There’s nothing like a new season to give my two little adventurers another reason to get outside.

… or bonk each other in the face with a beach ball, but hey.

Ouch! Careful there, Chloe. Don’t be breaking Ellie’s nose!

Yes, I know Ellie is tough and stubborn. That still doesn’t give you a right to try wonk her face.

As adventurous as they are, they always come prepared. They had fun making me pack their bags.

Check out their list! They’ve brought along…

  • two American Girl magazines
  • a book about sea turtles (Chloe thought it looked perfectly summery)
  • a water bottle
  • some cherry Pepsi
  • two cups
  • two oranges
  • sunscreen
  • and a pinwheel.

Over by the handle of their two umbrellas are Chloe’s goggles.

And we can’t forget those aesthetic seashells in their equally aesthetic treasure chest!

Chloe thought they were absolutely beautiful to look at, but Ellie wanted to be more hands-on.

I collected these seashells for her from a beach in Texas—having to pull out the dead crabs that were in each of them. ?

Chloe wouldn’t even get in the pool until she had gotten in her daily dose of reading. Must come with being a bookworm!

Ellie finally persuaded her to jump in after a few pages. Looks like they’re going for another round of Bonk You with the Beach Ball.

They insisted on bringing beach towels that matched their swimsuits.

Chloe’s beautiful swimsuit is from Bri Marie’s Boutique, which is actually still available right here. (No, I don’t get a commission; I seriously love the swimsuit!)

It’s the only modest swimsuit my dolls have, the poor things!

All that swimming works up an appetite. Time to bring out the healthy summer fruits and not-so-healthy soda!

Since I posted about having to take my blogging and writing break, all of your amazing comments have made my day! You’re the best. ❤

I’m feeling rested already, but right after I posted about my break, I was hit with some intense allergies.

We tried all the natural cures and medicines we could think of, and I was still coughing all night!

Luckily, I’m much better now, but something in all that medicine caused a flare-up in my battle with arthritis.

It hurts to walk now, so even my fun posts here on DWOD will be coming a lot slower than I imagined.

But I don’t plan to stay down for too long. Jesus is still in the miracle-working business, and I’m believing for miracles this summer!

Here’s to our best summer yet!


I encourage you to try to find out what they’re planning.

Delaney planned to save up money and buy a human-sized bottle of whipped cream to load my face up while I was sleeping. Thankfully, I was able to nip that plan in the bud…