Hi girls! Madison here! I am too sore (had my first day of gymnastics yesterday. What a work-out!) to take pictures for the next part of Little Orphan Emmi today. So sorry! :( Hey, don’t give me that look ;)- I haven’t been idle! I have been very hard at my newest stopmotion – can’t give out any names as of now, but the initials for the title is DTADGB.

I thought I’d show you a little behind-the-scenes post of what I have been doing yesterday and today….

IMG_5060…Setting up a green-screen! Since I didn’t have a log cabin for my dolls to be filmed in, I decided to green-screen it! Here I am setting up the green-screen fabric.

IMG_5061Smoothing it out….

IMG_5063Smoothing a little more…

IMG_5064Now it looks perfect for stopmotioning!

IMG_5067Lighting up the background…

IMG_5068A test picture. I ran it through iMovie with the picture I wanted…..

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 5.23.47 PM

…..and doesn’t it look like they’re really there?!

I set up another, larger light, and filmed like five scenes with the green-screen! Hurray!

DTADGB will be ready to watch as soon as I am done with it, but my plans for it are BIG so my progress may be slow. Not to worry, I am uploading a different shorter stopmotion on my youtube as we speak, titled, “Meet Cécile” so watch out for it on my “Meet The Gals” page! So don’t worry, I will upload some videos in the meantime while I am working on it!

What do you think of it so far? Will you watch DTADGB when I’m finished with it?


P.S. I won’t keep you in suspense about Little Orphan Emmi for long – the next part is coming up soon, hopefully tomorrow! By the way, today is the LAST day to enter our giveaway! Enter by midnight central time and stay tuned for the winner that will be announced tomorrow!!