HAPPY EASTER EVERYBODY! Madison here today, saying, though Easter Egg hunts and candy are super fun and a nice traditional way to celebrate Easter, the true reason we celebrate Easter is because “on Easter morning two thousand years ago, an angel said the words that would change all of history: “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said.” Those words form the basis for Easter and are the central hope of Christianity. Now that Christ has risen from the tomb, we can be restored to a relationship with God.”* He never stayed dead after he died for us to take away all of our sins, oh no, HE ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY SO WE COULD SOMEDAY LIVE WITH HIM! If that’s not the greatest phenomenon that has ever crossed the horizon of this world, nothing is.

After knowing the true meaning of Easter, my dolls had an Easter egg hunt!

IMG_4838“Hi everyone! I’m Cécile as of course all of you know and I’m host for the Easter party this year! So you’re all filled up on some awesome Easter dinner, right? WELL HOW ABOUT SOME DESSERT? IT’S TIME TO COLLECT SOME EASTER EGGS! Here is how it works. Since we’re trying to be healthy this year, there will be no candy in the eggs. I don’t know why I said how about some dessert, haha anyways, instead of candy there will be little surprises! You have to search for the Easter eggs that has your name on it instead of collection as many as you could find because we didn’t have enough Easter eggs for that. But there is a special egg that one of you might find that you can have on top of your other one that has your name on it. READY? SET? GOOOOO!!” Cécile announced and shouted to her little group.

IMG_4839Emilie found hers in a corner of Fort Makenzie!

IMG_4840Cécile found hers on top of Fort Makenzie.

IMG_4841Jasmine found her egg….uh, I honestly don’t know where she found it. :p

IMG_4842Molly found hers on top of Fort M & R.

IMG_4843And Josefina found her Easter egg buried in the grass.

But no one had found the “Special Egg.”


Josefina found it, hurray!

IMG_4845“Ok, has everyone found their Easter eggs?!” Cécile asked. “Yes!” they all answered. “Ok, everyone,s it down and make yourselves comfortable.”

IMG_4846“So we all know the true meaning of Easter, right?” Cécile asked again. “Yes,” Jasmine answered. “It’s when God raised Jesus from the dead!” “Right,” Cécile grinned. “That, I think, is the most best and important holiday of all. Know that we know what Easter is really all about, let’s see what we got in our Easter eggs!”

IMG_4847Cécile got a bobby-pin hair ribbon.

IMG_4848Jasmine got some new dangles for her earrings!

IMG_4849Molly got a new pair of ankle socks, and sweet Josefina gave Molly the special egg “because her birthday is the day after tomorrow.” A turquoise-and-black bead bracelet was in that egg.

IMG_4850Josefina got stickers – lot’s and lot’s of them, and two rubber-band bracelets.

IMG_4851Emilie got a white pony bead bracelet.



*quote from http://www.gospel.com/topics/easter+sunday/

P.S. I really am off sugar this year (part of an arthritis diet) so I couldn’t have any candy or dessert after Easter dinner at the church. I did participate in the church’s annual Easter egg hunt, but my dad bought all the candy from me XD. I kept the money that was included in some of the eggs though :D What did you do for Easter?