My dolls are getting cozy and ready for bed – happily! Earlier today, they were quite distressed about how they had been sleeping the night before, but together with Cécile, they solved it. Here’s how they did it.

IMG_2921“You guys! I found something!!!” Cécile exclaimed. “UEREKA!”

IMG_2922“What is it?” Joy and Josie both said at the exact same time, then broke into laughter. They had just become BFF’s and were the happiest they’d ever been.

IMG_2924“Yeah, spill the beans!” Molly urged. Jasmine was listening to music and couldn’t hear what was going on.

IMG_2925“Molly, I’ll need your help to get it. Then, I’ll tell you.”

IMG_2926“Ahhh….I can see up your dress, CéCé…..” “Then close your eyes and focus on holding my feet!”



IMG_2929“Oh my gosh! A sleeping bag?! I CALL DIBS!” Jasmine shrieked as she pulled out one of her earPods.

IMG_2930 IMG_2931“I CALL IT!!!!” everyone screamed and jumped onto Cécile trying to get the sleeping bag. They don’t have a place to sleep besides on top of the couch which isn’t very comfy and they don’t have blankets which make their vinyl very cold.

IMG_2932“GET OFF ME!” Cécile shrieked at the top of her lungs over all the commotion.

IMG_2933They all settled down. “I have a solution. And sorry for yelling.”

IMG_2934“Since I found it, I’ll decide the rules. We’ll all trade out with it. I’ll sleep with it this night – then Joy, Molly, Jasmine, Emelie, and Josefina.” Cécile announced.

“Sounds fair,” Emelie agreed sensibly.

IMG_2935“And I have the solution to all this freezing-cold uncomfortable sleepless nights as well.” Cécile told them again.

IMG_2936“The rest of you who aren’t sleeping in the sleeping bag that night will sleep here!”\

IMG_2937“Oh, and CoCo will sleep here too.”

IMG_2938“And when it gets cold, you can unfold this curtain….


IMG_2940“Voila! All your sleeping problems solved.”

IMG_2941“Go ahead, try it out.”

IMG_2942“But I don’t fit!” Jasmine whined.

IMG_2943“Well, Jaz, this sleeping bag IS pretty big….”

IMG_2944“WE FIT! Haha! I love this!” Jasmine laughed. “This close together we can’t possibly be cold when the AC is on!”

IMG_2946“Is it OK if we sleep on top of ya’ll tonight?”

“Yeah. You’re comfy and warm.”


They look funny sleeping like that! Hahaha.

Oh, and, I have made a teeny tiny itsby bitsy stopmotion at the park here at the RV park. A little girl stared at my doll longingly (awww!!! :)) and a man walking his dogs told me, “It gets monotonous after a while, doesn’t it?” when he saw I was doing stopmotion. ^_^

Tomorrow I got to my new church again. Will anyone remember me? I hate being the new girl. I just can’t seem to calm my nerves. :'(


P.S. excuse any typos. My computer has been messing up a lot and all while doing this post which took like five hours not kidding it kept shutting down multiple times…