Bonjour, mon amies! Hello, my friends! It is I, the very one and ONLY Cecile Rey! Today, I went outside to make sure everything was running smoothly.

(Molly: UGH! Cecile acts like she’s the queen of everything. Why, her last name even means King in French!!!)

HEY! Anyways, back to ME! So, as I was saying, I went outside to make sure everything was going as it was supposed to.

Cecile Rey, Empress of Everything! President of Perfection! Queen of the Quite delightful! Yes ma’am, that would certainly be me. Here I am, potrolling the grounds. 

Then, I decided to swing on the–I MEAN, test out the swing to make sure it was still working.

WWWEEEE!!!! I mean, “WOOORRRKING good!”

“WOOD OF FORT MAKENZIE! Bow to me. Report how well you have been doing.” I commanded. The wood did nothing. Angrily, I stomped all on it. HA! “That is your punishment for not obeying me!” I scoffed, flouncing to the slide. (Molly: Cecile? Really? How can wood OBEY you? IT CAN’T MOVE! And you are NOT in charge of ANYTHING but yourself!)
I was about to slide down to check how well it still worked, but I saw the dirt at the end. Surely, a Queen would not have dirt on her! I flounced off angrily, disappointed in my citizens of the outdoors. 

“DOOR! I command you; OPEN THYSELF!” Old English……Do you think Queens talk Old English? As the door did nothing, I pushed it. HA! Serves it right! I noticed that when I pushed it, it finally obeyed me. I stepped into the Nursery proudly. I walked slowly, grandly and ladylike through the nursery, into the foyer, then to the door that led upstairs. 
There you have it! The most wonderful doll you have EVER, EVER IN A MILLION YEARS seen in YOUR LIFE! CECILE AMELIE REY! ME! The most supreme ruler!!! Have a wonderful day…BEING RULED BY ME!!!!
Cecile Rey <3
Molly here! UGH, Cecile thinks she’s the boss of everything. Luckily, that’s only outside and online. Thankfully I don’t have to LIVE with that, though she’s sometimes bossy upstairs, too. AAAHHH! ~Molly 
(with Josefina, who well agrees!)