There are two types of doll-lovers; memory-making doll-players and classy doll-collectors. And when you’re as multi-personalitied as I am, you create a third; proudly both.

If you love dolls and I love dolls, I’ll never argue with sitting down and playing with our dolls together. Most of the doll games I play inspire epic story ideas, even. But then I also love being a classy doll collector and getting to avoid the “Wow, you’re fourteen and still playing with dolls?” by telling people “I’m a professional doll collector.”

Whatever type of doll-lover you are, you don’t want to miss out on these absolutely superior doll items that take your 18″ doll-loving experience to the next level. And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, you’re going to be able to get them for super cheap. I actually own every single one of these items and can recommend them to you 100%! My years of doll-loving have never been the same.

If you like any of these products and buy them, I receive a commission from your order that Amazon gives me (it costs you nothing!) and I forward everything I earn to our missionaries! I’ve teamed up with Power of God World Outreach and am supporting the last surviving Christians in Iraq that fled for their lives from ISIS after watching their families be slaughtered before their eyes. That picture above is one of the little girls we’ve helped with bedding. These precious families have survived brutally hot summers and freezing cold winters, and we’re making this Christmas the best we can for them. Check out the links below if you’d like to help!

★ Doll Furniture ★

Doll Bunk Beds

Oh my gosh, I’ve ordered three of these. My favorite doll bunk beds ever. They’re just so cute and well-made. They totally complete my doll room.

They’re actually very easy and simple to put together, but because I stink at instructions and using my brain and always think I know everything, I—er, my dolls—had to put them together three different times in this post.

Just look how epic they are! They’re actually only meant to be bunk beds, but when I bought the third set upon the arrival of K.C. and Delaney, I separated them and set them on top of the two I already had to make two sets of triple bunks.

I think it was pretty smart of me. Not that I should be talking about my smart level considering I had to put them together three times. Now to try quadruple bunks. >:)

Doll Wardrobe

I used to have these two super ugly cardboard boxes as doll closets. They were really horrendous, even though my ego was so big that I thought they were just super awesome since they were made by my very own hands.

But then I purchased the above, and it changed everything.

My doll room went from geek to chic in a matter of putting the clothes in, which I did a post about here.

And just look how cute it looks in the background of doll pictures! Makes your doll photostories and stopmotions so much more realistic, not to mention solves a lot of storage problems in a super cute and organized way.

There are shelves, drawers, a big closet space, a vanity seat, and a vanity with a mirror (you can see my doll Jasmine doing her usual—fixing her hair—at it now). I also store additional clothing in mini bins on top of it. I couldn’t love this piece more.

If you’d rather not have doll clothes in the background of your shoots or need to take up less space, just shut the wardrobe doors. Bam! Beautiful.

Doll Kitchen

Okay, this is the most fun piece I’ve ever owned to make stopmotions and photostories with.

It’s a key furniture piece in a lot of my photostories; the Hang on to Hope series (finale tomorrow!), the Heads Up series, and standalone photostories like Coconut and Snowy Become Friends and Ice Cream, Anyone? And of course, in my stopmotions, too; like Getting a Snack and Washing Dishes.

This furniture piece gets a lot of use, and it comes with tons of doll plates and doll food, too.

I think I love it even more than I do the doll wardrobe or bunk beds!

Doll Tables and Chairs

Initially, I didn’t like these. But they’ve proved to be really awesome pieces of doll furniture I was definitely missing from my arsenal of doll items.

Over the years, I’ve made three different sets of doll chairs from things like tissue boxes and small cardboard boxes and then tables from cardboard as well, but nothing beats these wonderful white wooden table and chairs.

(They’re perfect for your ninja-impersonating dolls to climb on, in case you have any… special… dollies like my Ellie and Chloe above.)

They pair really nicely with the doll kitchen. Even though I have ten dolls and this set will only seat two of them, they’re the perfect complement to the kitchen scene (no, that’s not a misspelling of compliment, it’s an actual word). Especially since my dolls eat breakfast at different times anyway. ;)

★ Doll Accessories ★

Doll Clothes Hangers

I’ve ordered about three or four sets of these. They work pretty well with the doll wardrobe; the big door won’t shut all the way, but it’s close enough. The American Girl hangers fit best in the wardrobe (but I’m not giving you a link to direct you because they’re not the ones giving me commission for persecuted Christians. ?).

The hangers are best for short dresses, jackets, and then nice shirts that wouldn’t do well folded. Since the hangers hang low, long dresses wouldn’t be good on them, but they do fine on the American Girl hangers (wow, this is a terrible advertisement for this set of hangers. Still not giving in and giving you a link to AG’s great ones though. ?).

Ideally, your hangers shouldn’t be strewn about your doll floor along with unfolded doll clothes, scattered doll hair elastics, and only the dolls know what else. But it’s kind of hard to be ideal when you’re working on a big doll project.

Doll Umbrella

This is for the best of the best. The doll-lovers that want to take their arsenal of doll items to the next level. This one little accessory just takes everything up a notch.

Not only is it an absolutely amazing prop for photoshoots, but it gives a whole added sense of realism to them as well, especially if it’s cloudy (an optimal time for taking outdoor photos, by the way).

This doll umbrella has a clear elastic band attached to the handle, which helps it fit into your doll’s hand. The umbrella folds and unfolds really easily and doesn’t annoyingly pop back down on its own. There’s also a little velcro strap to keep the umbrella folded together when it’s closed.

It’s awesome. Especially if you live in a rainy area, like Florida. It rains here every summer, so when we moved here, I knew I had to get it.

★ Must-Haves for This Winter ★

Doll Ice Skates

I’d attempted to make doll ice skates twice before (here and here), but nothing beats these beauties for only seven bucks.

I don’t get much use of them now in Florida, of course, but they were the perfect winter accessory for my dolls whenever it snowed or iced in Texas. Even now, they’re a perfect winter addition to my doll’s room… despite the fact that my dolls will never actually use them unless we get global colding and Florida is magically graced with cool enough temperatures for something to freeze.

They fit really easily on my dolls’ feet and stay laced perfectly well.

Winter Coat, Hat, and Boots

Easily one of my favorite outfits in my entire doll wardrobe. I saw this in my BFFs’ doll clothing box and knew I had to have it. I sewed a red-and-green replica of the coat and hat, actually, then bought it.

I was totally right about having to have it, though. This is by far the cutest winter outfit my dolls have ever had. Too bad they can only logically pull it out when it’s cold, though they steal the amazing black boots all the time. Even in the summer (like me, because I really love black boots).

The outfit actually does come with the black leggings in the stock picture, I just didn’t like them because I’m picky.

Opens easily in the front with velcro that’s totally hidden by the front buttons. Did I mention this is easily one of my favorite outfits my dolls have? Why doesn’t DreamWorld Collections make this in my size?

And last but not least…

Snazzy Snow Outfit

Let your diva doll rock the cold with another one of DreamWorld Collection’s snazzy outfits! I actually won this outfit in a giveaway (yep, my online username back then was God’sGirl). You wouldn’t believe how much nine-year-old me screamed and squealed and jumped around the house after seeing that I had won my very first giveaway. After praying really hard, I actually kind of had a feeling I would win.

(But then I prayed really hard that I’d win the next giveaway and didn’t, so. XD)

It was a lot of fun to pull this outfit back out just now since I didn’t have any decent photos of it from when I won it in 2012—okay, I lied, it wasn’t fun. I couldn’t find the leather skirt and tore apart my doll wardrobe‘s drawer twice trying to find it. Nevertheless, here’s the outfit!

Doesn’t Chloe look smashing in it?

I have a feeling Jasmine would’ve loved to model this outfit instead, but I liked her too much in her current Etsy clothing array to take it off (Etsy doll clothing haul coming soon!).

And there you have it!

Must-have doll items for your list of things to buy this Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Take your doll accessory collection from ordinary to extraordinary with these not only arguably essential but absolutely superior doll items to bring everything up a notch. And at no extra cost, help DWOD support the last surviving Christians in Iraq who fled for their lives from ISIS and are living in refugee camps.

What’s on your list for Black Friday / Cyber Monday? Are you an avid shopper? Don’t worry if you’re not, because I’m totally “meh” about it, too.

Psst! Hang on to Hope‘s season 3 finale releases tomorrow, and don’t forget you still have a few more days to enter and claim as many bonus entries as you can for my American Girl Create-Your-Own doll giveaway. The last day to enter is this 30th! Be sure to stay tuned for December 1st, when the winner is chosen. ‘CAUSE IT COULD BE YOU. :o