Hola! Me sombres es Josefina! Hello! My name is Josefina!

IMG_4556Looking for some beautiful doll hairstyles for your Josefina doll, but none of the styles like braids look good, and ponytails are so hard to perfect without making it look weird, and plus, on all-hair-down styles, her hair gets so knotted?

IMG_4557Well not to fear! We’ve come up with the perfect style of Josefina dolls. Best of all? It’s so easy!

IMG_4558This is what it will look like when it’s finished, with or without the bow.

IMG_4559Completely brush the hair. Make a half-ponytail and tie off.  Then add a ribbon like shown if you so desire.

IMG_4560Brush out the rest of the hair and gather it all together. Tie off with a bigger elastic.

And you’re done! Yes! It’s that simple!

IMG_4561It looks great on Josefina dolls, and on any doll too!