Bonjour! It’s me, Cécile Rey. I hope you’re doing absolutely fantastic and that everyone is happy with you, because you are great!

Mama said I haven’t posted in a while, so here I am. I know I’m not as funny as Del (“funny”… ?), but hopefully you’ll enjoy what I have for you.

I was busy with school, so I argued that I got to model our recent giveaway outfit, but Mama insisted that didn’t count. So I guess having my own post that I write is nice!

Today I’m doing a tiny review of American Girl’s earring tree! Mama (I’m sorry, you know her as Madison) has wanted it for a pretty long while, as her previous method of storing them…

Oh, this just makes me giggle! ? Her previous… previous… ? Sorry, sorry. Her previous method of storing them was not so good.

But I’m here to talk about the earring tree!

Instead of plastic, it’s make of a thick rubbery material, so you could actually bend it a little if you wanted to. It holds the earrings extremely well and they will definitely not be coming out on their own.

You actually have to dig your fingernail in to take hold of it and get it out.

Because there are only eleven slots on the earring tree (though I’ll argue there is room for more), it has a little “pool” or “catcher” under it for holding more.

After this picture was taken, Madison took out all of our earrings because of certain outfits for a special upcoming stopmotion, so our catcher is now very full. We’ve spilled it a number of times. Whoops!

Madison loves the earring tree a lot. It’s better than her old method. ?

Well… I think that’s it! I hope you liked my mini review and seeing a post from me.

I’d better go keep working on getting good grades with Taryn. Del spends wayyy too much time on the computer… I think that’s why she makes all Ds. ?

How do you store your dolls’ earrings? Do you have the earring tree or no? Do you have a better method of storing them (Madison would really love to hear), or do you want the earring tree?