Just 1 hour and 49 minutes away from the RV park. Once there,

1. My dad will fix the MacBook Pro and I can get some REAL posts rollin’ for you all faithful and very patient blog readers.

2. I can get my dolls situated. We’ll be at that RV park for two weeks, all the while having a once-again almost normal life. We’ll go to church three times a week, and keep on looking for a house. There are some beautiful parks in Florida, and my mom wishes for us to go to them a lot. With the beautiful weather in Winter and all. You know what that means – PHOTOSTORIES AND PHOTOSHOOTS! I even plan on making some mini AGSM’s on our playground expeditions. After two weeks, my sister will officially start the Bible college she received a free scholarship at that church and we will HOPEFULLY have found a house and plan to move in it.


So, keep praying, and thanks for doing it. We need a house. My dad looks for one online everyday. Thanks, everyone. Real posts coming SOON!!!