The airplane flight was awesome – besides the fact that (TMI FYI skip this if you want to) I threw up and filled up 4+ barf bags!

I had so much fun at my BFF’s. We played dolls, made a hilarious film, jumped on the trampoline, tried to scout out a new secret hang-out/hide-out place, and more…. I met their new Great Paranese (?) dog Prince, their three goats, and more. I celebrated Valentines day, went to Fossil Rim, (sooooooo fun! Have lots of funny stories to tell…..) watched at least six movies including Tangled, Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure, the animated Legends of Oz? movie, swung on the tire swing, visited my grandparents, went on a daddy-daughter date with my dad, my BFF’s, and their dad, RODE IN A LIMO, and more! Oh, yeah, I half-sprained my ankle too jumping the wrong way on the trampoline. It STILL hurts. 

I just left my BFF’s house now I’m at our old house in my dad’s office waiting around for my Uncle Duane and Aunt Annette to pick us up and drive us to the airport.

This was a great week…yet a bitter-sweet one too. Goodbye, fair Texas. May we meet again in a month and a half for my arthritis appointment in late March/early April.

Goodbye, fair Allie and Piper, my BFF’s in the WHOLE ENTIRE EARTHLY WORLD besides Jesus of course.

Goodbye, fair city and town I know and love so well../


*dramatic, totally heartbreaking ending*

~Madison Lorfing!