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As of today, Delightful World of Dolls has been around for FIVE. ENTIRE. YEARS.

As for me? I can’t believe it. In some ways, it’s seemed like the years have passed by like that. And in others, it seems like DWOD is one big legacy that can’t be measured in time, ever since I started it on November 4, 2012, on Blogger.

It was originally delightfulworldofdolls.blogspot.com.

Either way, today is DWOD’s five-year anniversary. After giving away the American Girl doll of your choice last year for my four-year blogiversary, I didn’t think I could top it. It was the biggest DWOD giveaway I’ve ever done. And in all honesty, I really didn’t want to pay to top it. ?

But nope! It’s five years. Big milestone. You gotta do something BIG when you hit five years, no matter how big your last giveaway was. And not only that, you’ve got to top it, too.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing. I love all of you guys so much. Your comments never fail to make my day. I’m so blessed to know each of you. I couldn’t ask for better friends. You all deserve something AMAZING. So in celebration of the five-year anniversary of Delightful World of Dolls, I AM GIVING AWAY…

Wait. You cheater. You looked at the title or watched the video! ?


I won’t delay. You’re wondering how to enter, right? I’ll get right to it!

How to get your first mandatory entry:

Fill out this form in the comments to enter!

Commenting with a valid email:
Permission if under 18:
How you learned about this giveaway:
What you followed DWOD with (email or WordPress):
Did you hit “confirm subscription” in the confirmation email if you followed by email?

Link to where you shared this post:

Sharing this post anywhere on social media is imperative to getting your first initial entry.

(Unless I say otherwise because you’re special.)

And what about the unlimited bonus entries? Yeah, we’ve got that covered, too.

Bonus entries form:

What you followed DWOD (this blog) a second time with (email or WordPress):
What you followed Madi Grace initially with:
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Did you hit “confirm subscription” in the subscription confirmation emails?

Link(s) you shared this post this post in addition to your first mandatory entry share:

None of that, of course, is required, except for if you hit “confirm subscription”. You only have to fill out what you did. Or not fill it out at all. Bonus entries are optional, but they increase your chances of winning so I highly recommend them.

Very important info:

  • The last day to enter is anytime on November 30, 2017
  • I’ll randomly pick and reveal the winner on December 1, 2017
  • Please be sure you’ve commented with a valid email address in the email address slot of the comment form! That’s how I’ll contact you if you win. I will need your home address, so if you’re under 18, it’s imperative a parent approves of you entering. (Otherwise they’ll be mad at me.)
  • I’ll try my best to get the doll to you by Christmas, but that ultimately depends on what features of the doll American Girl has in stock and their shipping times.
  • If you win, I’ll contact you by email and we’ll discuss exactly how the customization of the doll will work.
  • Sharing this post is imperative to getting your first mandatory entry! Every share afterward gives you bonus entries.
  • Be sure to hit “confirm subscription” in the confirmation email when you follow DWOD or Madi Grace by email! This ensures your bonus entry counts!

That all makes sense to me, but that’s just me. We can’t really trust my judgement, seeing as I woke up at 5 A.M. after falling asleep at 2:30 in the morning. If you have any questions, ask away in the comments below, or if it’s more private, feel free to shoot me an email at madison[at]powerofGOD[dot]com!

For five years now and since I was nine years old, it’s been my mission and vision to share the phenomenal love of Jesus Christ through things I love—dolls—and now fulfilling the Great Commission by supporting our missionaries through the ads you see here. Since 2016 alone and just online, we’ve seen 316 precious souls saved by Jesus through our poll and The Goodbye AGSM Movie (which just hit 380k views)! You help make that possible—I can’t wait to meet them all in Heaven one day, and this is just the beginning!

Thank you, whether you’re a first-time visiter or an old follower from our Blogger days, for visiting Delightful World of Dolls today. I love you and pray for you every day! I’m so thankful you visited and hope you leave feeling better than you came—if you have a specific prayer request, my email inbox is always open!

Good luck to everyone who enters!

Updated: FAQ

Q: How do I re-post this?
A: Despite a ton of searching I’ve done, I can’t seem to add a re-post button to this post. I’m so sorry for in the inconvenience! My theme is being mean. ;) You certainly don’t have to copy and paste this entire thing and post it. You only have to share it; if you have a blog, make a post including the giveaway image (giveaway image URL) and the link (http://delightfulworldofdolls.com/giveaway-free-american-girl-create-your-own-doll) to this post.

Q: I don’t have a blog! How do I share this?
A: No blog? No problem! Sharing the link to this post and preferably the giveaway image as well is all. Even if you don’t share it on a blog, all you have to do is share on any social media. That could be pinning the giveaway image on Pinterest, posting about it on Facebook, or tweeting about it. All you have to do is provide the link to where you shared it, and it’s valid!

Q: How do I follow a blog? I came here from YouTube.
Look over at my sidebar–do you see Follow Delightful World of Dolls by Email? You can enter in your email to follow (be sure to follow the directions and confirm the subscription!) or, preferably, use your WordPress account to follow and hit that WP follow button. Or, you know, both for extra entries! >:)

Q: Is sharing the link in a post okay, or do I have to create an entire post devoted to it?
A: Yep, just sharing the link in a post is totally acceptable! HOWEVER: Making a post entirely devoted to the giveaway is always the smarter option. More people have a chance of seeing it, and the more people that see your post and are referred to the giveaway, the more people will enter. The more people that enter because of you, the most bonus entries you will get!

Q: Is this giveaway open internationally?
A: Yes! You can enter even if you live outside the U.S.

Can we post about this on the same site multiple times for bonus entries?
You can share the giveaway more than once on the same site, but you only get a bonus entry for the first initial time. But sharing multiple times is a good idea to try to get people to enter because they were referred by you.

Be sure to hit “confirm subscription” in the confirmation email when you follow DWOD or Madi Grace by email! This ensures your bonus entry counts!

Have a question? Ask in the comments or email me!