Welcome back, my friends! It is once again I, your beloved Chloe Zoey Carter.

I was so excited by your response to my proposal of a secret society of ninja in my last post. Seems like you were all down with the idea, so I’m happy to introduce…

Chloe’s Ninja Academy! (I’m on the path)

Featuring, of course, me, your beloved sensei!

For your first lesson in how to be a ninja, I’m going to show you everything a ninja needs to wear and have on hand.

We will add more advanced weapons or accesories as the lessons go on, but this should give you a great start for now.

In the photo above, I’m wearing the basics that you’ll need: a black shirt and a pair of black leggings. I’m actually wearing tights because I’m going to be wearing historically accurate ninja pants over them, but if you don’t have those, black leggings will do.

And of course you will need a black ninja mask! If you have nothing else, that’s all you need!

Other than that, here is an assortment of extras you might find helpful:

  • Black shirt (already wearing)
  • Black pants (going over my black tights)
  • Kimono shirt (it wraps around you)
  • Belt (to tie the kimono on)
  • Black mask for the face
  • Black hood (if you want to keep your hair disguised)
  • Red ribbons for accents
  • A fan (make one out of paper, folding it like an accordion)
  • Geta sandals (I got mine here) for historical accuracy
  • Black flats or boots if those sandals are too hard to wear (they are for me XD)
  • Weapons! You can make katana swords and shuriken (ninja stars) out of cardboard and paint or color them silver with a marker. Also pictured are origami kunai knives that I stole from Madison (tutorial on YouYube). They are big for me but look just as cool!
  • I am also using Madison’s large katana earrings as mini swords, and her crossed swords necklace.
  • I have chopsticks and sushi. Chopsticks are helpful for a lot, and sushi is the ultimate ninja snack.
  • Not pictured: strip of red fabric for my hair and bobby pins

Here is everything I ended up using for my ensemble!

I’m wearing the crossed swords necklace to remind myself how brave of a fighter I am. My shuriken (ninja stars) are tucked in the folds and belt of my kimono. A mini katana is also tucked in the belt of my kimono (that belt is important XD).

Chopsticks are great for all sorts of things. You’ll find them useful in future lessons. They (and the sushi) are from one of the American Girl mystery snack kits that Madison’s friend Josie bought her!

You’ll find that wrapping red ribbon in a criss-cross style around your arms and legs is great for tucking in weapons. Here’s a mini katana-—just ignore the fact that it’s an earring.

On that back, tucked once again into my belt, is my katana, the ultimate weapon! Madison’s friend Olive made it for me!

I’ve pulled the top of my hair up into a ponytail and finished it off with a red strip of fabric and two bobby pins for details.

You’re welcome to add some eyeliner to make you look extra cool, but I can never find the time these days!

I decided not to wear the black hood over my head today because my hair is just too cute!

But usually the hood is a large triangle of black fabric that you tie over your head like a bandana, and then tuck all the folds in.

Also many of the pieces of my ninja outfit were made by Olive, thank you Miss Olive!

There you have it! Your first lesson from Chloe’s Ninja Academy. You are all geared up and ready to go.

Your assignment for this lesson is…

To get dressed in a ninja uniform and accessories and send in a picture! If you’re a doll, of course. If you’re human, have your doll do it.

Send your pictures to madigrace[at]powerofgod[dot]com!

You can also share your photos on Instagram and tag us @delightfulworldofdolls!

If it’s all right with you, your photo will be featured in the next edition of our newsletter (so send them in quick)!

Farewell, my students. See you in the next lesson of Chloe’s Ninja Academy.

Dojo and Japanese house images are not mine and if you are the original owner and want them removed or credited, let me know.

Featured accessory:

Super cool historically accurate geta sandals from this outfit!