When Madison told all the dolls to stay put and then placed us up high so we would be safe from possible Hurricane Irma floods, I laughed in her face.

Well, maybe not in her face, because I’m six inches whereas she’s like six feet. I just laughed, because I didn’t plan to obey.

I snuck into Madison’s backpack before she left. She can get away with leaving any other doll to survive Hurricane Irma without her, but not this one. Molly-Anne McIntire never backs down from a chance for adventure!

… Well, I guess staying to face Irma would be adventurous, but I haven’t gone on a trip in such a long time. And I’ll admit—I was just a little scared to hear that the eye of Irma passed just eight miles alongside our house.

I figured you should know what’s going on, so I took the liberty of stealing Madison’s laptop and getting a workout by jogging all over the keyboard to type this! Hehe.

Everything for HOTH—dolls, costumes, props, lights, blah blah blah—is up high and we have no idea what damage has been done to our house yet because we’re still driving home (besides our neighbors telling us our fence blew down), so Madison doesn’t know when she’ll be able to post next.

Her parents explicitily said that they had a lot of work ahead of them, so she doesn’t know how long DWOD will be a ghost town. Maybe I should just rule and reign and post in her place!

Just wanted to tell you guys and let you know. Thank you so much everyone for praying and for all the really sweet comments! Madison was SUPER annoying when she read them. She kept going “AWWW!” out loud. I had to plug my fingers in my ears to focus on being adventurous and awesome.

Well… I guess I’ll see you when I see you! HOTH will resume just as soon as it possibly can.

Before you go, I have one really important question.

We had a lot of trouble with the most recent HOTH sneak peek in which the guest star was revealed. We don’t think it sent to everyone’s inboxes or readers when it posted. Would you mind checking it out to see if it was an evilly naughty post and skipped you over? Reveal of the Guest Star, HOTH Cast, & Season 3 Poster | HOTH Sneak Peek #4

‘Til my next misadventure!