IMG_4420“Say Cheese!” Mom cried as she snapped the photo.

We all dropped our poses after the photo was done. Who could resist taking a photo of all these adorable models?

IMG_4421“Now what?” I asked the question rattling around in everyone’s minds. I’m Cécile the awesome. Bonjour. :)

IMG_4422“We watched TV until our eyes hurt, we played on the computer until it shut down, we played on our phones until the battery died, and we already did school and chores. NOW what?!” I cried. “We could play outside,” suggested Josefina. “Nahh, too gloomy, misty, wet, and cold.” I replied. “How about hosting a dance party, Molly? Like last time when it was gloomy and rainy?” Emilie asked. “No,” I answered before Molly had a chance to say anything. “The battery on her iPod is dead, remember? She’s buying a new one but it won’t be here ’till Monday of next week.”

“WHAT DO WE DO?!” Everyone cried, obviously very bored.

IMG_4423“I KNOW! Instead of watching TV, we can act out our favorite shows on TV! Wild Kratts, anyone?! It’ll be fun!” Molly suggested.

IMG_4424“No,” Jasmine clearly rejected the idea. “Wild Kratts is lame, all they do is tell you boring animal facts. It won’t be ANY FUN!”

IMG_4425“When we were watching Wild Kratts today, you were laughing your head off at how Slurpy the anteater made its way into Chris’ bag! It’s funny and so cool! I bet you never knew that other animals live in holes that the anteaters dug. And Zach is so funny, collecting all the animals that live in holes, thinking that they live in holes os they must be able to dig them, so he tries to make them dig his swimming pool! It’s hilarious!” Emilie argued.

IMG_4426“We should play it! Coconut cane be a lion cub and we can have adventures!” Josefina chimed in.

IMG_4428“It’s settled then! Wild Kratts it is!” I shouted.

Soon, everyone was assigned the character they would be. I’d be Koki, I look exactly like her. Josefina would be Aviva, who looked exactly like her, and Emilie would play JImmy Z, who also looked exactly like her. She didn’t mind being a boy. Molly would be Chris Kratt and Jasmine would be martin Kratt. None of them minded acting out boys.

IMG_4429Pretending the space we were in was the Tortuga HQ, I started typing on the computer and doing all the techy stuff. Aviva was inventing a lion cub creature power disc for the creature power suits. Jimmy was, what else? Eating his favorite food, pizza, until someone told him to zap the discs to the ‘bro’s’. The bro’s Chris and Martin were petting the lion cub they rescued (Coconut.)

IMG_4430“GUYS! COME QUICK!” I cried, and this time, it WASN’T a game. “We just got video feed of Zach Varmitech about to give chocolate to helpless dogs and puppies – it’s dog poison!!”

IMG_4432“Oh my gosh!” Chris and martin cried.

IMG_4433Really, I just looked out the window and saw the barbies (who I pretended was Zach Varmitech, the main bad-guy) planning to give chocolate to dogs and puppies :O

IMG_4434“Who’s up for a creature rescue mission?!” Aviva cried.

“WE ARE!” the bro’s screamed. “We’ll take the Critera!” (a jeep) “You have it stop Zach and his robots!” I said. “You got it, Koki!” Chris replied.

IMG_4436“How about some pizza for the road?” Jimmy asked, grabbing another box of pizza.

IMG_4437“No thanks Jimmy,” Martin replied, jumping into the Critera.

IMG_4438“No time,” Chris explained. “Creature’s lives are at stake! We have to go save them!”

And with that, they sped off after I reminded them to keep in touch with us by contacting us every so often on the Creature Pods. (really just phones)

IMG_4439And off they went, zooming outside!

IMG_4441Off to save some creatures!

IMG_4442Soon, they came to the Zach Varmitech HQ plane that was landed on the ground. (really the Barbies in a run-down shed.)

They had already broken up the chocolate and was ready to distribute it to helpless animals!

IMG_4443“OK guys, stop Zach!” I said over the creature pod. “You got it,,” Martin said. “We’re going in!” Chris shouted.

IMG_4444“Be careful, guys,” I warned. “You never know what tricks Zach and his robots might pull on you.”

IMG_4445“ROARRRR!!!” The guys shouted, trying to scare the barbies. “AHH!! AG DOLLS!!! RUN AWAY!!!!!!” The barbies screamed. “That was easy,” Martin laughed. “Yeah, too easy. Something’s fishy. They said that all in unison like it was planned or something.” Chris observed.

IMG_4446“It doesn’t matter,” Martin argued. “Let’s just take the chocolate away from them and tell mom to watch them.” “Mom?” Chris asked. “Jazzy, we’re suppose to be all Wild Kratt. The Wild Kratt’s mom never showed up in any of the episodes.””Fine, let’s tell mom after the game.

IMG_4447All of the sudden, the guys looked up at the sound of, “ATTTTAAAACCCCKKKK!!!!”

IMG_4448There were Zach and his robots, jumping on them….

and then it all went black.

IMG_4449The guys awoke in ropes! Tied so right I was sure they’d lose circulations. “I can’t get out!” Chris cried. “We have to stop Zach from poisoning all those animals!” Martin said urgently.

“Wait, I think I can untie the leg ropes, it’s not knotted all the way!” Chris pointed out.

IMG_4450“See?” Chris asked Martin. “Good! Untie it and quick, the Barbies – I mean Zach Varmitech and his robots are just heading out!!”


IMG_4452“Yay!” Martin cried. “But our handed are still tied, and it’s too tight to move them!” Chris said sadly.

IMG_4453“Need a snip?” Asked Aviva, coming to the rescue!” “HURRAY! Thanks Aviva!” the bro’s said. “GO STOP ZACH AND HIS ROBOTS!” Aviva ordered. “On it!” the guys said, and they grabbed the lion cub to go with them.

IMG_4454Whenever Zach and his robots tried to feed chocolate to a dog, the lion cub would tell the dog in dog/lion language not to eat it and that Zach and his robots were trying to poison them! Distressed the barbies huddled together, trying to figure out a plan. When they weren’t looking, we ate the chocolate ourselves!

IMG_4455Back at the Tortuga HQ, We all high-fived!

IMG_4456“Pizza anyone?” Jimmy asked, always ready to celebrate with his favorite food.

IMG_4457Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 3.59.36 PM

~Cécile, AKA Koki;)~

P.S. We did eventually tell mom what the Barbies did and she said she’d make sure they wouldn’t do anything like that again. :)