Hello girls! Madison here! How are ya’ll enjoying your Sunday? For me it’s church, relax, and relax some more! ;)

In Little Orphan Emmi Part 8, Mrs. Annigan, played by Jasmine, has a purse in this picture:

IMG_5208And I’d thought I’d show you how I made it! It’s soooooo easy, and it’s all no-sew!

IMG_5211So you take one of those pretty boxes that a ring would be in.

IMG_5212Take a necklace and find a tiny space between the beads where the string/cord/yarn/whatever shows a little bit. Lay it evenly over the edge of the box like shown….

IMG_5214Close the box…

IMG_5215And ta-da! Wasn’t that AMAZING? Of course, once you open it back up again, it falls apart :p so this is really just for show. :)

Let me know if you made this craft, I’d LOVE to know! :)