the fashion show they didn’t have time to bicker about it!

And finally… here was my outfit! I styled these pieces as a throwback to my era!

The fashion show perked everyone up! Cécile told me it was a brilliant idea, and Coconut didn’t even mind not taking her walk. We settled back down into our own quiet activities.

I went back to playing with my doll in peace.

Ta da! I hope you enjoyed this deleted scene of For the Love of Molly! It’s set right before For the Love of Molly Part 2: The Dictatorship.

What’s the dynamic in your doll family like? Are you excited for the upcoming holidays? ?

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