I want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone who commented on all the crafts of the Christmas Craft Collab this year, and to those who even made the crafts and sent in pictures!

Let’s take a look at all the crafts from Christmas Craft Collab 2017!

#1 – Washi Tape Wonderland by Light4theLord

If you have washi tape, this is the cutest and easiest craft to make! It is literally so simple, plus it looks amazing! (And look—those doll Christmas cards on the wall were made by my dolls to L4TL’s dolls last year!)

I, sadly, do not have any Christmas washi tape. I WAS UNABLE TO MAKE THE CRAFT. *cries* AG Doll Dreams just sent me my very first washi tape, though! XD Thank you for the sweetest package, AG Doll Dreams. <3

#2 – DIY Doll Christmas Tree Star by Madi (hehe me)

I’ve always wanted to make a tree topper craft and finally came up with a tutorial that worked! Super easy, too.

Victoria from Reverie Dolls make a tree topper from this tutorial; doesn’t it look awesome?

From Victoria @ Reverie Dolls ~ I made a much better topper for my tree using the DIY Doll Christmas Tree Star tutorial!

Gracie from Smile and Craft AG made this, too! LOOK HOW SPARKLY AND PRETTY IT IS. I love it so much more than mine. XD

#3 – DIY Doll Gold Chocolate Coins by Madi

Also known as gelt, I love eating those things. I like eating anything chocolate, actually. XD

I think this is one of my favorite crafts I’ve ever done. Be sure to read the comments, too—you guys had some great ideas for variations.

AG Doll Dreams made this craft! LOOK HOW YUMMY IT IS. Wait, NO. DON’T EAT IT. NOT FOR HUMANS.

#4 – Gingerbread Galore by Light4theLord

One word: HOWWWW?

It literally looks so real and delicious and I WANT A GINGERBREAD HOUSE NOW.

Light4theLord’s craft is pure genius and you have got to make it. Even though I didn’t, because I am the laziest soul on earth and also sadly lack the materials.

Rebekah from Stuffie Adventures made this craft, too! LOOK HOW YUMMY AND CUTE IT IS.

Gracie from Smile and Craft AG made a doll gingerbread house inspired by L4TL’s tutorial, too! Those chocolate chips are making me SUPER HUNGRY.

#5 – DIY Doll Santa Hat by Madi

Tip: Make it longer, because I made it too short. XD

From Rebekah: My new stuffie, Mimi, LOVES her new hat! I snuck a photo of her when she was sitting in front of the fireplace reading a book. ;)

Rebekah from Stuffie Adventures made this craft! LOOK HOW ADORABLE IT IS ON HER STUFFIE MIMI.

Rose from The Dolls of Texas made this craft, too! She has an entire photoshoot featuring her doll Molly wearing it that you’ve got to check out right here.

#6 – Reindeer Ruckus by Light4theLord

DUDE LOOK HOW GENIUS THIS IS. I went yeah! I’m gonna make this! Oh wait… *cries* No duct tape.

Seriously, look how cute and easy it is. Your doll will rock a Christmas party with this headband!

#7 – DIY Doll Gift: Bracelet Boxes by Madi

Here’s something I never admitted in the post:forgot the tutorial for how to make a daisy chain bracelet or necklace so I had to make it up myself, try again four different times, and retake all the different pictures. Ugh. XD I finally came up with one that worked, and I think it is pretty close to the original tutorial.

#8 – DIY No-Sew Apron by Light4theLord

AND IT’S NO-SEW. Super helpful for if your sewing machine just broke (sniff) and you lost all your hand-sewing supplies when boxing up your room for a hurricane evacuation (double sniff). No wonder I love L4TL’s hot glue crafts so much. XD My Josie would love this apron, and I know any doll who loves to cook would!

Light4theLord, thank you SOOO much for doing CCC again with me this year! Even though you were busy with your amazing Nutcracker series, you still did this. I had so much fun doing it last year and it was such a blast to be able to do it with you again this year, too. You’re the best!

And a BIG thank you to AG Doll DreamsRebekah, Rose, and Victoria for making crafts and sending in pictures! You guys made my day!

Wel… it’s Christmas Eve. I can’t believe it’s come so fast; in the years prior, I’d be counting down the days until December 25th. But this year, I’ve been dreading them.

I have a hard time slowing down and taking time to enjoy life. I have a bad habit of getting stressed out. But in tomorrow’s Christmas post I’ll share with you how I’m giving Jesus a Christmas present; it’s His birthday, after all! It’s my favorite way to slow down and thank Him for what He did for us.

Merry Christmas Eve!