Bonjour, mon amies! Hello, my friends! It is I, the one and ONLY Cecile Rey!

(Molly: Cecile thinks she’s the queen! Why, her last name even means KING in French!)
Cecile: WHAT was that?!
Molly: Nothing, nothing, nothing at all, your majesty. :p *bows* :p

Cecile: Whatevah!! ANYWAYS this is MY post!!!

So, ladies, Cecile here again, as you can see the Barbies Revenge post is delayed due to MARDI GRAS!!!!

Barbies: NO!!!

AAANNNYYYWWWAAAYYYSSS, we had an awesome time eating King Cake, dancing, and overall having a nice, family-oriented Mardi Gras celebration! How about you? :)

Mardi Gras (Mar-dee- GRAH) means Fat Tuesday in French! And today’s Tuesday! And we get fat eating king Cake! hahaha!! Get it? Get it? No?

Molly: Cecile, I think we get it now.

So, AAANNYYWAYS!!! Back to ME! We actually don’t celebrate Mardi Gras, but in my stories, the Cecile character does, so we wanted to have a little celebration just for fun and dance. We all got dresses in pretty outfits. Here are some pictures of mama dancing with us!

Pretty Mommy and Olly Molly!!! A wonderful couple. (Molly: I love spending time with my mom!! I was her first doll….*tears up*) Molly is in Emily’s Holiday Outfit and Mom is….well, just wearing stuff.

Josie and Mommy! Another nice couple indeed. Graceful dancers, might I add. Josefina is wearing Cecile’s Meet Dress tucked in Josefina’s Meet Skirt. Pretty girl!

And here’s ME! In my parlor outfit, dancing with mom! We all had a wonderful time dancing with her.  But it’s not even the end of the Mardi Gras celebration yet!!! We had some king cake (not really), then we AG dolls danced.


“Ring-a-round the Rosie, pockets full of posies, ASHES, ASHES, we all fall down!”

After that, it was a pretty good Mardi Gras celebration. We had never celebrated it before, but just wanted to have a little party because I celebrate it in my books. If you celebrate it, HAPPY MARDI GRAS, EVERYBODY! We hope you have a nice, family-oriented time!! Here I am in my parlor outfit. Are I mah-nyee-feek? That’s how you say Magnificent in French! By the way, when mom went to the AG store with Molly last week, she got the hair pick and it works wonders! See if you can tell which side of my hair is un-picked, and which side IS picked.

Aww-reh-vwar! Goodbye! Hope you had a wonderful Mardi Gras!!!

~Cecile, Empress of Everything

(Molly: TOLD YA she acts like she’s the queen!)