Hola! Josefina Montoya here. Today I’m doing something called style of the week. Here you can see a fun, new style you can try on your American Girl(or any other kind)doll! :D

Today’s style is called…the spider braid! ;) (looks like ‘dread locks’, but IT’S NOT.)
1. Take a small section of your dolls hair and lightly mist it with water, and brush it out.

2. Separate that section into three(3) smaller ones.
3. Cross the section on the far right over the middle section and pull. 
4.Cross the section on the far left over the middle section, and pull.
Continue until you have the desired length of your braid. Tie off with a hair elastic (we’re running out so we used a piece of string ;P). Then repeat steps 1-4 until you have covered your dolls whole head. 
There you are! The ‘spider’ braid! ;P We hope you enjoyed HairStyle of the week :)
(Thanks so much to Abbie at http://madnessandfun.blogspot.com/, aghomeschool.boardhost.com and madnessandfunwiththedolls.blogspot.com for watermarking our photo’s! Someone’s been stealing our blog posts so we figured it was just about time to start watermarking our photo’s, but we’ve been really busy, so Abbie’s doing them for the time being! Be sure to check out her two blogs and message board and maybe even follow and comment!!)