I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year!

I’m at one of my favorite beaches with my family in a condo for the week!

I did indeed bring a doll with me to take pictures and will definitely share them with you.

For today, I wanted to share some SUPER CUTE doll stuff I am drooling over this year!

american girl doll hangers

Carpatina Dolls hangers that fit perfectly inside the wardrobe I have! I mostly have different doll hangers that don’t let the doors of my doll’s wardrobe clothes, but tons of people in the reviews say these fit perfectly! In fact, these look extremely similar to American Girl’s thick hangers they no longer sell.

american girl doll felicity red cloak retired alternative

Carpatina Dolls Red Cloak. THIS LOOKS LIKE FELICITY’S RETIRED RED CLOAK. It would work so perfectly for the 35th anniversary Felicity dolls, mine included!

american girl doll deals

Sweet Dolly Quilted Jacket Outfit. I’m a big fan of Sweet Dolly’s clothes—in fact I got this other outfit outfit in 2016 and it has been a repeat for my dolls! This jacket outfit includes the pants, boots, and scarf and it is so cute shown on this Lea doll. I can totally see Taryn rocking this!

american girl doll wishlist

Okay, I just can’t get enough of Sweet Dolly now! Can we talk about the adorable jacket in this Woolen Jacket Outfit? How many of you think Jasmine would look stunning in this? I love how the skirt and boots complement each other, too!

american girl doll Black Friday deals

I’ve scoured Amazon and found a TON of variations of this type of travel set. All of them include a suitcase and travel accessories of some kind. (One even included TEN $100 dollar bills? What doll travels with $1,000 cash? ?)

But this one takes the CAKE because it comes with these super cute and trendy outfits. ^ I CAN’T EVEN.

No surprise… it’s from Sweet Dolly. XD

American girl doll travel set

But if your doll wants $1,000 cash?! Then here’s the set for her. ?

I also like this one because it comes with a phone, tablet, laptop, AND camera! Perfect for techy girls or travel bloggers. Taryn would love that.

Del would just like the cash. ?

American girl doll descendants outfit

Speaking of Del, I think she’d absolutely rock this Sweet Dolly outfit. This is literally SO Del. She would 100% wear this every day if she could. It’s based off of Mal’s outfit from Disney’s Descendants. It even comes with two dyed hair pieces!

American girl doll Emily Bennett outfit

(Wow, a brand that’s not Sweet Dolly? XD) Analena Gray Knitted Yarn Dress. When I saw this dress my first thought was that it would be perfect for Emelie—and then I realized it was literally shown on an Emily doll! How BEAUTIFUL is this?! It comes with the most darling little shoes that would be perfect for her too.

American girl doll London fashion

HOLD THE PHONE. This is way too cute! It actually comes with the doll pictured but I would totally get this just for the outfit.

american girl black friday

Same with this… that trench coat! ?

American girl doll Black Friday deals

This coat outfit is so adorable, and the bright colors provide a great contrast against a stark winter! I can see Del rocking these shades of yellow.

American girl doll Black Friday

A doll-sized laptop (with a star icon!) AND messenger bag to carry it in. This is literally so cute, I am a sucker for adorable, realistic doll accessories like this.

american girl doll maryellen's poodle skirt outfit alternative cheap black friday

So y’all know American Girl’s poodle skirt outfit for Maryellen? This looks exactly like it. At a fraction of the cost. You’re welcome.

American girl doll suitcase laptop black friday

Remember how I told you guys I scoured Amazon and there were a kajillion travel accessory sets almost identical to each other? XD Here’s another one, but teal-themed—I LOVE it as teal is my favorite color, and this set is one of the more cuter and realistic ones. That mini laptop! And the umbrella!

american girl doll school accessories our generation deals

OH MY GOODNESS! Our Generation accessories have always been a huge favorite of mine and this playset is certainly no exception! Like I said, I’m a sucker for these little realistic accessories!!

Those CRAYONS?! They look like they come out of the box.

american girl doll Black Friday shopping

STOOOOOOOP. These little eggs and the milk jugs!! I don’t even know how I would use them in a photostory (any ideas?) but they’re so cute, I’m in love.

american girl doll Black Friday wishlist

This little cake would be so perfect for birthday party scenes and the like! I have a lot of doll cupcakes but sometimes you just need a big ol’ cake, you know?

American girl doll silverware forks knives spoons

These little forks and knives and spoons are everything. My dolls really need more silverware!

american girl wishlist

YOOOO WHAT! If there’s anything my dolls DON’T need, it’s another living room set, but just look at this! :’)

american girl doll school set

The school outfits are ADORABLE in this set. And that school desk would be super cute for doll school setup scenes… if I had like nine of them. XD

American girl doll miniature food

My doll kitchen always needs more food and this set looks so cute!


american girl doll winter outfit

Last but not least… This winter outfit is absolutely darling. I want to put it on Emelie so much, I think she would look so sweet in this!

WHEW! Someone get me off the internet. XD

There is so much adorable doll clothing, furniture, and accessories out there! This gives me some great options to consider putting on my wishlist this year.

What about you? Do you like any of these things? What’s some doll stuff on your wishlist this year?

P.S. If you haven’t entered the giveaway yet, there’s still time to enter to win a free American Girl Joss doll and extra amazing accessories!

P.P.S. Don’t miss ANOTHER exciting announcement coming soon after that!

This is a little sneak-peek!