Hey guys! How’s your Sunday? My dolls and I love Sunday mornings. They’re role call for all those who are in covenant with God. ?

I have a few very important pieces of news to share with you regarding bonus entries for my recent Create-Your-Own AG doll giveaway!

Have you clicked “confirm subscription” in your subscription email?

You guys are SO. AWESOME. For following Delightful World of Dolls and Madi Grace by email! The reason I asked for which email you followed with is so I can make sure the subscription went through. A lot of enterers commented saying they followed with a certain email, but that email doesn’t show up on my list of subscribers. That doesn’t mean I think you’re lying, but it’s important that I authenticate your bonus entry because there are people who do lie.

Be sure your bonus entry counts by hitting “confirm subscription” whenever you get the subscription email to whatever email you followed each blog with! This is very important to getting that bonus entry, or even initial entry if you followed DWOD by email for the first time.

One more way to get a bonus entry!

Who likes bonus entries? *waves hand wildly* MEEEE! If you want to get another bonus entry on top of everything else, just subscribe to the Delightful World of Dolls YouTube channel! Then be sure to comment on the giveaway post (NOT HERE, or it won’t count!) which channel or email you subscribed with.

Have you clicked “confirm subscription”?

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow with HOTH season 3, part 6!