WE’RE HOME<3That’s right, we’re back and read to OVER LOAD you with our grand adventure! We took hundreds of pictures…….all in one device. Yes, we used the iPad mini, Madison’s Mom’s phone and Madison’s sister, Makenzie’s camera to document our trip! We even rented a mini van for the trip, and we watched the McKenna movie…..not one….. not two……but THREE times in the van! We missed you all SO much and we look forward to seeing what’s new and loading you all up on our trip. It was so fun — we stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool and went shopping at a big mall, then went to the beach and stayed in a rented beach house for a whole week! Cast-netting, fishing, golf-carts, crabs, salty water and shells, you name it! Madison even got to drive the golf cart herself! Then we stayed at another hotel(YAY, more indoor pools!) and went to an oooooooold town and ate at a famous restaurant, the top 101 places to eat in the world! Then we stayed at another hotel(ANOTHER INDOOR POOL) and drove to see the mountains, the hill country, and went on a hike! It was so fun and we promise a big post coming up soon. But right now, we need to get some rest–it was a loooooong 7 hour drive home, with lot’s of traffic.

We missed you all SO much!!
~Molly and Madison
(with Josefina and Cecile!!)