Hey, everybody! I’m starting a new monthly thing on here called Fashion Wars. Every month, I’ll dress my dolls according to a certain category, and you girls will get to vote all month on which outfit you like best! This is really, really fun to do. I love being able to be creative with each of my dolls and choose outfits for them based on their personalities.

Oh, and I’m sorry this post took so long to be put up! I’ve been working on a lot of posts to post and I’m really excited about them. :D The reason I couldn’t post any of them yet was that I had a lot of technical problems with my photos. But they’re all fixed now and I can’t wait to post more often!

So, are we ready to start?

This month’s category is Banquet/Ball Gowns!
IMG_0136Our first contestant is Jasmine Copeland, with her outfit named “Shining in the Spotlight!” Here’s the front view of her very elaborate dress.

IMG_0137A side view.

IMG_0138The back view.

IMG_0139Her hair is done in a twisted bun updo with a big silver bow in the back.

IMG_0140Around her head is a headband of stringed pearls, with matching pearl earrings and silver dangles.

IMG_0141Onto the dress itself! It’s made of a red material and completely covered in shiny red sequins.

IMG_0142The top part of the dress is sashed by a silver band with three stars. It actually was the headband from Molly’s Tap Outfit! (I believe that was the name of it, anyways…)


That wraps it up for contestant #1.

IMG_0147Our second contestant is Josefina Montoya! Her outfit is titled “Desert Dreamer.”


IMG_0149Here are the side and back views.

IMG_0150The dress itself is of a beautiful, flowy, desert-y design.

IMG_0151Her hair is done in a side braid (tied with a navy blue bow) with two small braids meeting together from the front.

IMG_0152She’s wearing a pretty little cross necklace. It’s actually a human necklace I got for 25-50 cents out of a little machine at Wal-Mart a very long time ago. I’ve had it since I was really little!


And that’s our second contestant!

IMG_0157Wow! Our third contestant is Emelie Bennet with her outfit entitled, “Dramatic Elegance.”

IMG_0158 IMG_0159With our side and back views you can see this dress is incredibly long!

IMG_0161Emelie’s hair is done in a young, simple fashion with a high ponytail. Two small strands of hair hang down in the front and she wears a white headband and hairband.

IMG_0162Her sash is also white with a beautiful flower in the middle.

IMG_0165Emelie likes both the simplicity and dramatic appearance of this dress. What do you think? You’ll have a chance to vote at the end of this post. Actually, considering this post is pretty long, you can skip all the way to the end and see final photos of all the dolls in their dresses and vote if you’d prefer.

Onto contestant #4!

IMG_0129Here we have Ellie-Joy Ling with her outfit, “Sweet and Sophisticated.”

IMG_0130 IMG_0131 IMG_0132Isn’t her hair so beautiful? This has to be one of my favorite hairstyles on Ellie. Two front sections of her hair are bobby-pinned back with two strands left hanging. I added a cream flower accesory in her hair to go with the cream accents in her dress.

IMG_0133 IMG_0134As you can see it brings together the cream accents.

IMG_0135The dress itself has a flowery pattern with buttons down the front.

That was contestant #4.

Now let’s head on to our fifth contestant!

IMG_0138Contestant #5 is our beautiful Olly Molly! Molly called her outfit, “Youthful Blooms.”

IMG_0140 IMG_0139IMG_0148 Isn’t her hair gorgeous? I pulled her braids to the top of her head, bobby-pinned them, and then added a flowery headband. I think it looks great! This is one of my favorites. :D

IMG_0144 Pretty pink sash…

IMG_0145 A tiered skirt with three layers…

IMG_0146And cute pink flats with a little bow on the toe! :)

IMG_0151Our second-to-last contestant, number six, is Cécile Rey! Her outfit is titled “Princess In Pink.”

IMG_0152 IMG_0154 IMG_0155After modeling side and back views Cécile shows us her hair. It’s done in a messy bun with two curls hanging down in the front… like Ellie and Emelie did with their hair. :)

IMG_0156She bears a beautiful silver and pink tiara.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158The dress is also a three-layer tiered one.

IMG_0159Your secret is out, Cécile! You borrowed those shoes from Molly! ;D

Cécé is rocking that pink! Now onto our last contestant…

IMG_0162 Chloe Zoey! I love her outfit, “Spring Sunshine.”

IMG_0163 IMG_0164Aren’t her curls just so beautiful?

IMG_0165 IMG_0166Her hair is pulled back in a young, carefree, simple style with a pink headband.

IMG_0167She has a large, pale pink sash.

IMG_0168Her dress also is tiered with three layers.

IMG_0169She has aqua-blue sandals that match the blue butterflies in her dress.

IMG_0179She’s just so beautiful!

And now, to recap it all and give you a chance to vote!


And now, YOU will get to pick the winner!

Happy voting!


Madison and the May Fashion Wars contestants