Molly-Anne here! Where we left off on my last mis-adventure, I was just starting to run away and escape Jasmine, when I heard a loud, “HEY! Where are you going?!” behind me……

I looked back, and one look was all I needed. Jasmine was coming for me. Run for it! I urged my self.

The chase is on!

I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me until…


I had smacked right into Molly’s leg. Oh, was I glad to see her!

“Oh, I’ve been looking for you everywhere, Molly-Anne! Oh, my precious doll, where have you been?” She looked up at Jasmine.

Molly snatched me up and eyed Jasmine. “Did YOU take my doll?!” she demanded angrily. Jasmine chuckled. “I was planning on making her MINE,” she responded. Molly grinned. “Mini Saige is available, why don’t you buy her instead of taking mine?” “A MINI ME?!?!!! YEAH!!!!” Jasmine sped off to beg Madison to give her allowance to her early. XD

And the next day, Molly invited Josefina and Emilie to play dolls with her while Cecile was at Jasmine’s house! Emilie played with Cecile’s doll, Kelly, Josefina played with a special doll, Ana, and Molly of course, played with me. :)

A happy ending to an exciting mis-adventure, you could say!