I am officially an adult!

I got my first 18″ American Girl doll when I was eight years old, and now I’m 18.

I always knew that I would not grow out of dolls by now.

And when I started doll blogging, I knew that I would not stop even when I became an adult.

I’m happy to see I was quite right! I’m still here and DWOD is still going! I plan to do this even when I move out and get married—I can have a room for just my dolls, lol.

I don’t think I’ll stop until my author career takes off and crowds my doll hobby out. But that won’t happen for at least seven years so rest assured.

For this momentous occasion of my ascent to adulthood I went to the American Girl store, of course. Because why grow up just because you grow old?

Two of my online besties (Olive and Josie) flew down to come with me!

I brought Del, of course. And here is Olive from Hidden Hollow AG Dolls‘s Kit, who immediately stole Del’s jacket. (She was peeved.)

Our table at the party! I had done the bistro birthday package a couple times before, but this time I decided to go with the private party package in those special little rooms:

EVERYTHING WAS SO PINK! If you know me you know I LOOOOVE pink, and the AG store is full of it, lol!!

From left to right: Josie (you may know her from her now-retired blog Josie on the Go), me, and Olive!

The lady in the back did our dolls’ hair in a birthday style. Del was peeved at the ribbons in her hair and wanted to smack the stylist but I stuffed her back into her seat.

Just look at that face of utter peevedness. And that crown. Del constantly mumbled something about “what unicorn barfed up skittles to make this”

I quite enjoyed my crown, however. I am queen.

The guy asked me which party favor craft I wanted, and when I couldn’t decide, he gave us both!

We made tutus for our dolls (Del definitely loved that, of course) out of tulle and elastic and there was a unicorn deocration we could tie yarn onto for the mane and tail.

I still need to finish my tutu and actually do the unicorn thing but Josie and Olive were quite swift with theirs.

Don’t get any drink at the AG store except for their classic pink lemonade. It’s absolutely perfect and you can’t go wrong!

We ate pizza and salad. Sadly, the bistro in general was closed for regular dining, and the party package I did wouldn’t have let me order their yummy bistro food anyway (I really wanted their pretzels which I enjoyed for my 13th birthday and my 15th birthday).

They brought this cake in for a photo and then afterward took it out. Josie was like, was the cake fake?! We don’t get any?!

When they brought it back in and she was relieved it was not, in fact, a prop, the employees were shocked and were like why would it be fake?!?!

The slice they gave me was small and I still didn’t finish it XD

The party favor bag came with goodies, including this rainbow tutu. Del just LOVED it. Clearly.

Olive setting up Kit at Maryellen’s diner.

Josie and I had met at this AG store twice already, and so for the third time as is tradition we took our obligatory photo in the little Wellie Wishers house. :’)

With rewards points, I bought two outfits, and then Josie and Olive bought me two outfits and two mystery food packs! Thank you guys! ?

Here are the outfits! I bought the two on top, and Olive and Josie bought me the two on the bottom.

For the mystery food packs Josie got me, I got the smoothie and berries one, and they all helped me feel for the chopsticks in the sushi one so I would be sure to get those. (For those of you who don’t know, I have an obsession with ninja)

This was taken the next day outside the Orlando outlet malls. Look at these cuties! (Olive’s Kit and my Del)

Thanks Josie for holding up my reflector!

I can’t wait to show you how cute my dolls look in the outfits.

My room is crazy right now because I dumped my suitcase smack dab in the middle of it (I hate unpacking just as much as packing) but pictures are coming soon, rest assured!

Until then, I would love your thoughts on this idea for a photostory series I had…

Summer School Chronicles

All Delaney Danger Clark wants is to have an awesome summer. Failing her final exams and being unable to graduate messed that up completely. 

Now she has to spend six weeks in summer school with weird kids while her best friend goes to summer camp! To make matters worse, her enemy Jasmine has to do it with her, and the teacher hates her guts. 

If Del wants to complete summer school in time to have the rest of her summer off, she’ll have to actually pass — which will require her to keep the shenanigans to a minimum and her enemy from snitching on them. 

Because somehow I don’t think her teacher approves of the entire class pounding on their desks singing “we will rock you” at Del’s lead. 

(Although I may have to do it next year because setting up an entire school scene (not to mention plotting the entire series) takes a while and people start school back next month XD)

Have you ever had a birthday party at the AG store? Would YOU still have a party as an adult? ? What are your thoughts on that photostory series idea?

Love you all so much! It’s SOO cool to call myself an adult doll collector now.

I always knew I would get to this point—although I still feel 14! :’)

P.S. Thank you Olive and Josie for taking a lot of the photos in this post!