Hey, guys! It’s me, Katy (sometimes my friends like to call me K.C.)! Before the sunset and after the rain, I decided to explore our backyard a little more, and Madison came along to deem it a photoshoot. I was only slightly annoyed she came along to ruin my alone-and-adventuring-in-a-new-place experience.

Madison told me that she usually doesn’t like aerial shots of a doll, as she prefers taking pictures from doll height or doll perspective, but that my hair was so cute she couldn’t resist! ?

You don’t know that much about me, so I guess I should talk about myself! Anything you don’t know you can ask in an upcoming Q&A announcement post.

I LOVE nature and the outdoors! Not so much the animal side, but I love plants and trees and forests and… ahh. God’s creation is SO. AWESOME!

I’m more of a hike-through-the-woods-on-a-great-adventure type of nature-loving person, but I guess Madison liked the aesthetics of a dress and nature, even though…

… climbing in sandals and a dress isn’t very easy. -_- But that’s okay. I’m brave. I’ll try anything!

Another thing I love is Christian rap. It’s seriously the best! I love KB, Andy Mineo, NF, Lecrae, Trip Lee — if you ever need any awesome Christian rap recommendations, ask me!

Heh heh. I’ll just go around the house rapping, which will annoy all my friends… but then I teach them what I’m singing and we do it together, which makes it even more fun! ?

Hey, what do you think of this for a new profile picture? It’s really pretty — I’m more adventurous and daring, but I don’t mind! I like it.

Hello! ?

I seem to have a knack for climbing fences! ?

Aren’t the trees and flowers BEAUTIFUL? I love them.

Look at all the green grass! I just want to run around and roll in it!

Which I actually did. The wind made me lose my balance, and Madison snapped a few shots of me lying like a cockroach in a fetal position on the ground. But they’re boring.

Looks like Madison’s brother photobombed. ?

WE FOUND A HIDDEN BEACH! It’s so exciting!

Madison was all like “We can have a ton of summer beach shoots and I have like four doll swim suits this is perfect”

The only problem is… summer is pretty much over. Silly Madison! ?

OOH! Hey look, a tree! I love climbing trees!

I love the feeling of soft grass under my bare feet and the texture of bark under my hand. I want to be a life-changing Light-bringing park ranger when I grow up!

A Q&A with Del and I is coming soon! I’m excited to answer tons of questions, and Del is excited to be sassy. ? She’s such a hilarious and awesome friend.

Well, I think this photoshoot is coming to a close. That or Madison is being too loud in rapping along with me and the neighbors are getting annoyed… heh heh, let’s make a run for our lives, shall we? ?

Do you like nature? Which photo do you like best? Which photo do you like the least? Madison is a really fun person to offend, so be sure to “like” and comment what you hated below!


Until next time!

picture via AG Sparkle Sisters

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